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  1. I am not looking forward to my first face plant, inevitably Im going to get one, sooner the better as far as I am concerned. Straight out the box into the leather furniture will be a good place to start.
  2. thats what i have been tellin her. No danger luv
  3. i don't surf but you ain't gonna learn it from a book, you got at get out there and do it. Im 55 never had a wheel before . my missus thinks im gona kill my self, I will prove her wrong again through trial and error. She is already calling it my one wheel suicide machine
  4. I have not seen this video on this forum anywhere else regarding suspension settings
  5. Imagine what type of suspension wheel we would get if @luk Luk @feynman @Rehab1 and those Russian guys were locked in a room together with an endless box of spare parts and batteries. I for sure would be the first person to put me money down for a pair. One for best one for playing in the mud.
  6. I was hoping if it could stop a ball at 80 mph I might be ok. . If you do not hear from me again you were right.
  7. posted this in another thread Cricket batsman type. Best of both worlds open full face.
  8. good grief what have I let myself in for. Kingsong please take note and get mine sorted before you send it otherwise it shall be returned the same day as "not fit for purpose"
  9. it's a good point and you have made it well. Taking a look on you tube and freezing the frame I can see many wheels with this oversize washer on the outside of the frame. All on post production models. quality control must have been absent when these went through.
  10. When mine arrives if no one else posts pictures of these new and improved bushes I will for all to see. I reckon they must have had a hacked off rouge technician working the assembly line because no way would it get past the r&d stage with metal rubbing against metal and spring washer holding bearings in place.
  11. They are having a laff I used to work a lathe, 14 washers with shoulders or whatever will take and hour to make, once the machine is set up for one the rest take no time at all I could have made these in my lunch break. $300 seems alot of cash for basic washers and an hours work if that.
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