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  1. How much will it cost to get your app onto an Iphone. I will chuck in a £100.00 if any one else is up for it.
  2. I’m 55 also and only just started. I’m lovin it and we’ll chuffed I persevered through the first 100 miles today. I’m keeping it now and want a bigger one.
  3. Loving it. AB SO Lute Ly loving it with emphasis on the Ab So. The KS S18 took so long to arrive I was beginning to think fuck it im too old for this any way I should flog it unboxed on ebay. When it arrived the box was so crap and battered it looked like It had come from an auction. The contraption arrived mid november 6 weeks ago with all reported issues appearing to have been rectified, although I have not given it a hammering testing it like a pro it being my first and is training wheel, today in the freezing cold I got my 100 th mile in on it and now know it is going to take 500 un
  4. Nice one I have an iphone, you have an iphone and a S18 you can touch. If it suits you no reason why not me and I ain't got a pot of glue. Ref the chinese list Im going for it however I will be blaming you if it all goes tits.
  5. Er um do I have to create an account to get the list. Im scared.
  6. What the chuff my S18 is near six months over due and waiting and I still have no idea what is the first or best App I should start it up with straight out the box. A. Kingsong B. Darkbot C. That other one I cant remember. D. Fuck nose
  7. I'll be 55 by then Im already far too old for this kind of malarky. KS S18 for sale any one.
  8. Funny that I paid the pre order for me S18 end of July and it is still yet to be delivered. Im hoping the delay guarantees me a third batch Item, however the power pads I ordered from Lukasz arrived a month ago and are still sat with all the other stuff I bought the next day like helmet and pads. Winter is here now I might just as well sell it without unboxing it and wait for the fourth batch coming soon to a dealer near you where all the other issues not just the suspension has been sorted out. Just in time for the start of spring.
  9. Pack the unpainted side or file the painted side. Best to file the painted side.
  10. Im thinking filing away the equivalent thickness of the two slices of suggested coke cans on one side or pack it the other side to get the wheel center
  11. Hmm I was of the understanding in the Uk they could see what is or is not on the road either way and could switch red amber green accordingly to keep the flow flowing. There is probably a different topic for this type of conversation such as "mad ideas In my dreams".
  12. I will let yall know when It finally arrives. Mine should be from the 3rd batch because it is best part of four months two weeks 4 days etc late and is still on a boat from china as I type. The official kingsong reseller located in Ireland has assured me the thing will not be leaving their place until every unit has been inspected in house by their own QC. Watch this space, thanks too the forum I am well ready for disappointment.
  13. life's like that "believe it when you see it" don't get me going on intelligent traffic lights. oh ah, the idea of keeping british summer time where it is rite now is again on hold for the for the presumable, No mention of covid though, err wtf
  14. I brought a new ford van through my business five years ago. in the first year there were two re calls on it. Four years later ie last year I replaced it for another new ford. The recalls did not bother me. The van is the best I ever had I love it, I still loved it when it was in being fixed. Perhaps the van should have not left the factory with these recall issues but hey ho that's life. Kingsong are not Ford and factory production faults do happen, The manufacturer has acknowledged it and rectifying the problem. Jobs a good un as is said in these parts.
  15. yon

    Shipping time

    I pre ordered my wheel from kingsong ireland at the end of June and they have now have taken £2000:00 from me . All told they they have sent a receipt and one email about the 20th August saying it is again delayed due to suspension problems and it will be with me very soon. 40 days later i'm still waiting for them to update me. I don't want to nag them too much because I'm sure everyone else is, but when the wheel is and I feel it will be inevitably be returned to them I don't want to be put at the back of the que. I have a bad feeling about this entire episode. This is the main reason I
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