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  1. To me the 18XL is a 'cruiser' type wheel; solid, immovable, boring - perfect if you just need to go from A to B with as little fuss as possible. 16X is zippier, manoeuvrable, feisty. As far as build goes, my 16X has done some pretty bad tumbles and what breaks for me so far are: the mudflap, the body/shell connectors (which can be taken out and replaced). The connectors have a sharp side to them that pokes into the battery, so I cut off the sharp corner and put some padding in between. (the padding is done factory standard but it still pokes too much) (btw, opening the thing up and s
  2. Yeah I get you on the knees part Would love to give suspension a try, who knows, might open up a brave new world for me. But I like my upward propulsion you get on a "stiff" wheel lol
  3. I do offroad trail beyond what chooch does on a ks16x. One thing to keep in mind is ruggedness of the wheel. Ive smashed mine more than once. I havent tried a suspension wheel but Id be nervous to smash the s18 into a tree with all those delicate bits exposed. Fyi, the advertised distance of the s18 is lower than that of the ks16x. Depending on the weather and the slowdown of the wheel at lower battery Id take 40-60km with a pinch of salt.
  4. To me, pads are a must. I only do off-road riding. I never tried the "premade" pads however, mine are down low just above my feet. Helps only slightly in de/accelerating but it keeps me on the wheel when jumping/bumping/downhill without being locked into the wheel (spikes). Agility is barely affected (in a pinch I can go bow legged and circumvent the pads)
  5. Quick update; I had initially changed my tire from the stock to the one in the very first post of this thread. I go offroading for fun on MTB trails, so a better grip in a bit of mud would really help. I've now switched back to the original stock tire. Conclusions: * The wheel goes from agile to really sluggish in the turns, awkward turning, needs a lot of body involvement.. effectively takes the 'joy' out of the wheel for me. On the stock tire I can hang into the wheel to turn and feel like im floating... smooth as silk. The knobby tire just wants to fall over. * Tires tha
  6. Lowering to 24psi again improved things a lot. Bit of a catch 22 as I'd hoped to do some decent jumping on this and I'm coming from 35 psi on the original tire
  7. Ive always stood a bit "sideways" (one foot more forward than the other) on the KS16X, always attributed it to snowboarder habits (even though I only do it on this wheel). However changing to a knobby tire I notice the wheel really does want to fall to the left and it's taking a lot out of my right leg to consistently push the wheel back to center. (I'm assuming on the stock wheel it is less pronounced so I instinctively started to stand a bit uneven to counter the push sideways) I've read of people balancing the wheel by adjusting the pedals, is that a thing as well on a KS16X? Anyo
  8. Oh right. I'm clumsy so when I used a metal tire lever I managed to bend my rim with it.
  9. Any chance for a pic of the tools you used ? 😬
  10. It won't be totally different, but it is a lot better. Logically because the knobbies get to dig into the soil.
  11. It definitely bites better in off road surfaces. You may have noticed there are two directions you can put the wheel on. I put it on "hard" (the 'flat' side of the center knobbies in the direction forward). But as with yourself the experience was jarring at first. Wheel just "wants to fall" sideways. What had made this a lot easier was lowering tube pressure from 35psi to 30psi. The way I sense it, the wheel is very sensitive to normal paved road and wants to adjust (if the road is angled down from left to right,the wheel wants to hang left). What I found interesting however, i
  12. Thank you, I eventually ended up with a 2.5" as well (using the 3" tube ended up in many, many tears being shed lol) But oh boy what a completely different ride this is. Will need time to adjust how the wheel doesn't "want" to stay upright like the stock tire
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