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  1. By any chance does anyone have a measurement for the hole in the shell on the original versions of the EXN? I got some of this amphibious filter material that really seems to trap water great. Im thinking about 3d printing a tpu brace to hold it in place and covering the hole with the material. I would open my machine but its currently all gooped up with silicone and i need it to stay sealed for a long ride sunday. Ill crank her open monday unless someone happens to have an answer for me 🤘. I will share my progress as i go Edit : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00230CRYW/re
  2. The ride it and leave it PEVs are an absolute pest. I 100% agree there. They just clutter the city and cause more problems than they generate solutions (or revenue, which is the real bottom dollar). Because you rent it, there is no pride of ownership. There is no investment in safety gear. You would obviously never see a real PEV rider leave their vehicle in the road. Hell you wouldn't see any motorist leave a vehicle in the road. Can you even imagine the carnage if cars where treated in the same vein as rental scooters? Just left dead in the middle of the highway? I would love to se
  3. It literally comes down to officers discretion and who you are dealing with. There are laws that make it sound like an euc almost fits, but there are also laws that you could argue disqualify an euc from street legality. It will all hang on an individual officer pushing for a ruling. As it stands now, officers in my location literally tell me "those are unregulated we cant do shit". BUT, a specific officer could easily sight massachusetss registration laws which states every vehicle over 50cc needs to be registered with the state to be legal for road travel. The key is, no officer wants
  4. I cant imagine they would cover 98% of crashes honestly. If you where involved in a collision i can see them covering repairs. But if you cutout the machine, or got caught in a speed wobble, bounced off a pothole etc., i don't see a standard liability policy covering the damages. Insurance coverge tends to like to recoup their losses. And to do so, they need a third party to recoup them from. And considering the majority of euc accidents are user error, theres no recourse for the insurance policy to recover funds. That would be a different type of policy from liability insurance.
  5. I think the only real threat of compulsory regulation comes in the form of registration. But even that will likely be state by state. Not all states require insurance on cars, so i dont see why every state would require it for an euc. Taxation, liscensing, and inspections will vary state to state just like with cars. The only thing all states have in common when it comes to driving is registration. They need to be able.to identify you in the case of traffic infractions or accidents. In RI, mopeds under 50cc do not need to be registered, so maybe we can slip in under similar regulations. B
  6. In any unlit crosswalk, pedestrians always have the right of way. If you see a pedestrian waiting at a crosswalk, you are supposed to stop and allow them to cross. This is standard throughout the USA Lit crosswalks are different however, if you cross without the light that is jaywalking and you can be ticketed the same as crossing at a non crosswalk. But the traffic signals all communicate to the walking signals and if the signal says its safe to walk that means there are red lights and no vehicle should be moving. As a pedestrian you should never assume its safe to cross without looking
  7. Cyclists and skaters are not traveling at speed of 40+ mph. In America insurance is not required in every state. But registration is. Officers and the state need a way to identify you in case of traffic infractions or accidents. Many states do actually require a bicycle registration to be legal to ride in the road (generally it costs between 1$ and 10$) I understand you dont think unicycles should travel over 25 mph but thats clearly not the direction they are going here anyways. The monster pro tops out at 59 and 40 mph is a common speed for its riders. Other countries may not shar
  8. I don't think its dumb at all. People already ride 40+ mph on unicycles through the streets of America. Eventually our options will be a ban or regualtion. I think there is a large chunk of riders who would gladly comply with regulation than be stuck with 25 mph wheels. The argument of "go get a motorcycle" is nonsense. Its a completely different experience. You could make the same argument against motorcycles, why not just go get a car? There are a bunch of EUC that are not meant to be motorcycles you are correct. But units like the Sherman and Monster Pro are clearly intended to b
  9. Cobra dislocated his shoulder and broke it in 2 places just a few weeks ago. He was riding his brand new Monster Pro with less than 100 miles on it when it cutout unexpectedly at 20 mph. Wasn't accelerating, flat ground, high battery%. Just a one in a million malfunction with the machine. Some very knowledgeable members of the community diagnosed the machine afterwards and couldn't find what the issue was other than it wouldn't turn on. Extremely rare malfunction but clearly a possibility we all face. He is still in recovery and hopes to regain full mobility of his arm in 6 months
  10. The original MSX 84v. If you can find one new in box would imo be the holy grail of collectible EUCs. Thats the one that people will look back on as the start of the revolution. A one wheeled device doing 35 mph with range. Thats the wheel that started the street riding craze. Thats a wheel that has been ridden by all of the most experienced speed riders. Thats a wheel you will have a very very hard time finding unused or even in good condition. People who got those wheels rode them to death . The 100v version would also be a good one, being the first 100v wheel ever released and being in line
  11. To be fair, the only possible outcome was negative press. No one clicks on "e-scooters are amazing and why everyone needs to start riding them!!". They read the headline and move on. But what does get clicks? "Famous Acctress killed by electric scooter" , "Escooters are destroying our way of life and must be stopped" , "Dangerous new technology injuring children at alarming rates." Unfortunately in todays age we no longer have news outlets, we have media. And medias job is to get clicks. And statistically, negative stories get more clicks. People whant the juicey details and will click ar
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