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  1. I've yet to hear my Nikola beep because at the speed it's going to start complaining you're not going to hear anything (Above 40mph). I cut the wheel out once because I was flying and couldn't hear anything at 42mph (that was my cue to upgrade Darkness bot and get alarms at various speeds in the 30's). The Nikola is one of the best wheels on the market. You will never have an issue with speed throttling unless you're a more aggressive rider than 90% of the people that own these machines.
  2. Hit 35mph without batting an eye and no wobble whatsoever today. I'm at around 320 miles as of today. I don't think anything changed except my own confidence in my abilities and the development of muscles and understanding.
  3. I consistently end up hitting much faster speeds in slow mode. The wheel feels so much more stable that pushing speed feels like a reasonable idea. When I switched back to medium and hard modes after riding daily for a week I would check Darknessbot when I got home and consistently my top speed ended up dropping the harder the mode that I was riding. Someday I may reach a level of comfort that allows me to ride the hard mode faster. At current I don’t see many advantages to not riding in Soft mode. The carve and flow feel in Slow mode make me feel more confident, and that combined with the inherent stability of that mode results in speed for me.
  4. I'm definitely still getting wobbles myself at varying points and I'm about a week and a half in. I've safely reached speeds above 30 mph sometimes without or with minimum wobble but I can't point to one distinct thing that I'm doing which is preventing the issue. I do have rather large feet, so getting the right foot placement is always kind of hard to gauge. There are times when I feel completely locked in, and the wheel just feels really stable but even when that happens there are times when changing speed will take me out of that zone. I'll definitely be sticking with it as the Nik + is my first and only wheel and I really enjoy the experience. It'll just be a while before I'm comfortably and regularly pushing the speed limits that it can likely achieve.
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