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  1. GoGeorgeGo


    Part 1 of 2 ! A Providence group ride to Rocky Point Park and Oakland Beach!
  2. Well they did say they where about to ship a mass production of wheels. Means they have a mass production of saddles already made and waiting. Cheaper and faster to add this
  3. Are they jumping the wheels at maximum speed? The free spin is not instant, it can only happen if the wheel is already near max speed. Inmotion will tilt back and ask you to get off the wheel if it runs out of torque to hold you.
  4. 19 mph is the absolute top speed of the v8 , there likely was warnings you just didnt notice them. When traveling at max speed, even a small bump can cause you to lose contact with the ground and the wheel can free spin and cut out.
  5. GoGeorgeGo


    Just a little chat about the brand new KSS18
  6. Dont all companies test for best case scenario on every product though? Like sure they could get a 300 lb rider in the middle of a wind storm and return minimum performance specs instead, but thats not how marketing works. If the numbers are realistic for a small rider with a tailwind then they are not false. Put a 100 lb rider on 50 psi tire pressure and you might go faster than the app says, chooch says he took his v11 to 36 mph and cruised at that speed. I can understand wanting to be able to input weight and tire pressure into the app to help properly measure speed. I just dont think its necessarily some false advertising if it can be recreated in good conditions with the right rider. Like i know im big, i know i get less range and speed on every wheel than my buddies 110lb girlfriend who rides with us. I just expect that, i dont blame them for testing with optimal conditions. Wheels dont have accelerometers equipped do they? Im pretty sure they just base speed on the rpms right?
  7. I have been looking for a solution to keeping my wheel topped off at 80%+ while out on long rides. I would like to find a battery bank that i could charge off of for 30 minutes when taking breaks and stopping for whatever. I have found some options in the 500wh-1000wh range but they are extremely pricey and im unsure how they would perform in terms of charging speed. Does anyone currently use any portable charging devices? Even if i can just get back 5% in 30 minutes that would still be a good little boost to keep me at top end speed longer and extend my range. If anyone currently has a system like this please do share the details! To be clear, not something to attach to the wheel while riding, i specifically am looking for something to just charge my wheel charger into that fits in a backpack comfortably.
  8. To add to this, doesnt this only prove that the app inflates speed numbers and not that the wheel is incapable of attaining 35 mph? Like just because it inflates the speed does that mean it cant hit the 37 mph equivalent it would need to reach the advertised 35 mph? Or is there a hard limit on the machine at the inflated 35 mph mark?
  9. Not sure what Chooch was using to get his speed numbers but he claimed to be cruising at 36 mph in one of his videos on the v11. Light riders fo go faster in general, look at vees speed record on the Sherman hitting 52 mph
  10. There is no universal way to know. Every company is different and they dont really want you to know what batch it is from imo so you would need to know the quirks from each batch and identify it that way, for example first batch v11 have z style bearings while second batch has RS bearings
  11. GoGeorgeGo


    Really awesome group ride footage from the Providence Crew!
  12. Looks like most of batch 2 is being mashed together with batch 3 and will be leaving the factory in the next 10ish days. I have not heard of any further changes besides the ones stated. But i have yet to see these new suspension caps in the wild yet
  13. GoGeorgeGo


    To me it looks a lot like he is riding right in the buses blind spot. I dont blame the bus driver for thinking he left that wierdo on the electric unicycle in the dust. I would never expect someone going 25+ mph. Just an unfortunate accident. The bus was likely trying to get in that lane to make a turn. Didnt see the rider until it was to late.
  14. Its a cost thing, they probably have a ton of saddles already manufactured. Throwing a metal insert is way cheaper than retooling all the saddles and they are to professional to slather epoxy all over it to "fix" the saddles. This will continue to be a problem until the finish using all of the first batch of produced saddles. Im sure they will reinforce the design for the next tooling
  15. Dang, this really makes me more worried than any other problem. Quality control was one of the reasons i had not upgraded to a big fat gotway wheel. Seeing such a catastrophic oversight makes me think i should have just got the Nikola+ weeks ago instead of waiting. Very disappointed to see this from Inmotion
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