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  1. I ordered mine from eWheels a little past mid September. Depending on how many units they will receive, mine may arrive late-November/early-December
  2. Sweet! I hope you will enjoy yours when it arrives. I placed a deposit a little over two months after you and curious if they can ship by the end of the month as predicted. It says mid-November for current pre-orders.
  3. University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) are different institutions...
  4. Because it's under California State University in the City of San Diego, like San Francisco State University
  5. After some research and see what most people get in the thread, I chose the Bell Super DH MIPS. Doesn't feel bulky and fits well. The MIPS design is nice where it is sort of like two helmets in one. My cheeks are too large to easily mount the chin guard while I have the helmet on, but I love it so far.
  6. I only watched @Jimmy Chang's video between the two, but he didn't influence my decision making here
  7. Hi, I am looking into buying a EUC. I have my some clue of my wants for a EUC, but would like to hear some opinions to make a sound decision. I currently ride a Onewheel for recreation. I can ride pavement around my neighborhood alright, but not everything else terrain-wise. The Kingsong S18 and the InMotion V11 caught my eye, with the suspension on S18 win my heart since I can go anywhere with it and appear to be more nimble of the two with a bit of durability tradeoff in the event of a wipeout. I do realize pretty much all the midrange EUC has at least double the range and way more speed than I can handle compared to the Onewheel. Thanks in advance!
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