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  1. I am also a bit concerned, is the Sherman maybe of lesser interest to you @Marty Backe after the over heat hill test failing and after you have tried riding V11 seated? Many many thanks for all your great videos over the years btw!
  2. Is the MSP and the 84v MSX the same when it comes to beep-speed?
  3. Great news! Really looking forward to your first impressions riding with suspension. I would love a comparison of this and the Veteran when it comes to riding comfort.
  4. Tishawn made a first impressions video. I am really getting excited about this wheel. https://youtu.be/p74pI0fHDPo
  5. Found this on reddit, not mine. But very informative.
  6. Absolutely loved the thumbs up when the crash was still occurring...
  7. I ride my tesla v1 in rain all the time since I bought it a couple of years ago when it first came out, no problems at all.
  8. The first generation had 3 different versions, high speed, high torque and one in between. I would'nt go faster than 30 kph if I where you if you have the high speed version. It has alarms though, when it starts beeping 4 times it is the 80% alarm and you should stop accelerating. I believe you have two other alarms before that. One that beeps 2 times and one that beeps 3 times, those are "safe" to ignore.
  9. I felt just the same the first 4 days of riding my tesla, then the feeling suddenly disappeared. I guess for me it was just a matter of getting used to the wheel. At first I felt like the pads was hard as rock and really hurt my legs. Now after a couple of more riding sessions I don't feel it at all. Have faith, it will get better - and fast. Now I can even ride on one leg without problems.
  10. Wow, thank you so much everyone! I am now much less worried and I really look forward to seeing my new Tesla!
  11. https://www.electricunicycles.eu/alarming_issues_with_gotway_unicycles_now_with_tesla-c__314 Seems like the production is suspended for now? Really strange, my Tesla is shipped according to the seller 9/10 but i still haven't gotten any tracking number so I really don't know.
  12. I currently have the Msuper V1 HS bought 2 years ago and have now pulled the trigger and ordered the Tesla from green and fashion travaling shop. Will be fun to try the new wheel, I am expecting it to be quite the upgrade both in the speed and hopefully the safety department. It will probably take som time for it to reach Sweden, will update with my impressions when it does. One thing I haven't seen is if this wheel has tiltback or not? Not that it matters that much though with the top speed being well beyond what I will use...
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