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  1. So had my first fall today - significant enough to allow me to embrace my safety gear for it's true intention and will no longer view it as optional!! Going up steep incline, dusk, not sure really what happened ....if it was cutoff or just I hit a rock and lost balance. All I remember is my wheel saying to me 'be careful' when I gathered my mind and saw it on its side in front of me. When does this tone usually play, for what type of action? Would like to understand what happened to avoid it future reference! Fairly certain it had other voice commands going on, but this one sticks out to me.
  2. That was boss! Hopefully no one else runs into this - but if you do....he gave us a great scenario to run through to get it back!
  3. I'm just trying to be proactive here. I'm not having this intense knee pain, but it is dull - from all your your experiences... Does this go away after some time, like foot pain? Or should I investigate getting something like a knee brace to hold it in check? Has that seemed to help anyone?
  4. I'm new to this mode of transport. I'm at a point now where I am trying to get some safety gear for when I am rolling around. What have experienced riders found in regards to helmet weight? I'm looking at one on Amazon now (full face) that is about 5lbs. Would you consider this to be heavy? I want to purchase something that I will be comfortable using for awhile, rather than end up buying multiple helmets before I settle on a 'favorite'. Can you please pick this apart to tell me if you think it's a good/bad idea? My intention is to use this for daily commute. This will put me into traffic at some points on my way to work, although I would try and stay on less busy roads when possible. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0799S8NCM/
  5. Been watching some videos, saw some people starting in large carpeted areas to avoid bashing up the EUC. What I didn't take into account, DON'T do this on light color carpeting.....unless you want some burn out marks! Fell over, EUC fell over and tire started to accelerate - got a nice rubberized patch now in the middle of my living room:)
  6. For those that use these to get around town. Do you lock your EUC up like a bicycle outside of stores when you have to leave them outside? If so, any tips and tricks you can fill me in on?
  7. Is there any chance I can get access to send messages or let me know when/amount of time I have to wait? I would like to reach out to a member in my town to see if he can tell me the do/don't around my city. Would prefer to message him directly rather than create a general board post that is not relevant to anyone else
  8. Looking to get together with some people in the are to get to know the dos/don'ts around the city. Anyone out there in NW PA got time to chat?
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