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  1. Yeah what happened to this idea? Cool concepts like this were shown to be possible so long ago. Like this 2017 video
  2. I have velcro, but I still don't see how it would work considering these edges where the pads are supposed to be. That's what I meant by non-flat surface.
  3. Love pads for jumping and for staying secure in the event of an unexpected pothole but I haven't put any on my MCM5 because of its weirdly contoured side panels. Anyone found a good solution for that? It's mostly fine without pads as it is a lighter wheel that's very nimble and I do prefer the smaller size without pads, but still, I'm open to suggestions that can be stuck to such a non-flat surface without using a bucket of hot glue.
  4. Kids' reactions never get old (@ 1:25) !Loud volume warning! Usually it's just pointing or asking their parents "what is he riding/what is this thing called" but my favorite is when I hear a loud "WooOoOOow" or "WHAT???", in English no less. It's amusing to witness parent's creativity when answering, too. After the obligatory "Dad, what's that?" the answer is usually variation of "I don't know" or "some kind of wheel", but one time the dad just replied without missing a beat - "That's an Audi, son".
  5. I'm now wondering if they were checking out my friend or her unicycle. They didn't pay as much attention to me, maybe they just prefer Kingsong wheels to my Gotway
  6. Hi, thanks for replying! Shipping from Eastern Europe to the USA will most likely be ridiculously expensive + customs, etc, plus I'd need more than $200 for it to make sense selling the batteries so I'll have to pass.
  7. Hey all, I have a 680wh MCM4 at ~2100kms with an occasional board/gyroscope issue and I've been looking for a replacement motherboard without success for months now so I suppose it's time to save up for an upgrade. Because of the issue I don't think I will or should sell the whole unicycle unless someone feels they can somehow fix it. If, however, you want to upgrade your 340wh MCM or you're into DIY I'm open to offers. I saw an old post on a french forum where someone sold the 2 batteries for €350. I'd be happy to sell mine for less than that if it is a fair offer and shipping is possibl
  8. Hi everyone, let's use this thread to post our more cinematic/polished videos. Nice visuals and tidy editing, no hour-long ride around town with a 360 camera type of clips (those can be great, just not for this thread). Ideally we should post original content but if there aren't many of those I guess we could at least gather around all the cool cinematic videos other people have posted on YT. I'll start off with my most recent one in which I filmed a friend on his Gotway MSP, while I was riding on the old MCM4. It's shot on a Sony A7 with a Nikon 50mm/f1.2 Ai-s manual lens and a Zhiyun
  9. Hey @Smoother, thank you for sharing your experience! It might turn out I have a very similar problem, so I'm wondering how effective your repair was. Have you had any issues since the soldering and taping?
  10. Some exciting development! I've finally had some success finding some correlation that is repeatable although not 100% consistent. Things are pointing towards a cable and/or connector issue. I had opened it up with the power on, to investigate, mainly focusing on the hall effect wires and luckily it went into a continuos fail->reset->fail loop. This time I had removed the motor cable from its groove, which has a bend at one spot. I decided to twist it around a bit and managed to stop the fail loop. Upon letting go it started failing again. I wondered if it's just a coincidence since I co
  11. Thank you for the suggestion and the empathy! Might as well figure out how to test the hall sensors/wires/connectors, since I can't find a controller. As for finding another mcm4 locally - chances aren't too good, since there's give or take 100 EUC users in the whole country, and it's a pretty old model.
  12. Can anyone help out with diagnostics, spare parts or advice? I can't find any place that has replacement controllers for the mcm4, not even second-hand, if that's even a solution, since the wheel usually works without issue...until it randomly either starts losing balance, tilting back or suddenly falling over. Know someone with experience? @evil696? I miss riding and having fun, and it's my only wheel. Probably can't even sell it for spare parts unless I know what works fine and what doesn't.
  13. You might at least find a distributor who imports MCM5 motherboards. I'm stuck with an unpredictable MCM4 and spares for it are discontinued So I was wondering if an MCM5 controller would work but I think they are 84V while MCM4 is 67V.
  14. Hey, I've been having some issues with my 680wh MCM4 HS as seen here and one of the suggestions is to replace the motherboard: Any offers or ideas where I can find one? I received a reply from a local shop that they are discontinued.
  15. I brought it to my father who has more experience dealing with electronics and we checked for anything suspicious but found nothing, no damaged wires or swollen capacitors for example. We put it back together and I went for a test ride, but it did the same thing in 1-2 minutes of riding, after which I rode for 5 minutes with no issues, then I went home and took it for another test. Again it did the low speed weirdness + tilt-back, but once it recovered I rode 12km without issues, even pushing it to 27km/h as well as up a steep ramp. At this point I am considering a new board if I can
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