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  1. Don't think there are such exclusive right when it comes to the Sherman, I thought it was just the KingSongs just as you. Speedyfeet is a good seller but with the Brexit I don't know if you will need to pay extra taxes to Belgium? Aliexpress worked great to Sweden without any extra costs but then you will have to take care of all service yourself and it takes a month or two with the shipping.
  2. Sound like the best solution you could have hoped for eventough the disassmblement will be lesser of an enjoyment. Seems like a good seller after all. Where did you buy your veteran?
  3. The difference with side pads for me was huge. Was really hard to both accelerate and brake before I put them on.
  4. Had the same problem, worked after I updated the app so maybe try that. I got the one with blue flashing lights and the bluetooth works fine.
  5. So the official seat, I got it and have been practicing with it. Never been much of a seated rider before but with the Sherman it is nice. The official seat is hard and not that comfortable in my opinion. It also falls of if you stand up and ride at speeds above 35 kph. Have been needing to go back for picking it up again a couple of times. Last time it was about to fall of I just took it in my hand, then I sat down again without thinking that I had the seat in my hand. To my surprise it was fairly ok sitting without seat. Seem roughly to be the same comfort sitting on the wheel without the seat, just a bit lower down. The seat also opens the charge covers every time I sit down, so could be dangerous in bad weather.
  6. I want a wheel that is a good combo to have together with the Sherman. Something like the mten3 or mcm5 but in a durable shell. They have to keep the bar of steel whatever they do, it is great for durability.
  7. I agree the feeling is that the breaks are a bit on the weaker side. I do believe it comes down to practicing and getting to know the wheel. Be careful not to stand to far out on the pedals, they are long so if you stand far out it will be more difficult to brake. The breaks are alot easier to apply while sitting.
  8. I wonder how low you can go before you get flats?
  9. Wow that is really low compared to others. But I usually prefer the lower pressure anyway, it feels more controllable and less twitchy.
  10. Anyone knows roughly how much of a difference seated riding do to the top speed?
  11. So they now have a speed version and a comfort version?. They should make a budget seat version as well. I like the seat they made, but I think it is too expensive for not trying to make it myself. Or they could include some kind of suspension within the seat? Then it might be worth the steep price.
  12. I had the same issue trying to settle for a upgrade for my Tesla. I was only considering the sherman or the V11 so I get why you only chose between these. I went for the Sherman. I really like that the Sherman seems to be durable. Every wheel I have had has been taped up or it would have fallen apart. I hope that I do not have to do that with the Sherman. Speed and range is always nice and the rough tire seems to be able to smooth out the surface a bit. I do not want the extra work the suspension would take and I am not sure it makes the wheel more controllable or just more comfy.
  13. That is a really great idea, I would love that! I guess it would be very difficult to implement?
  14. The whole community holds its breath. The ultimate victory or defeat? Got big hopes!
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