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  1. PEV Works in San Francisco should be able to take care of a tire change for you. If you want to revisit the S18 or V11 later, both are good. If you value range and lighting, V11. S18 is better for off-road at the cost of range.
  2. Seated ride is really fun on the V11, but most of my riding scenarios is better off standing instead. 60 dollars including shipping to continental USA.
  3. How about the KingSong 16X? It's rugged and will support heavy riders as well. Battery and motor spec is decent that will let you go places once you start to get the hang of it.
  4. You will most likely not have an issue if you ride downhill very briefly. The wheel can cutoff if you do so for long enough distances to prevent overcharging and there is no way around it, even with a Onewheel. You can charge to full so cell balancing can take place, then ride off some charge before your desend. Or you can charge to say 95 percent and just start your desend immediately. I'd still charge to 100 percent occasionally so you can balance the cells.
  5. A suspension wheel like the V11 will help you take some "edge" off, sort of like going from a mountain bike without suspension to another one with front suspension where you will feel bumps much more bearable on your arms. It will be a lot more comfortable and easier going over ruts and bumps than a non-suspension wheel on your legs, but you still need to pay attention to the road. V11 is a great cruiser. While the increased pedal height may appear a lot less nimble like a SUV, but I had no trouble hanging out with e-bike riding reasonably fast on paved trails with lots of sharp turns. I'
  6. From what I read on the forum's FB page, the V11 eWheels received is not as impacted to the point that they have to do the same thing as EUCO did. My controller was dead-on-arrival, causing the wheel unable to power on. Rode the wheel for a month and it's fine so far. I'm sure they will sort this out if this happens to you.
  7. I have been riding the InMotion V11 for about a month. There is still a lot to learn and I really appreciate the suspension and the huge increase in range from my last e-ride. 35-45 miles is already at the point that I feel like I rode enough, which the battery also happen to be enough for now. Even though this is a bit early, it doesn't hurt to brainstorm what can be my next EUC. As much as I don't mind the KingSong S18, it is sort of redundant to have another suspension wheel. I am not sure which non-suspension wheel I should consider that is around the price point of V11 when battery a
  8. If you give Onewheel slightly more power and keep it at 19mph, I am fairly certain you can have rather strong pushback/tiltback without an audio que. I cap my V11 at 22 for now. By the time the alarm comes in to tilt me back, I am at 25 at most. Regardless of how I lean, it will back me down.
  9. If you ride Onewheel XR under Sequoia Mode, the limit is 12mph is reached and pushback is decent. Just not anywhere as strong at top speed from what it seems as Onewheel is closer to a board, which the riding position has more leverage to overcome.
  10. Ewheels will do their best to sort this out for you. Their Service Center is in Tucson, so turn around time should be very short if they have the parts and the fix is simple. My V11 had a bad module/controller the moment I received it, so don't feel too bad. Communicating with them was very pleasant.
  11. It's much more predictable to tilt back than tilt forward for an average person. Tilt back is effective. The only possible missing link is to increase the buffer so the wheel can actually back you down at its designed top speed.
  12. Congratulations on your V11! I didn't start going places until my 10th hour (3rd day), may have taken a couple hours less if I know sandwiching the wheel your foot gives very little to no control. As long as you don't mind the learning curve and dropping the wheel, you will pick it up. Quick tips that will help: Master Standing-Half and Full Circle (doesn't need to be silky smooth) Mounting on your own does take time to get right Get on smooth and swiftly. Keep back straight There is nothing wrong to get a taste of being on a EUC and learn to do half/full circle
  13. I forgot to add one thing. You can use EUC World (Android) or Darknessbot (iPhone) instead of the stock app for the wheel you choose. My phone didn't like the InMotion app when I tried to ride it for the first time. Been using EUC World ever since. Smartwatch support is nice too.
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