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  1. I am not 100 percent clear on the question. However, without the block in place while pumping up the suspension the upper filler port will travel up behind the casing. The block simply prevents the suspension from expanding beyond the point where the filler port would be obstructed by the outer shell. Once the suspension is pumped to desired level, weight on the unit will compress the suspension enough to allow the block to be removed. Once removed the unweighted suspension will expand such that the upper fill port will be hidden underneath the upper case.
  2. I wish I could take credit, I saw those names on a suspension rebuild post. They must be official! I haven't lubed anything but the suspension itself seems marvelous. This is the version with asymmetric tire and no battery case knock-out block. Just rode it another 6 miles jumping curbs and climbing dirt slopes and really didn't get a lot of clunk. If I transition smoothly to acceleration or deceleration there is no clunk. Only a clunk in an abrupt transition. I am going to try ignoring it for awhile and see if that helps. And maybe glue the seals to the pants!
  3. My thoughts so far: The axle is connected to the "pants". The pedals are connected to the "pipes" that slide within the pants. So perhaps the feeling of slop is due to the pipes being loose in the pants. I notice the seals at top of the pants have ridden up out of position and just hang out up on the pipes. If I pop them back onto the pants they just pop out again when I step on wheel.
  4. New clunk manifested today. It occurs when changing from acceleration to deceleration also the other way. It feels like a pocket of "slop" between the motor and the pedals. It also occurs with the suspension locked out, which it was in this vid:
  5. My understanding (right or wrong I don't know) is that king song will tilt back when the "min safety margin" reaches zero percent, which I assume still has a margin to cutoff but is what king song has figured to be min acceptable. I have gotten tilt back a few times. Mostly at max speed, but also (I think) at slower speed while cranking on it. Also I don't think it tilts back above zero percent because I have seen it get almost to zero with no tilt back. This stat doesn't appear on the app when paired with my MTen3.
  6. Well maybe I said it wrong, and also my understanding might not be perfect regarding how tilt back works. I didn't mean king song as a brand but rather the 18xl he has mentioned should have more oomph (battery available to absorb a good hard lean) Regarding the tilt back though... Does it occur at a fixed speed, or at a certain point of battery "sag"?
  7. I have had a single cut out which occured at very slow speed on a 67 volt, 480wh MTen3 after riding about 8 miles. Going up a slope from essentially zero miles per hour to a hard forward lean to accelerate. The little wheel beeped and cut off all at once. It "noped" out on me and I just stepped off as it tumbled away. The king song wheels are going to have more oomph to handle that kind of thing and also have tilt-back function which alerts you that you are approaching the edge of performance.
  8. I was 51 years old last summer when I also bought a ks 18xl after only watching YouTube videos. I also had motorcycle experience. The opposite not regrets is what? Delight I guess? I was delighted with the experience. It felt like being a kid again exploring the neighborhood on a banana seat bike. Only, when I was a kid I could have only dreamed of this thing. Day one was a hot day and I sweated a lot. Dropped the unicycle a bunch of times but never fell down myself. Found that I got over the first learning hump by letting go of all crutches and just going for it. This vid w
  9. My S-18 has that asymmetrical tire and has no suspension issues. Worked perfectly right out of the box. (after setting pressures) There is the slight wobble in tire but it's slight enough to ignore, not sure the fix for that.
  10. In a chatty mood so figured I would share my thoughts. I've got just shy of 1000 miles on the 18XL which I got last summer as my first wheel. I've got about 100 miles on S18 which i got just after Christmas. I live in New Hampshire where we have winter, so its been awhile since I have been able to ride a lot. Today it hit 50 degrees Fahrenheit and I rode. 25 miles or so on the S18, 10 on the 18XL. The S18 (for me) is supposed to be the off road wheel. But the snow, ice, and mud, kept me on the pavement, some smooth some rough. I rode this wheel first and most today. I
  11. Might be an American attitude but none of those categories really fit when you believe you are allowed to do something as long as it's not prohibited by law, rather than believing you can do nothing the law doesn't specifically allow. The best chance for staying under the radar is remaining niche and people who use them don't hurt themselves or others. (For places that already have laws that apply to EUCs it's too late of course. My experience is based on New Hampshire USA where there doesn't seem to be any laws that apply to EUCs currently)
  12. No, maybe 3 strikes and you are out works for many things. But when your first strike is a human death, that's all three strikes at once. Especially a hobby which is supposed to be fun. How fun is it when every time you hop on it reminds you of that time you killed a lady?
  13. Part of freedom is responsibility. If you want the freedom to take chances then you need to be prepared to take responsibility if it goes bad. I am with you on keeping freedom. I do not agree that you can do that while claiming no responsibility for things that happen.
  14. This notion that if it was a bicycle, you wouldn't blame the cyclist... Couldn't be more wrong. The idea that an accident like this is a blameless act of God type thing just isn't so. If the op story is largely true, and who knows if it is, it is likely not completely true concerning details of speed and who leaped where and when. The details largely don't matter. The unicyclist was at fault and is responsible for a death. If there aren't any legal repercussions then at a minimum this person should never touch an EUC again. He had his chance to try it. It didn't work out.
  15. Is this the incident? https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/elderly-woman-seriously-injured-after-2880229 Wasn't able to find more information. Some elements differ from OP story, many similarities.
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