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  1. A really serious episode today on safety. Its been a rough couple weeks for the community. Now is the time to take a step back and evaluate how we can improve the safety of our hobby
  2. My last overlean incident was on my v8. Was buzzing down a sidewalk at like 12 mph, hit tiltabck and beeps a couple times at bumps and drops along the route (that sidewalk is garbage). Came to an area with just a little drop, maybe 2 inches tops. The little guy dropped me with little to no warning. It was shortly after i had recieved my v11 so i was being to aggressive with it. Im only 185-190ish . Of course it was the one time i didnt put knee pads on so i got a nice little cut. Thankfully i had wrist guards on and was able to absorb most of the impact without further damage. No worse than di
  3. Investors saw the scooter and thought "the fuck is this? Are you even committed to EUCs? We all know scooters are dangerous garbage and EUCs are the transportation of demi gods. I would have thrown millions at you if this was a pure EUC play. But i just cant invest in someone who would promote scooters. Except that begode bull 4k, that shits sweet"
  4. The only information i can find on what caused the fire is a facebook post. So take it with a grain of salt as its just a rumor. But they state it was not a wheel that caught fire but a damaged battery pack in for repair or an electrical fire. Ive attached a screenshot of the post but lets not point fingers until we have more info. Its obviously easy to jump to gotway bad but that may not have been the case here. The san diego tribune says damages are estimated to be around 500,000$. Devestating
  5. I think dual control boards is an absolute must. It woyldnt add much weight and the costs are well worth it. Like with an airplane, a mechanical failure ensure catastrophic events. Having a redundant system should be an obvious necessity in the industry. As for rolling out of a fall, here is my buddy ray rolling out of a fall skip to the last minute for his roll out.
  6. That hill is teally steep, the camera never does it justice. That hill is easily between 30 and 40 degrees based on the plants behind them. Going up a 35 degree incline is fine for 50 feet but trying to climb a sustained 40 degrees is drawing a massive amount of current. Usually the machine will shut itself off before it damages itself, but if he jerked it forward hard enough while yhe machine was stressed enough you can fry the board. As far as cobras incident, certainly some bad luck was involved. You can practice rolling out of falls but nothing is foolproof. The wheel error aside, b
  7. While the RS may have slightly more pep, it still has the same range and pricepoint as the v12. So the v12 may not be an "RS Killer", but it is still firmly within the same class of wheel imo. The v12 has creature comforts and quality improvements that essentially make the Nikola obsolete, and force you to choose between those improvements or a slight performance boost. But again, if your truely that concerned with performance, your more likely to move up to an EXN which is basically a beefier RS. I think the v12 and RS sit firmly in the same category, with you basically needing to choose betw
  8. The v11 is a monster offroading. It just crushes all terrain like no other wheel imo. It can ride in the street some but really cant keep up on 35 mph roads. Even when at full charge it still tops put at like a real world 32-33 mph. And goes down to about 28 after just 20% of battery. The v12 should be able to handle 35 mph real world speed and hopefully for a out 50% of the battery. And in contrast it can handle offroad as well as most non suspension wheels. So to me their offerings target suburb riders like me that ride a lot of offroad trails with their v11. And the v12 targets u
  9. Theres plenty of simple wheels on the market already. I like seeing something with a little more luxury and more creature comforts. Its not that difficult to figure out what plug goes where to replace a broken part. I heard the same arguments about suspension "adding to much complexity", which is just crazy imo. Suspension is a total game changer and absolutely worth adding a few more screws to the machine. Its not like the added complexity is adding specialty tools or complex engineering calculus to the maintenance. Its inevitable that these machines become more and more complex over ti
  10. Honestly does the actual top speed of any wheel really matter? Who is cruising with their wheel red lined. If you need a 40 mph wheel theres really only 2 or 3 options for you to choose from and the v12 isn't one of them. I have unexpectedly cut out wheels before, im thankful they where both relatively weak devices so the crashes only left me with some scrapes and bruises. Thing is, both cutouts where under the machines "top speed". Flirting anywhere near the threshold of the machine is just not safe. All that 70 km/h means is its a 55 km/h cruiser. As a community i think it does new ri
  11. 14 inch non suspension wheel with a 3200wh 100v battery but limited top speed of 25 mph!!! The v13 is perfect for anyone who demands trendy battery specs but plans to just roll on sidewalks and bike paths! Get yours today!!!
  12. For context several other riders all did the exact same procedure without issue. Also according to Archee, a very knowledgeable member of the community, there was no aparent damage to the machine at all and no reason for it to cut out. Monster pro owners please be extra careful, and maybe ride your other wheels for a few weeks while the dust settles and we get some clarity on what has happened.
  13. Got me excited, people in the know talking about a new veteran wheel. People have been asking about a new Veteran wheel for months and now we have a solid lead on when it might announced. Im hyped!!
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