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  1. Hi all EUC lovers....Here is Adana in southern Turkey... https://ibb.co/jD4pWYQ
  2. Hi guys. I am a KS14D rider about 2 months. I prefer listening to music via true wireless earbuds (Jabra Elite 65t) as riding my EUC. As you guess the tiltback warning is an essential prevention for me. When I connect my earbuds to my phone, I can not hear the warning message via my earbuds. I prefer using Kingston app and I have to dissconnect Kingsong Music to be able to connect my wireless earbuds. How can I sort out that problem. Thank you for now.
  3. Hi guys. As a newbei rider, I want to ask something about the KS14D cleaning. I use wet cloth to clean the top and the side covers. I wash the pedals and the tyre with water. I turn the all tyre and wash it. Does the tyre touch mainboard or electrical parts when turns. Do you think that there could be problems because of washing the tyre and the pedals. Thank you for now. Enjoy your EUC.
  4. @Seba Hi and thanks for the EUC World app. I am a new EUC rider. I am using Amazfit GTS smartwatch. How can I match the EUC World to my Amazfit GTS. Thank you.
  5. Guys thanks for all responses. I will try to stance one leg with more practising. Maybe İ am so impatient to mount properly. By the way İ was so happy when start riding easly but on the other hand unhappy with the unsuccess of mounting properly.
  6. I have been learning almost three weeks and I can not mount properly. I know that the speed that balance you on EUC. First I tried pushing and then mounting but I was unsuccessful. I can ride fast, slow easily even on small holes and bumps but I also have difficulty in mounting. I know it is not reccomend to stance both feet then riding but I can do like that. My riding skills are improving day bu day but on the other hand İ must hold a wall or something to mount properly. What is the mind opening point for mounting?
  7. @RockyTop thank you much. I have chosen my KS14D to use on pavements and amid people easily. On the other hand the budget also made me to choose KS14D. My tiltback limit is 20 km/h which is the half of KSD14D speed limit. Listening to a rejoiceful song make you ride more and more fast I guess so. The problem in fact I was shocked and frozen. This happened in a second and I decided to jump instead of reducing my speed by leaning backward. Will it be same again and again this is the point I really wonder. https://ibb.co/44gmxJF
  8. Hi guys, I am asking so many questions amid my learning period. Yesterday, I had a serious onface fall because of my panic, delusion and mostly related to my wrong decision. I was practising on asphalt cycle way that most part of it empty. I was listening to my one of favorite song and focused on the song. I heard the tiltback warning from my device and than I remember trying to slow down. But I guess I did not lean backward. I lean forward much more because of sudden delusion and panic on my mind. Then I thought that I could not slow down. I made a decision and jumped off from my KS14D. I was
  9. Hi guys. I have been learning to ride for two weeks, I have noticed something when I am riding my KS14D. My feet number is 43 and the pedals are not so big for me. My fingers and heel are not on the pedal. When I am acclerating, I feel that my center of gravity is starting to flactuting its positon towards the back. Is it normal? When I feel that, I start thinking that I will fall onto my back. Thank you.
  10. @erk1024 It was an awesome trip with a wonderful atmosphere. I live in Turkey and unfortunatelly our city roads are worse than yours and we have so many bumps even in dowtown streets. I have not ridden my EUC amid the traffic just on the cycle way now. Today I fell over the grass because of there was a really a big hole and ıt was coverd with the grass. Luckily I had wore my protective gears. I will not ride in the trafficc unless I am totally relief to ride.
  11. Hi guys. Thank you for all your responses and experiments. I have ridden my EUC about 3 hours and a bit more relief now. As I have posted, the problem of mounting is a challange for me still. I tried a bit but the balance of the EUC was so difficult for me. Now I can start riding after I mount totally with my two feet.I pushed a little and tried to mount but I was unsuccsessful. I have reached the top speed of my little EUC first time today. I really shocked how the selfbalancing techonolgy can understand and start slowing down just a smooth bending backward. KS14D is mine first EUC so I can
  12. Hi. I have been learning EUF for 5 days in a small progress. I could stand and ride with a small speed. My big problem is about mounting. I put my right foot on the pedal. I have to stand near a wall or supporter (someone's shoulder). I can not put my second foot on the left pedal without any kind of support. How more easy possible to put the second foot on the pedal during the leraning progress. I purchased KingSong KS14D. Thank for all advices.
  13. Here is my first EUC. Today I have started learning how to ride. In fact it is a bit harder than I had thought. The people react as if I were an allien. It is so enjoyable and I hope to learn in a short time. https://ibb.co/f9CkC18
  14. Thank you for you all responses. I ordered a black KingSong KS14D from a local dealer yesterday. I would want V8F instead but the price of it has been increased just in one week and I could only preorder it. The only concern about these two alternatives was tyre size for me. My height is 178 cm and weight is 84 kg. I hope 14" tyre will not a problem for me. I will use unicycle only for wandering around for fun and not for regularly transportation everyday. Beside all tyre size concern, now my new baby is on my way and I am really looking forward it eventhough I can not ride yet a unicycle. Th
  15. Hi guys. I immensely appreciate all of your feedbacks. Today I also talked one of the local dealer who is also a rider. He advised me the one has a bigger tyre. From my point of view, I also liked the bigger tyre one. I liked the apperance of KingSong 14D much more than Inmotion V8F. Well for many will not be a problem but I do not like the shiney parts in any kind of gadget like unicycle. But the performance and the tyre will be a much more drastic point for my choice.
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