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  1. Yes we definitely should. I reckon there are a few of us in Watford alone but I can't find them on t'internet. I'm mostly just wheeling around the Watford area... usually to do round trips to/from Lidl hehe... probably will still use my 16S for that. I've also done some trips along Ebury Way (from Oxhey Park to Croxley Green, then along the canal back to Cassiobury Park and then back towards Oxhey going through the town centre). That's a really nice ride and I just go nice and slow with my wife on her brompton. I'm well up for a group ride... I'm getting so into this sport now. Just have to teach the wife how to use the "little" wheel now.
  2. Thanks guys! I'm just a bit nervous as I'm coming from a KS16S which is not in the same league... and I had a tumble on it just a week ago after a cut out and got pretty bashed up. I'm living in Watford (Oxhey)... Sai, we're neighbours!
  3. Hi Fellow EUC friends , I just received by Nikola+ from AliExpress and it sounds like it's got problems... Here you can here a kind of weird whirring sound: https://youtu.be/EHsPA3ftR6U Here you can here that the wheel doesn't sound right when I move it back and forth: https://youtu.be/Fovvbf5MQgs I'd rather try fix it if possible... any ideas before I open it up? Thanks!
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