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  1. I forgot to add one thing. You can use EUC World (Android) or Darknessbot (iPhone) instead of the stock app for the wheel you choose. My phone didn't like the InMotion app when I tried to ride it for the first time. Been using EUC World ever since. Smartwatch support is nice too.
  2. I just transitioned from Onewheel XR (still ride it) to InMotion V11. I am very happy with the decision so far. Pedal height didn't have a huge impact in learning how to ride. The biggest piece of the puzzle for myself during the initial learning curve is actually foot placement and turning. I still have to master low-speed control, but ok at-speed. The way the wheel tilts as you go from a flat to uphill fast will take some time to get used to. Overall, I am really enjoying the increased range, speed and comfort. The longest I rode 43 miles and still have a little bit of battery left, nea
  3. I find two things that end up helping. Your result may vary. Master Standing Half/Full Circle. This is a good technique as a quick check and build muscle memory to be in-control of the wheel. Imagine your legs as a compass to draw circle and the wheel will be the pencil. If you put your dominant foot in a good spot, your leg will cling onto the wheel instead of wanting to drop. Use your toe and heel to move the wheel with your other foot standing. As you get more comfortable, try standing circle slowly and you will be able to do it smoother over time. Scoot Forward, Step on with Ba
  4. 8 hours later and dropping my V11 a lot, I am able to somewhat stay on the wheel and ride around a 5-floor parking lot that has light slopes. I can only practice when the sun is down most of the time, so the ideal places to learn are out of question (also my first EUC). I know I have a long way to go where I am confident enough to ride on the street and have some questions before trying more tomorrow. So far my progression is the following: Getting used to the the feel of EUC next to a garage door for 3 hours on day 1 (includes mount and dismount). Day 2 starts with mounting w
  5. Has anyone remove and reinstall the charge port cover to the point where it tends to pop out after a while or it rips off during a fall? I'm trying to think of a way to keep the cover at the same place without defeating the weather-sealing purpose of the cover. Or is there some sort of aftermarket solution available?
  6. eWheels was my vendor. Their communication over email is the best I ever experienced.
  7. Just in time before the new year starts, I got a notification from FedEx that the wheel is on its way back. The new module/controller looked like it did not help initially, but later found out it was neither activated nor calibrated from the factory. InMotion was able to assist the vendor with activation and calibrate the voltages remotely. The wheel should be in working order when I receive it.
  8. Vendor has received new board/controller, but the fix did not work as planned. They are trying to contact InMotion and see if there is some sort of "special activation requirements". Looks like the wheel, somehow, still has a mind of its own.
  9. I guess I checked my email at a bad timing, but it appears my copy has a bad controller from the start. I am in no hurry to ride it, so I will wait for my vendor to receive new ones that are on their way.
  10. The V11 is on its way to Arizona to be inspected. Hopefully I'll find out what happened by late next week.
  11. I pressed the power button as hard as I possibly can. Nothing happens even when advised by vendor to charge the wheel until battery is full (when the power supply LED turns green)
  12. I tried to hold onto the power button for two minutes with or without charger. Nothing happens.
  13. From my understanding, the power button is not touch-sensitive. I pressed it many times and it neither move nor do anything. At least I sent the vendor an email. Hopefully I'll get a response some time during the day.
  14. Wheel was not upright when I plugged in the charger and the wheel powered on without pressing anything. It is still not powering up as of this writing. Went as far as thinking something right behind the BMS cover may a loose connection, which is not the case when I opened it. Let me try again in an hour.
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