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  1. To be fair to the company, not only do they not have extra machines to replace yours with, but this is not some cheap electronic gadget that costs them 1.75$ to make. Even if they had extra machines, they are not going to send you a brand new 2000$ machine to replace yours, they would go out of buisness. They need to ship your wheel back AND ship a wheel to you AND repair the wheel AND sell the wheel again. They would take a massive hit for every warranty repair. Like a car, once you buy it they are not going to swap you out a new one. They will offer repair services. Even
  2. Exactly, once the specs kinda plateau at a safe 45 mph and a standard acceptable range, the quality will suddenly be the differentiator. I want carbon fiber shells, advanced BMS systems, 200$ ball bearings, adjustable lighting, give me an all metal assembly. All high quality parts, no soft screws, no injection molded parts. Super high quality audio, built in tire pump/tools, a storage area. Cup holders!!! A seat thats actually worth 100$ lol They can dramatically improve the quality of these machines still
  3. I honestly cant wait for the first 5000$ machine. I hope its that expensive because its that nice, and not just because it has crazy high specs. Give me a 5000$ Sherman please
  4. I disagree with the premiss that market pressures are forcing poor quality. We are recieving poor quality because the market is so small. People are buying every new wheel that comes out and the older models quickly become all but obsolete. We have far from optimized the machine yet, and until the machine has achieved its "final form" we will not recieve the highest quality. I do think its headed that direction, prices are going up, models are becoming more performance heavy. But by buying the new model, you are making the quality issue completely obsolete. We demonstrate our
  5. Just fyi, the screws wrong way failed to remove, do not need to be removed. They are part of the pedal hanger assembley connected to the motor. The replacement motors will come with this assembly already so there is no reason to seperate them
  6. Yes you need to get used to how it handles. Because you have the higher pedal height and the bigger tire, it takes less effort to turn but your machine moves more when it turns also. So its a wierd feeling to adjust to at first. The 14" tire would move less dramatically side to side to get the same turn radius, but it also requires more effort to achieve that super tight radius. The v11 you can turn in a dime without much effort but you have to control the machine a little more because it does angle itself more for a comparable turn
  7. Some beginners discussion on acceleration and brakeing!
  8. They do make it clear in their warranty information that the warranty only covers the battery control board and motor. They also have to charge shipping, its 150$+ everytime anyone thinks something is wrong, they cant eat that cost. And obviously you wont recieve a brand new wheel, they dont even have enough wheels to fullfill their orders nevermind to dole out replacement wheels left and right. Talk is cheap, my buddy got an 800$ bill for his "warranty repair" from ewheels. The reality is these are all still small buisnesses that need to pinch every penny, be prepared to fight in any warran
  9. Hard offroad riding!
  10. Had a fun group ride with the providence boys!
  11. Put me in either A or C. I want high perfomance high safety margin wheels. Whether they stay in the current legal limbo or they gain actual road legality status is irrelevant to me, i will play with them all the same. I do not think they are commuters though honestly, i understand the attraction for price per mile on an euc as a commuter but lets get real, its only got 1 wheel and no rollcage or any safety equipment at all for that matter, theres no climate control aspect at all, the range is realistically limited, refueling takes hours, city infrastructure (at least in the usa) i
  12. Last nice day of the year, met these lovely ladies and let them try to ride the v11!
  13. I dont get the thinking that he couldnt have broke his femur in a low speed accident. The average femur will break at 500 lbs of force with exceptionally strong femurs breaking under 1000 pounds of force. Assuming he is a rider weight of 150 lbs, and was traveling at 10 mph, a direct impact into the lady could result in well over 1000 pounds of pressure if direct flush contact was initiated with his leg. Bones are pretty strong but energy multiplies fast as mass gains speed. Im honestly surprised more people dont break bones more often when they fall. Wear plastic guys ,
  14. I have the same high pitched tone while charging. I thought i had developed tonitis at first lol Will try lowering the volume in the app before next charge and see if it dissapears
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