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  1. I'll let you know next time we plan a ride out. My buddy is currently recovering from being down for a few weeks with the bug. It's taking some time to rebuild his endurance and get acclimated to his new wheel (S18).
  2. Hey... so far we're mostly riding the trails around Folsom (https://www.folsom.ca.us/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?blobid=33337). They're nice because you're away from traffic, and there are miles and miles of them to ride on. They can get a bit busy on weekends, especially with nicer weather, but not too bad. In addition to all the paved trails, there are also some dirt trails that we've been trying out. The trails all eventually connect up to the American River Parkway trail system. Occasionally we'll just go to a nearby school to putz around. Have you found any good riding a
  3. Here's a simple EUC stand design ... pretty sturdy, yet light and compact. It's made of 1/2" copper pipe and standard elbows. The only special requirements would be you need to be able to solder the joints (I used a propane torch). You could probably assemble it with JB-weld or even self-tapping screws. Measurements would vary based on your needs, and when cutting the pipe you need to account for the extra length added by the elbow joints at the ends. I initially cut the pieces to the exact sizes I wanted overall and then trimmed them after dry-fitting to accommodate the elbows... th
  4. https://www.ewheels.com/product-category/parts-inmotion/inmotion-battery-pack/
  5. A friend and I recently started riding EUCs and would like to find other riders of similar skill level in our area. Preferably in the immediate area making quick/impromptu meet-ups possible. We generally get together a few times a week (typically Fri, Sat, Sun) for an hour or two to ride and chat.
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