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  1. if you liked the first part of the video in my city (Hyères - France), here is the second part:
  2. It is 2,70m long. The insta360 One X is 30 g heavier than the Insta360 One. When held horizontally, it bends more and the stick is a bit visible.
  3. The first part of my last video. Gotway MSX + Insta360 One X (first time).
  4. The main difference is the battery capacity. There are two: 858 wh and 1036 wh. Speed is the same. There might be also a different price according to colors. If I remember well, when they launched the new colors (blue and black, mate black), they were a bit more expensive than the white ones.
  5. This is probably a special price when you use the Aliexpress App. Then it doesn't show up in the Aliexpress normal web page. Anyway if it's from Rockwheel Store it is not a scam. What you can do is order from this link and not process to payment. Then you contact the seller to make sure it is still available and try to get the black trolley (may not be included for this cheap price) and extra charger for the same price.
  6. Rockwheel GT16 is a good choice and very cheap. I am sure you won't regret it. I have more than 4000 km on mine (2500 miles) with no problem. Fast, agile, light, very pleasant wheel to ride. I wouldn't advise you to get it from DHGate. They are not really specialized in EUC and if you have a problem you might have difficulties to contact the seller. Instead you should visit Rockwheel Store on Aliexpress. Price starts at 920$ but you can probably get it cheaper after negociating with Yi Chen (the seller). Yi Chen has close connection with Rockwheel factory (same family) and can get you replacement parts if ever needed. He is a famous and reliable seller. Rockwheel Store - GT16 If you wait for November 11th to place your order , you might save more money as it is the big discount day in China. Delivery would take more time also.
  7. Another one with Insta360 One. My One X should arrive tomorrow..
  8. In fact, I had my first 360 camera two and a half years ago. It was a Ricoh Theta S. I used it a bit then stopped as quality was not really good (full HD in 360°). Now quality has improved a lot so I recently got this Insta360 One camera, and should receive the new one (One X) this week. Viewing others' videos also contributed to this choice ( @Marty Backe @eddiemoy ). In the video I use a long selfie stick (Telesin 106") attached to a folded tripod. Around 3m long altogether.
  9. Gotway MSX and Insta360 One in Hyères (France):
  10. 1 - Rockwheel GT16 is great for off road even in very rocky paths. But as the shell is closer to the ground compared to a 18 inch wheel it may break (just under the pedals). It is already my third shell on the same GT16 (more than 4000 km and a lot of off road with it). This kind of trail is just perfect. In some rare occasions (very steep rocky trails for example) the GT16 will do better than an 18 inch wheel. Now, I prefer to use my Gotway MSX because it is more comfortable and still very manoeuvrable. And I am fed up with changing my GT16 shell ;-) 2 - Like with other wheels you may be cautious not to use it under heavy rains. Anyway the water can't come in from below neither from the front. The only way it could go inside is from the top. Look at one of my videos to see where. I opened it many times. 3 - It is easy to open and repair. I made a full tutrorial for that purpose. In french but easy to understand (replacement of tyre, shell, trolley, etc..) 4 - the tyre that comes with the wheel is fine. At first it was a Chao Yang, now it is shipped with a CST tyre. Both work well. I changed mine after approximately 4000 km.
  11. My weight: 90 kg. Tyre pressure here: 2,5 bar (36,25 PSI). 2,4 may be OK as well. I think 2,4~2,5 bar is OK for me. In the morning I tried 2,8 bar (40,6 PSI) and it was not comfortable on bumps and off roads. I haven't done a range test yet but the first day I did 40km then added 390 wh. On my first rides the average consumption was around 18~19wh/km. Riding fast and uphill sometimes.
  12. No problem with this seller for me. I received my MTen3 after two weeks only (in France). No tax as it goes through the Netherlands first.
  13. I use it as a second charger sometimes. No problem, charging time is twice quicker. Though this charger is supposed to be 3A max, I never got more than 2,5A on an empty battery. I get 2,69A max with the original Rockwheel charger.
  14. To make the new version work on my iPhone I had to delete the app and re install the new version. I already purchased the two options (graph and video recorder)in the other version, but the app asks me to pay again... Can you fix this please.
  15. The russian site is not really up to date as they show a photo of Rockwheel GT 16 v1 (different pads) so I guess they had problems with v1 units. Nothing new. v2 don't seem to have these problems.
  16. Gotway MCM2s: 336 km (my first wheel) Gotway MSuper 2: 7000 km Rockwheel GT 16: 2200 km Within 2 years.
  17. @Blackmagicman Is your GT 16 a V1 or V2? (V2 has different pads and very loud speed alarms). I think the firmware is different as well.
  18. In France this wheel has become quite popular recently and among owners no one is complaining. 14 users on the french forum and very good feedback: https://www.espritroue.fr/engin?modeleId=232 My own long feedback there (in french sorry): https://www.espritroue.fr/topic/3013-rockwheel-gt16-retour-dexpérience/
  19. I think there is a problem with your mother board. It shouldn't behave like this. With my GT 16 I empty the battery almost every day and have only a full tilt back when the battery is empty. Before that I get the continuous beeps then the all flashing leds. I posted this on the french forum to show that speed can be quite high even with a low percentage of battery left. Around 2hour trip and 47km distance.
  20. Flashing red is not normal as it should be solid red or green. May be contact your seller and ask for a new charger.
  21. Darknessbot works fine (iOS only). It displays all kinds of information.
  22. Mine was built in June, so it is the last version (final version)
  23. Yes, same for me, only on hard braking, braking downhill or very steep slope (from 16% when I climb at 2~3 km/h).
  24. I checked further this issue. On IOS, mode is kept whatever you do (turning off the Rockwheel app or the wheel): works well. On Android phones, mode returns to Walking Mode everytime you reconnect the Rockwheel app. If one mixes: - set mode on Android phone then check on IOS, mode is kept: perfect. - set mode on IOS then check on Android: mode is back to Walking Mode So the issue is only when we connect from the android Rockwheel app.
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