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  1. My previous EUCs are: ninebot , inmotion v8, IPS i5 Today I received my Inmotion v10 from (Warning marketing here ) from https://www.electricunicycles.eu/ They delivered it super fast , I liked the cute hand signed note on my V10 and wanted to give them a credit. After riding for 3 hours , my first impressions are (Warning, I only set the max speed and max sensitivity on app and never checked the tire pressure): 1- It is big and heavy. I mean HEAVY. I never felt any EUC I've used heavy but you can feel the weight while riding!. 2- There is a 2sec delay when you first speed up from 0 (I believe all my previous EUCs would beat v10 on startup). I believe this is due to heavy weight. After 2 sec, it speeds up faster than any EUC I had. 3- Same goes for the breaking. 4- It looks sexy 5- I loved the height. 6- The maneuverability is acceptable but not very good (Mind you that I'm currently riding 7.5kg IPS I5). 7- I like the new trolley handle. Much better than I8's. 8- This thing rides on anything. Grass , forest, SAND!. I'm really amazed with it's off-road capabilities. 9- Riding is very very comfortable. 10- It goes FAST. Only few may dare to ride this on top speed regularly. It is suicidal without full body protection. 11- I liked the big pedals but I didn't feel too much difference between my V10 and tiny I5's pedals. 12- It had a tendency to wobble slightly on high speeds (again I didn't even check the tire pressure, I just ride it right off the box) and interestingly, due to sheer weight of the EUC, when it wobbles , it wants to keep wobbling. Conclusion: This is a cruiser with a big engine. If you want to go far, go fast and feel comfortable. This is for you. But don't expect agility. I remind you again there is a very noticeable delay when you speed up on low speeds. (Maybe they can increase the torque on low speeds?). This is not something you want in a park. This is a real vehicle now. I love my V10 but I will still keep my IPS i5 they are not substitute for each other. If you have any questions , I would be glad to answer.
  2. Well; I left my inmotion V8 outside on open for 6 months without touching it! (I bought another one since I don't use an EUC more than a year for safety reasons) Mind you that I live in Netherlands and it always rains here (Trust me this is the ultimate rain test) I really thought it would never work. When I opened inside the V8 , it was covered by sort of bugs and muddy stuff everywhere. I mean bugs and mud made it inside of main board and totally covered it.I was planning to trash it so I didn't bother to clean it. But after re-charge , plugging off the battery and plugging it on back again it worked like a clock. As a conclusion, you can safely use your Inmotion V8 in any rainy weather. It won't let you down.. until you get a flat tire, then it will let you down and make you question your life when you are trying to change it.
  3. Well when you break your right foot , somehow your favorite turns are always circular and to the left :)
  4. Hello everyone; I recently created a topic regarding if I should quit or not. http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/1548-should-i-give-up-and-quit/ After many encouraging replies to give it a chance , I gave it another shot. I mean we really got inpatient for everything, we want to have the joy without working for it. We want everything right now. No one learns skating or skiing in 5 days. It takes time and effort (and some tears along the way). If Eucs were so easy , everyone would do it and it wouldn't be something special. (Like those two wheeled hover boards every kid uses around). And here is the final result thanks to you all : https://www.facebook.com/nserdarbas/posts/10153061950211822 (First 20 seconds are my childhood favorite hero Gizmoduck with an Euc For new starters some tips that I discovered by the hard way: - Tire pressure.. so important. I mean don't even try it with low pressured tires. - Padding: Use it generously else you will ruin your EUC. It also helps so much for discomfort and bruises on your legs. - Hard shoes: You will fall, and you will fall in awkward positions. Make sure your shoes will protect your foot and prevent bending. (I broke my foot due to soft running shoes). You can switch to comfortable shoes later on. - Don't train in public: Eucs gets so much attention therefore you will just stress out. When you stress out you will do mistakes. - Circle: The moment that it clicked was when making big circles non stop in a parking space. For some reason , Eucs balances perfectly while turning. It will build up your reflexes faster. (This may not work for everyone , but it worked for me.)
  5. I've become really good at riding my ninebot as if I'm riding a bike. But I still lack some skills and breaking is the most important one as ninebot goes FAST. - Tilting back with my foot actually causes me to lose balance and makes the things more dangerous. - Swinging my ass with a slight crouching motion (Like segway emergency break) to shift the center of mass backwards works some how but It is slowing down not breaking! What do you think most efficient ways to hard break on fast speeds? Any tips or advice?
  6. Thank you for the support. I decided to give it another shot
  7. Hello; After reading a lot from this forum, I decided to buy two ninebot e+ (one for me and one for my brother). After practicing indoors for several days , I took my ninebot out for practice. Unfortunately I lost my balance and fell, twisting my right foot that caused the tendons connected to fifth metatarsal pull the bone and fracture it in two places (Avulsion fracture). Luckily I'm a fast healer so it took me 1 week in cast and 3 weeks walking like a gimp to heal to a point that I can walk normal. (It will take at least another 4 weeks to heal fully) I'm back practicing my ninebot indoors again but I wonder if using a EUC is a sort of extreme sport which you accept the risk that you can get injured seriously anytime. I'm wondering if I should give it another try assuming this is a very rare accident and EUCS are pretty safe or sell my euc and wait for Ninebot mini? (One wheel is good , two wheels are better) I really can't afford to use a device that occasionally getting hurt is considered normal. What is your opinions? (Also a small tip, don't use your EUC with running shoes as high heels will work as a leverage and soft textile will not protect your foot from twisting)
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