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  1. I installed a ninebot S max controller on a ninebot mini (N3M240) to seepd up MOD my go-kart. The battery was also changed to a battery for the N3M320. There were some problems with signal wires and motor connectors, but they were solved by replacing the connectors. It is difficult to upload photos, so I leave a link to my blog. https://blog.naver.com/karmma/222444214235 My Ninebot Mini is recognized as a Ninebot S Max, and Dynamic Turning and Track Mode are added. However, when the change in the top speed of the go-kart was measured, it increased from 23.5 km/h to
  2. I have finished the job. It is 4mm connector. Now my gokart got track mode and dynamic turn.
  3. A friend of mine finished gokart mod to 44km/h with 2 scooter controllers. he also changed battery to 16S. but it's brake is not perfect. My gokart is too slow than his so I bought control board of S-Max to try swap with mini. but have found there are 6th pin on the hall line and the motor connectors are not fit to mini's. (: Even if it fails, I want to complete the motor connections first. Please let me know if someone knows the connector spec of S-Max motor. Are xt150 connectors fit to the S-Max?
  4. Hello, I use battery of ninebot mini pro for my ninebot mini for long mileage. Can I use battery of ninebot S max for my ninebot mini or ninebot mini pro?
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