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  1. Pads are imo pretty mandatory for the v11. Its so slick on its sides and thin, for me anyways it contacted my wheel odd without pads. And for brakeing you really need something to grip with your calves to get the power out of the motor. As for faster speeds, the v11 likes to carve, going perfectly straight seems less stable than other wheels imo. The clark pads will help you to get the wheel under control
  2. Ive been waiting for a long range wheel, i personally am not in a rush to buy a conpanies first ever wheel. Plus the Sherman has a hard time starting and stopping for my taste. Im looking at the EXN now that the v12 is rumored to have only an 1800wh battery. Im hopeful the rumor is wrong though, if its a 2700wh 100v battery wheel it will be the sherman competitor ive been waiting for. No suspension on the v12 either supposedly, but hey we are all waiting for an official announcement still
  3. Im 200lbs geared up and ride my tire at ~34 psi . 30 was to soft and 38 was to hard so i settled in the middle. Took me maybe 3-5 miles to get used to the higher pressure but now i wouldnt change it (i started on the v11 at 30 psi)
  4. I agree whole heartedly, but im not smart enough to quantify the necessary power delivery that would render overleans practically impossible. Thinking of it in terms of a maximum speed threshold is just easier for me and i believe others to understand and quantify. If i had enough power delivery to go 65-70 mph, then hitting a bad pothole at 45 shouldnt be an issue. For example, i know a sherman can travel 50 mph on the maximum end of power delivery, but what that actually means in terms of amperage or whatever i have no clue. Its easier to think of it in terms of maximum speed potentia
  5. I think its less about actually traveling at that speed and more having the capacity to to handle such speeds thats necessary. For me i want a wheel i would have to be insane to cut it out , something you can do 40+ on a windy day without being afraid of taxing the components to the point of frying. Imo it will never be safe to ride on the highway, to many maniacs doing 90 and texting. But there are plenty of 45-50 mph roads in my area that would be accessible but asking any machine for a constant 45 is not really adviseable with the current hardware available.
  6. Just having a conversation mate. It's clear you disagree with my thoughts , thats perfectly fine. Not really sure what goalposts you are talking about. We do not have to come to an agreement, neither of us can see the future, and a little discourse is healthy. No reason to "give up on you bro". We can simply agree to disagree lol. No one wants an EUC the size of a motorcycle, we clearly have a disconnect in what we are talking about. I simply believe we are not close to the peak of these machines, if you think they are nearly maximized, then maybe they are. Only time will tell. I enjoyed
  7. All i expected from the v12 is a large battery. The conversation turned into the future of wheels not current expectations of wheels. I thought it was an interesting conversation though, glad to hear others viewpoints!
  8. I would much rather pay a small insurance and registration fee to freely ride around without fear of confiscation or harrassment. I actually believe we as a community need to get ahead of the law and push for legalization before they are just outright banned. It will be a much harder fight to reverse a ban than it will be to instate proper legislation. Is it really that hard to believe that i want unicycle with the performance of a motorcycle? Watching people rip shermans through the city makes me think im not the only one interested in higher quality beefier wheels. Keep in m
  9. I disagree, if you where only buying the device based on specs why wouldnt you buy a scooter or an ebike right now? The heavy wheels are incredibly stable, the batteries are the same tech and will charge at the same rate. And why would the price for two tires a larger frame and stronger motors be cheaper than an EUC? The firmware cost is going to be offset by the extra material costs the bike requires. Plus a motorcycle needs to be registered and insured while a EUC does not , now i do expect that to change so i have left that put of the discussion but its still a valid reason to b
  10. You can get a cheap highway ready car for 500$ . Why would i want a two wheeled non portable motorcycle for 8x the price? A motorcycle will never compete in terms of safety or comfort with a car. You buy it for the ride Being one wheeled gives you acces to riding areas you cant bring a motorcycle, it allows for easier storage, and has half the maintenance of a motorcycle. The sherman is already 80+ lbs and has quickly become the most popular wheel for enthusiasts. The monster pro is nearly 100 lbs. The market is already jumping off the portability ship, hard for me to imagine that the mon
  11. Better off just getting a car then and have climate control and a seatbelt 😋
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