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  1. Any one have a link that I can source RS HS bearings from?
  2. @Seba Next updated estimated range based on average riding and estimate battery volts...?
  3. I think there should be a balance, I got some spiked pedals from Murland, and ended hating how stuck my feet felt. Ended up going through the process of removing more than half of the spikes and grinding a few down. It has a little give now and for whatever reason it just feels better.
  4. Where can I get sliders from that will work with this wheel?
  5. The 128 mile range is for a 170lb rider at 20mph. speed and rider weight will affect range.
  6. I was acuy trying to find how to do a bearing change b on this wheel but couldn't find anything. Now your saying you would rather buy a while new motor...😮
  7. Joining the Shermites after having an RS19 as my 1st wheel. Manged to put 2300 miles on it in under 6 months only issue I had was a broken fan. Getting a Sherman because I'm starting to ride like an ass, and it's Killin the range and rain anxiety... So what's your mileage and issues?
  8. Ahh so the motor disengage is a regular on off, and not a pressure button like on gotways.
  9. So I saw in one of Evx vids that he trollys it and then flicks down the kick stand to park it..... Does the kick stand disengage the motor?? If so i sure hope it can only do that at a stop and not while it is moving...
  10. What range were you getting from it with your riding style?
  11. How long should i be leaving my wheel on the charger after charging to balance the cells?
  12. @evX_Mick I feel for you, and these leaks. It must really suck to see all this info being made public and you can't post your videos.. I think part of the issue maybe the difference in culture, at this point if kinda makes no sense from my perspective, then again I'm not on a marketing expert.
  13. This, Murphy will always have his say. Protective gear is the simply mitigation, something will go wrong, it may be the electronics in the wheel, riders error or just something you cannot control, other pedestrians, cars..... etc
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