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  1. Ooooh right okay I got you, I wasn't even thinking of suspension at all - hence the confusion. 😳
  2. How does the offroad wheel profile itself differently than say a KS16X? On the thread topic, I much prefer a lighter wheel in slippery conditions.
  3. Snowboard replacement during the plague. Use it on MTB trails.
  4. It's in a gray zone. So it depends on the cop. Get a bad one and they confiscate your wheel. I know of people who somehow managed to get an insurance - which makes it a tiny bit easier should you get stopped. But in any case, any time you're out with it and cops see you, there is a chance you'll lose it. I would imagine the bigger the city, the bigger the chance. Amsterdam Central seems a place I'd definitely avoid 😬 There is lazy progress towards "legalization" but that's more towards "PEV" and not specific to EUCs. And it seems they're headed the German route which means the EUC is
  5. Which of these 2 Xion shorts do people figure work best for EUC? https://xionpg.com/body-protection/shorts-pro-evo-d3o/ https://xionpg.com/body-protection/shorts-freeride-evo-d3o-men/ The pro looks to protect upper legs more,not sure if that's relevant. The freeride covers the ass, also not sure if that one is relevant but seems less relevant than the pro upper leg cover. However the hip protection looks wider. Anyone have any insights?
  6. I got an August 2020 wheel. I ride with power pads (albeit my own creation which are positioned low on the wheel). I ride mostly off road. No wobbles, no cutoffs (except for the lateral angle cutoff which can be adjusted, and sometimes a beep when I'm leaning too much while hanging in the air), I never got speed throttled (I can try tonight), got slow down beeps at around 35-40kph at 20% battery once, axle is still alive and I'm pretty aggressive off road, trolley handle is superb and handling it is a breeze, acceleration for all I care is good, the wheel is.. well.. what the specs say, m
  7. Not trying to be funny here @GyroRideRz - but how are these different from say Burton snowboard gloves?
  8. Thanks all! Does balancing cells on the KS16X equate to the 5 (5?) slow beeps? Just wondering as the smart charger cuts off at a certain % so not sure if it would still do anything with the battery. I left the wheel to slow charge, when done, I checked and saw 83V. (I usually fast charge and it goes to 84.xV np) So let it slow charge again, left it in, and after some time it beeped several times - first time I had heard that.
  9. Noice! I went for velcro under the BG and on top. Solid so far. Gotta try to "brake" pad up high, but my acrobatics prefer as much freedom of movement as possible 😬
  10. I only off-road for entertainment value (MTB trails). Only time I wish I had more grip on the wheel is extreme downhill where the wheel would effectively fall away from me and the power pads don't do enough to keep me locked in. Now, for the times I was speeding down a trail and one of my pedals got clipped by a branch.. I am very happy I got launched forward and I could freely smack into the ground... As opposed to start spinning/flying around going from my speed to 0 in 0 seconds attached to a heavy wheel 😂 Even though I haven't tried it, for that reason I wouldn't even suggest stu
  11. I have been reading up on battery discussions and playing around with a smart charger. I understand charging to 85% greatly increases the total lifespan of the battery. Wondering, is this the "trickle" phase that's to be avoided? Am I right in thinking the last 15% isn't the linear charge so it's not "15% less distance available"? Also, for a 85kg (with gear), hard mode, 10°C weather, off road trip - is the attached distance normal for a new battery? (55-58km @ avg 21km/h bringing it down to 21%. 24% after heating up) Lastly, does KS have any self diagnosing tools like Inmo
  12. Awesome thanks @Tinkererboi. I think my KS16X has a bit if a bit of manufacturing problem rubbing one legged without stock tire... Or I'm too fat 🤔 regardless... Gimme gimme gimme! Ordering now!!
  13. Says something about charging optimization? That's it
  14. One can also be held back a lot by the cost of the wheel I find. Once I got my wheel all padded up it was all good. First time I tried the new heavy wheel I hated it. Now I go back to the small one and overpower it right away. That "leaning in all the way" feeling is a lot of fun once you're used to it! (I.e. you're using your body to steer, not so much your feet)
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