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  1. Going to piggy back off this topic. I am fairly new to this. I have a Gotway RS. I have selected 100v in the EUC world app, and have Optimized as the battery setting, but it shows a good 15% higher compared to the Gotway app, and Wheel Log. Also i do not know which voltage reading to trust EUC World says 94V and 90% while wheel log is showing 86V. Not sure which is correct.
  2. Got to say I am loving this wheel so far. I have put 100+ miles on her already and starting to feel confident maybe too confident, so i Have decided to dial it back a bit. I am starting to prioritize practicing braking quickly, mounting more efficiently, and also maneuvering at slower speeds. Going at speeds 15+ mph seems a bit easy now, and I can almost do it without much effort, the other things not soo much. My full face helmet an knee guards are also not on hand as yet, so going slower is essential at the moment. I am still to nervous to cross intersections on it. Just a little side note, I rode my one wheel yesterday, and other than the riding style difference, one thing that stood out to me was I pay less attention to the terrain on the EUC compared to the XR.
  3. Looking for a cheap stand to park this wheel on , any suggestions?
  4. Yea for sure, will stick to the empty side of the park, just looking at cars and people on bicycles go by make me nervous, if they get close I hop off and move out of the way.
  5. @WILSON-YT This is my first wheel ever, so take whatever I say with some, no a lot of salt. The bad Gotways app is trash, euc world seems work well tho. It's freaking heavy. It's scary powerful. I tried going above 15mph and felt a weird sort of wobble, when trying to change direction...maybe takes some getting used to. Maybe learning on a lighter wheel would have been better as my leg muscles are sore. Would have liked not the speaker was aimed forward instead not off to the side. Trolly handle sucks, it's difficult to extend, and also doesn't seem to want to go back to it's original position. The beeps for turning on off or changing settings scares the soul out of my body. The good, Half my complaints are of me not being used to the wheel hopefully that will change in time. After 1 day of practicing I was able to ride a narrow winding bike lane. Still carmen of to let cyclist pass not that confident as yet. It's starting to get a little fun. Half my complaints is because of this thing being new, and I guess there is going to be some conditioning
  6. Just a little rant about my 1st day on a got way RS. As soon as it was delivered I was probably too excited. Ripped the box open, and powered on the wheel.... and it would not balance it self. Searched the manual, nothing. After searching the to forum a bit figured out how to take it out of transportation mode. Threw it in the trunk, along with my helmet put on some sneakers, and went to a local park to practice. Went to a under a pavilion that had smooth concrete, and had been cleared out of all chairs and tables, thanks Covid. 1st hour was horrible, did not get anywhere, due to my own stupidity. The wheels hard to grip with my legs it kept sliding, and my ankle bones hurt from coming in contact with wheel. One shin is bleeding after a failed mount attempt. Went home seriously considering if i just made a $2000 mistake. After getting home I proceeded to finish opening the box, found the charger, tested and it worked, then i discovered the pads, after figuring out what they were for i decided they were still too slippery. Decided to use some yoga pads instead it's ugly but it works, also decided to pick up some high top shoes to save me ankles some pain. Went back to the park, and boy those 2 changes made a world of a difference. Practiced doing half moons, then took a short break. Practiced half mount where I push off and then to touch the second foot plate before stopping, toke a break. Realized that this wheel was really heavy, my quads on my dominant foot is starting to cramp so a took a longer break. Then I decided its time to roll some actually distance. Realized that i needed some speed to mount so i would hop hop and then get on. At first I would get maybe a few feet, before feel unstable to the point where the wheel was about to fall over, and i had to reach over to catch it. Did i mention this really freaking heavy?!?! Feeling better I took another break. Decided to take my brave pills, take it to the parking lot, and boy what a difference did the change in surface from concrete to pavement make. I was able to ride even further than on the concrete, I was riding easily 20+ feet easily. Concentrated on learing the center of balance on the wheel. During the entire period, the wheel was going where ever the hell it wanted to I had no control. I tired turning and the second i started to think about how to do it I dropped it for the first time. It now had some battle scars. along the front :(. Got a little upset with my self and decide to go kick a foot ball around for a little bit. When I got back to it i was much better, and started to use a lil hip twist, and some weird shoulder movement to execute turns. and it's working. Was able to ride around for a good half mile, while looking like a complete novice i had a huge grin on my face. Eventually i was doing about a mile or so without stopping turning is still a bit weird tho, and i find it way easier to turn left than right. When trying to turn right and shifting the weight of the wheel onto my right foot it just feels weird, I'm thinking my right leg is just weaker than my left maybe. At the end of the day I stopped having successfully getting the battery down to 97%. My leg muscles were soar, and i needed them to recover. Today will be day 2, and I hopefully will become competent enough to take on some sidewalks. Hopefully the skywater will stop and dry up to give me a chance.... Just a few comments on the wheel it self. The gotway app is trash, might as well not exist. Wheel feels powerful, but then again this is my first. It looks like a freaking soap dish.... It is starting to get fun
  7. Is there a way to turn off the beeps when settings change or powering on the wheel... That shit is loud af..
  8. I just got my label. So psyched.
  9. Just thought i should share this
  10. Last I heard from them they were waiting for the container this morning... Someone else bother them, I think they are tired in of me. 😔
  11. Appreciate that, this my first wheel. Once it's not half as bad as the KS s18 I think I'll be okay. Also wondering if it's just a pedal hanger length adjustment that leads to the supposedly higher height on the new batches. Asking for a noob.
  12. Did anyone get shipped notification
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