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  1. I like the dashboard, the color coding makes it really easy to quickly see what is going on, I am ordering a p8 just to see if I can get your dashboard to work with the KS
  2. @mike_bike_kite Some minimalistic dashboards: 1. 2. 3.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions, excellent! I have added my comments above.
  4. Interesting, I might get one to try it out. I also think that the Nordic Semi chip is supported by lvgl so it should not be too hard to port the code. It looks a bit better than the t-watch and the strap looks more practical. How bright is the screen? Is it visible in sunlight? I'll have a look at the code to see what needs to be done to support KS wheels, is the BT data decoded in m_euc? I think the ESP watch will at least last for a day even with a lot of riding but would not be as practical as an every day watch. The Pinetime would probably last weeks on stand by.
  5. Agree that the screen is fairly small but still quite readable when riding. You do not need a programmer as it is integrated in the watch, just connect it to USB, compile and upload the sketch. I'll add a better instruction to the Github page once I have a presentable version uploaded.
  6. I have implemented a time based brightness function where the screen gets dimmer after a certain time (still only configurable at build time though). It's also possible to double tap the screen to set the brightness to maximum. Could probably not implement a swiping gesture for the backlight as I use those to switch between screens.
  7. Great, thanks. I will post the new version on Github as soon as I get it running with at least one functional Dashboard.
  8. I spent some more time on the code and rewrote most of it, so far I have implemented battery saving functions, wake on wrist tilt, double tap to wake. Just did a test and it is still at 70% battery after 24h of low power mode (not connected to wheel). When connected to the wheel it will shut off the screen and GUI but still keep the BT connection running, collecting data. This should save a fair amount of power as well, I have not tested how much it saves yet though. Next step is to implement a new interface, this will probably be the most time consuming bit. I made a mock-up of a potential interface; it's heavily influenced by EUC World/Wheellog. Any input and suggestions are welcome. I want to have a decent design before I start building the code for it.
  9. The screen is not massive at 1.54" it's similar to an old Apple watch. There are some images that might give you an idea here: https://kvvhost.ru/2020/09/11/first-look-lilygo-t-watch-2020/
  10. I think it will be possible to extend the run time a fair bit, especially if the screen can be turned off when it's not looked at. The watch has a 340 mAh battery and getting down to an average current of 34 mA would give you 10 hours. there are a number of power saving features and looking at the numbers this seems feasible. It would be possible to use even less power when not riding. I'll do some testing to see how much I can tweak it.
  11. Cool, it's actually very well built considering the price. When will you get it? Hope you didn't opt for express delivery
  12. I did a test today and ran the dashboard with the screen continuously on at max brightness, max cpu freq and no power saving tricks enabled; it ran for about 3 hours. I will experiment with some power saving features but I think the display is the worst offender as it is quite bright (brightness setting is on the todo list as well). It should be possible to use the accelerometer to turn the screen on, there are some example programs that implement that feature available; might be a bit tricky to calibrate the function for EUC riding though.
  13. About the battery; I have not tested how long it lasts with the screen continuously on yet, will do that today.
  14. Thanks for the interface ideas, I like the idea of information that only is visible when it's needed. I will probably redo the interface completely and possibly add multiple screens with different views. The current interface is a first prototype and I just used the built in fonts of the graphics library to avoid spending too much time on the interface before I knew if it would be practical. I agree that the speedo font is too small. It should be possible to adapt it to most wheels, I had a lot of help from reading the code from the WheelLog project and is should be fairly easy to adapt it to any wheel supported by WheelLog. As I only have one wheel I can only test it in the 14D at the moment though. The wrist strap is fairly long but still just about stretches around my quite small wrist guards. I agree, some sort of velcro solution would be better. The device does have a vibrate function and it's got a touch screen so it's possible to implement vibration alerts and tapping and swiping gestures. @Llorx, At the moment it doesn't but I plan to add some tapping functions soon I am not a coder, so progress might be a bit slow though.
  15. Just bought my first wheel and had a ttgo t-watch that I got a while ago. They are very cheap and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE, I think you could get one for around $25. Since it has Bluetooth I thought I might try to see if I could use it as an EUC dashboard. After some research and coding I managed to build a working prototype, it's still quite rudimentary and only supports my KingSong wheel without tweaking. I uploaded it to GitHub in case anyone want to have a look or poke around. https://github.com/Pickelhaupt/EUC-Dash-ESP32
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