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  1. Thanks for the input @Planemo! I replaced the tire tube a few weeks ago, hence me opening up the EUC and taking a picture of the mainboard. The capacitor was black (the metal top part of it) then already, the plastic around it entirely undamaged. The wheel has been working fine for weeks after until things went wrong. Wondering now if maybe that isn't just an aesthetic thing and the mainboard has been at risk the entire time... Then at least it's a good thing it decided to kick me off at only 5km/h!
  2. Myeah, from another thread I picked up the mosfets should be soldered with silver? I looked at an old picture when the EUC was still fine and the one capacitor was black there too so I think the capacitors are fine. Still, I get you, shouldn't be riding at high speeds with something that was messed with by yours truly. All in all, very disappointed the EUC barely lasted over a month. It didn't give me any warnings or anything, dropped dead and then blew a fuse. So it feels like something got too hot, fizzled, then caused a short.
  3. Thanks! I didn't realize these are just normal car fuses. I replaced the bust fuse. Unfortunately the wheel still self limits when I plug it onto the mainboard. (I haven't plugged the battery in, I'm assuming that will lead straight to the fuse popping again) From reading the forum, it is down to a short circuit with mosfets / motor cables being the likely culprit. Putting the multimeter to all 6 mosfets, 2 of them are in a short loop (both the "blue" motor connection) mosfets. Coincidentally, there is no more glue on these... Maybe a sign they overheated and burned up the glue? Time to order some mosfets and see what happens... What a pain!!!
  4. That looks to be the reflection of the camera flash. There's sticky stuff all over. Looks fine irl.
  5. Huh! That makes a lot of sense lol. Would soldering on one of these work? (Can't find any made for circuit boards) Still very curious as to how the fuse could blow 🤔 Thanks a bunch!
  6. Edit: ok so I think I figured it out. TL;DR: was going down a trail with some sand, wheel kicked me off, I went to grab it and heard a pop. Constantly brakes until the 3 plugs are removed from the mainboard. The green thing that says "30" looks smoked on the mainboard. (Also one out of 3 capacitors is black?) So! What's the best way of storing the wheel until I can get a new mainboard? I unplugged the battery from the board as well as the 3 plugs. Also, how does one invoke warranty in the EU? Can the mainboard be fixed manually? (I can solder/de solder)
  7. Just jesting! (Does it help if I had the damn thing? 😅) Let's certainly hope so! I was always expecting a "can't go out, it's a high radiation day", not the current timeline 🤔 Although where I'm at were sprinting straight towards a full lockdown again.
  8. Relax-position / rest on easy terrain is feet angled outward, more weight distribution heelside. Move feet forward a bit to be able to "lazily" accelerate. Performance position: inside of feet hooked between the pedal and the wheel
  9. Someone asked me if I was measuring distance with "that thing". Responses very from "no idea what that is" to "it's a Segway thing" to *blank stare rubbernecking*
  10. Goddamn I love Japan lol. Why won't you people let me iiiiiiiin?!?? (Was planning to go first time next month... But us zombie corona lepers are not allowed in 😭)
  11. Does anyone have any links to these items in the EU? Can't immediately find it and concerned I'll order something that won't fit!
  12. Gotcha. Really planning on pulling the trigger on an order today. For me it's all about mountainbike trail shenanigans, don't plan on group rides and just want an OK pace to "connect the dots" between fun trails. So zippy and fun are the focus... Tough choice as the 16x seems to have some unnatural "cool" draw to it whereas the GW feels more like a speed machine.. but nothing strong sticking out otherwise for the 16x for a bigger price tag..
  13. @Mike Sacristan - I saw you had hurt your KS16X a couple of months ago. Did you get a new wheel? Would you get another KS16X? I see the Nikola available here for cheaper or a 100v wheel for approx same price - the usual idea would be KS is safer and better quality vs higher speeds of gw, but that doesn't seem to be the case on the KS16X given the torque is too high for the maximum allowed speeds. Just wondering where you stand on this?
  14. Looking for a good distance, off road, no suspension wheel the KS16X comes up favorably. However the premium price seems to mismatch the what seems very basic quality issues? (Any level of rain or dust puts it at risk, cutoff at high speeds, general instability, weak plastic shell) Is anyone aware of any significant improvements on the latest batches to alleviate the fragility of this wheel? (Seeing a 100v higher wh OR suspension wheel comes at the same price, I fail to see what justifies this cost if KS is too cheap to add basic waterproofing)
  15. Looks clear cut to me. Some bus drivers adopt the "I'm big you're small" type approach and just plow onward. The EUC driver made a poor choice of forcing himself between the double parked truck and the bus. Personally I'd have popped onto the sidewalk in that situation. Neither of them slowed down, only the bus is 100x bigger so... To me this looks like a very unfortunate situation where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.
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