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  1. I thought of just throwing the EUC out of the second story window. Make sure nobody is below. How is safe to respond? My plan, throw it out the window. How do I put out a lithium battery fire, even if in my phone? better plan ... .. ... . .. ...
  2. I ride mine alot. If I am not riding, at least in the house; I can tell that I am getting depressed. Riding outside is quite the social event. I am the only one who rides an EUC.
  3. i have had about 5 times when the wheel kept rolling and i just staye'd on, 3 times i just stayed on and rolled out of it. Ever happened to you when you didn' t bail out. Stayed on while the ride leveled out?
  4. Learning to ride on snow and ice is somewhat fun; I can't pretend this is my Christmas present all year. Though this device somewhat corrects depressive moods.
  5. I was wondering because they should be legal in China.
  6. true, the pain and awareness of having the wind knocked out of me, happened on a mt bike, yet I never really crashed on an euc. I have kind of crashed and rolled on euc, yet broken collar bones and over the cliff things always happened on bicycles. I ride euc fairly cautiously, yet , have always had my worst accidents on bikes.
  7. yes , and even more to know when we survive and watch, kinda spiritual
  8. loaded into this topic for me is the risk of riding and euc, I am risking life and limb, that is part of the thrill of riding. And I consider how the opposite balance helps me feel more normal.
  9. For me it's for fun like a merry go round and a trapeze it's a social high and a physical high, a personal statement about technology, why you ride ?
  10. I was reading about problems with the original V10F pedals. They cracked and the rubber was too slippery. Has anyone had a problem with the upgraded pedals?
  11. .U need something to practice ur skills on, that's not going to feed u to the god of Asphalt. yea, that's the thing, must fear the god of asspfalut
  12. The people who share on this forum are so rare, and the information is extremely important. There's just not much information out there about EUC's. In a way I suspect us consumers are not the primary target market for these devices, rather, Chinese Carnivals or something that an entity might keep around for those special times. That being said, I am really pleased with my Inmotion V10F. It provides me with a great deal of happiness, which is the vision of Inmotion as a company. I bought a used King Song 14D on ebay to learn on, however, the Inmotion is a far superior product. I would hav
  13. My favorite ones so far are from children, "Daddy, can I have one?" and "He's got a flying carpet" People will exclaim, "Awesome!" and "Cool!" a lot. It's a lot of attention. When I had the 14D a group of college guys just started laughing at me as I rode by. I think they were high though. Now that I have the 10F young adults say, "That's bad ass!" It's a lot of attention, maybe too much, and now I notice automobiles just stepping on the gas to pass me up as if to somehow compete with me to prove they are faster. It's funny. I would rather have them competing with me than bein
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