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  1. Found this picture of an RS floating around FB, looks like mod any know anything about it would like to do this to my wheel if possible...
  2. I would go off on a limb and say, as long as EUC riders keep hurting themselves more than they hurt others we will not see any major law changes in the US.
  3. I am honestly considering trying to find an extra side panel, making a hole near the speaker area with a Noctua venting out and seeing what happens. I guess i would also have to seal off the speaker area, and have some sort of mesh to reduce the potential of water splashing in. I doubt it compromise it more for water ingression than it already is.
  4. It's not when I'm riding is the issue it is when I'm trollyin it. Also the position of the fan doesn't make sense. If they had designed it the vent warm air out of the shell or cooler air in they would not have had to use a smaller sized fan. When standing still I have observed temps just keep going up.
  5. What can I use to clean the motherboard, mines has a lot of dust all over it.
  6. I wish there was a way to update the board rather than swapping it out honestly the only thing that bothers me about mine Is how loud the freaking fan is.
  7. I potentially have a stupid question..... Why are they making the bore size so big? Is it not possible to have a smaller sized bore, thus smaller sized bearing and still be able to run thick cables through them? Making them less prone to failure or am I missing something?
  8. Ha ha, I am also considering ordering and Mten3, I like it because I can put it in my backpack and sneak it aboard my local busses. I want to sell my xr for this purchase, but I have a soft spot for for it.
  9. Has any one gotten updated boards from ewheels for this wheel? If so what is the process?
  10. Exactly this, I learned to ride on an RS19 I recently was able to try another wheel for the 1st time the 16x. The 16x pedals felt way looser and had more floatiness to them better enabling me to actually leverage, and it is by no means feel like an underpowered wheel. I have a feeling gotway just applies a blank ride feel to all their wheels without any consideration to wheel size or motor power...
  11. Have you tried setting it in EUC world to see if there is a difference?
  12. Just give it time, experience is the real teacher here. For wind speed I honestly only try to hit 30 or so when there is a tail wind, any thing else im staying below 25mph on my RS. On thing I do when it is gusty is to slightly angle my body to be a little more stream lined. This is helped by riding with one foot slightly in front of the other. I do not try riding crouched as it seems to upset balance, and increases the chances of wobbling.
  13. Ok Thanks, will try to add pad mines with some foam to see if the noise decreases.
  14. @shellac Try setting it in EUC world. @Flying W& @Silver So after reading your responses it made me think that there is a difference in the intensity of the tilt back between EUCworld and the Gotway app. The Gotway tilt back is really intense, almost scary if you are not used to it, and will almost certainly prevent you from accelerating more on this wheel. With the EUC world you have to really look for the tilt back, other wise you would just push through it, without realizing it. Is it possible someone can try both and confirm that I am not crazy?
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