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  1. Selling INMOTION v8 amazing condition (recently replaced tire) ive been using my v8 for 3 months after ordering it from muziker.com. I’m only selling because I’m moving to the US and don’t want to pay for shipping. I live in bath, UK Open to any offers and need it gone in 3 weeks. Reply for photos.
  2. Hey guys. With winter here there's a ton more rain (especially in the UK). I have an inmotion v8 and I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to help the water resistance. 1. Is it bad for the wheel to go through puddles? 2. would it be as simple as taping the on/off button to make a proper seal over it. (maybe do the same with the charge port. 3. when riding on wet ground the wheel flicks water and mud up into the wheel, Is this bad? appreciate any responses.
  3. Hey I have an inmotion v8 and am just wondering if I could get those jump pads or whatever they're called. Would they work on my V8? Where would I buy them? (in the EU)
  4. The brackets are super tight. I think it’s the point where the brackets meet the handle of the wheel. I used the hose clamp but don’t know how those provide so much stability. I’ve tried using 2 suspension brackets aswell as just one. any other ideas?
  5. Hey. i know this is super old but... i started making the seat you suggested. I’m doing it on my INMOTION v8. However when I put it all together it’s super wobbly left and right. Is this something I have to get used too or did u do something about it?
  6. Hey guys. in staring to make a seat for my INMOTION v8... someone suggested this ... so I bought the parts.. I’m now putting it all together but I’m struggling with stability. The seat wobbles left and right way too much. Anyone know how I can fix this? FYI I have a cutout button right in the middle of the handle
  7. I have a inmotion v8. My battery drops a lot faster in the cold. I live in the UK and ride at temps around 1 Celsius (32 F). Im not sure if this is from the cold but my acceleration and braking is a lot slower/weaker. Another thing that someone might be able to help me with is... When I charge my EUC, darkness bot only shoes the percentage up to 94% but the inmotion app shows up to 100%. Also the charger shows the green light to indicate its fully charged but the battery indicator on the EUCs keeps flashing to show its not done charging. Anyone know why this is happening also if t
  8. That could work. But its more of cool project and look of a sidecar on an EUC. If you are going 3mph there's definitely less danger. Its more for the fun project and it would look kinda sick.
  9. If I did Even try something like this, I definitely wouldn’t be going faster than 3mph (walking speed) that way If anything did happen me and the dog would be fine especially if the cart was no more than a few inches off the ground
  10. Crazy Idea. You know on motorcycles sometimes they have those sidecars and in the movies they'll have a dog in it. It basically has 1 wheel and attaches to the side of the motorcycle. I had this weird idea of making one for an EUC. This is just an idea and will most likely not work or be dangerous. However..... Lets just say it could go on any side of the EUCs and would somehow have 2 wheels probably attached to the front or back of the EUC. The EUC would have to pull or push it. You would still have to be able to lean forward and backward. And it would also have to be d
  11. Thanks for this, I’ve bought the parts for the 2nd idea with the bike seat. i don’t know how someone could ever use a piano seat though. Lol
  12. I own an inmotion v8 and would like to buy or make a seat. I'm posting this in the general because I'm sure some of you have found some creative ways to make seats. Does anyone know some good Ideas or would like to sell me one?
  13. Hey Guys I have an inmotion v8 and wondering how well mine and any other EUCs will do during winter. I live in the UK and temps get to 0 my wheel doesn't heat up at all and when I'm riding at a steady 15mph it gets kinda cold. Is this bad? Do I need to buy a better tire for winter or will my normal tire be ok for pavements and roads. Appreciate the help.
  14. Im 15yrs old and have been riding EUCs for 1 year now. Ive not fallen once. I've not gone faster than 17mph and never had a cutout. Is this luck that will end eventually or is it just caution that stops you from falling?
  15. Can I ask where you got your new Kenda tire?
  16. Does EUC World support IOS. I don't think so but I definetely think that's something u should look into. Thanks
  17. Hey guys does anyone have some v10 pedals?? I’m looking to put them on my v8.
  18. I know this is old but where did you get this from?
  19. Exactly what I was looking for THX. Ive actually been riding EUCs for 1 year now and have owned 2 inmotion EUCs, Ik the basics but was wondering if there was some really cool attachment or gadget that just made riding an EUC even more fun/enjoyable/cool.
  20. I relate SOO much! I rode my v5f everywhere I went even it was 30 secs of walking. Then I popped the tire and had to wait like a week. It was honestly the hardest week of my life walking felt sooo weird. Ik it may be lazy but this is what I've come to now.
  21. Hey Guys Im wondering what someone should know before/during riding an EUC. What are some gadgets that are super helpful or some trick that's really great or a waterproof case, maybe a specific mudguard. Really anything. Appreciate it!!
  22. Yeah I tried patching but it didn't work in the slightest. Ive patched bike tires pretty well but I'm not sure why it didn't work on my inmotion v8. I just popped my tire today, had a nail go straight through it. I bought my replacement here (https://www.rcgeeks.co.uk/products/inmotion-v8-inner-tube) it is £16, so plus next day delivery shipping total is £22.50, you can get it on speedy feet for cheaper but I wanted mine asap. Let me know where you end up getting your tire. Have you ever tried slime?
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