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  1. Hello! I own a V10F, bought few months ago. I noticed the same problem with side leds! If I transfer to the wheel a DIY animation it is successfully applied, but then, if I turn off the wheel, and then turn it back on after a minute, side leds are off and I’ve to manually set back with app the animation. It’s like it forgets the previous led pattern. This doesn’t happen if I set one of the preset led animation pattern.
  2. Thanks all for sharing your opinions. Today I had (finally) a decent ride, almost 20km and I was able to try my V10F on different conditions. Quite surprised, thought it would have been more stable offroading, sometimes it wobbles a bit, I feel like pedals are too high, or maybe is just the battery location which makes the wheel wobble a bit when passing on small holes or generic non-regular terrain. I wonder if... thinner tire could be considered more or less stable when off-roading? (for the same wheel diameter of course) Mitico! I know in Italy v8 series is one of the mo
  3. Hi everyone. I own a V10F and I've ridden it for about 400 km. I live in a small town and I've noticed that sometimes I feel this wheel is "too much" for my usual daily rides. I choose it because of the larger pedals and tire, compared to many others 16" wheels. But now... I'm thinking about swapping it with a KS-16S. I don't know what to do actually. The point is I'm not able to try one before because here in Italy too few people have an electric unicycle! Anyone who ever tried them both could give some feedback about the main differences... especially considering a 95% use for city-riding on
  4. Damn! What I'm wondering is....Gotway is well known for high performance machines, I also know it is possible to make some modifications to the hardware. Is it possible that these kind of accidents occur in particular conditions? Or does these Gotway wheels lack from quality about components and manufacturing?
  5. Hello everyone. I don't know if this is a proper reply to this topic, I beg your pardon if I'm doing wrong. I'm getting some infos about 16" wheels to buy a new one. Tesla v2 is of course a really interesting wheel, simple design, but with a great battery, 84V circuit ad powerful motor, at an interesting price. However I'm reading many comments and feedback about problems with electronic components. Scaring stuff. Is it to be considered a good wheel, but not so reliable? Are these problems (like mosfets burning, mainboard faults...and so on) related to poor quality components or they can occur
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