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  1. Or perhaps the kid just knows the wheel as "the dangerous". I imagine the kid previously asked an adult "What is that?" and the adult replied. "It's dangerous". So now that's what the kid knows it as.
  2. I think if you buy the MTen3 you will likely want to upgrade within a week. If that's acceptable to you, then the MTen3 should be a great learning/easy to carry/quick travel wheel.
  3. I have about 400 miles on my V8F and I've never had a cutout. I push it to the limit on every ride, constantly riding at the top end. I like to race around this little park around my place and when I do I'm braking hard into turns and accelerating hard out of them. I'm a lightweight though so take that into consideration.
  4. So this worked and I'm able to activate the horn with a tap of the phone, however tapping on my Galaxy Watch only shows the horn icon and doesn't seem to actually do anything.
  5. It is known that this can happen at 100% charge. Was your battery fully charged?
  6. I have a smartphone. That's how I'm currently using EUC World on my Galaxy watch. It's the only way to use it. I was asking if he could decouple the phone from the watch -- eliminating the need for a phone altogether. Apparently that feature is not in the scope of the project.
  7. WebDev


    Just a short video of me cruising on my V8F
  8. @Seba I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if it would be possible to get the Galaxy Watch EUC World app decoupled from the phone app, thereby eliminating the need to carry a phone. Isn't it possible for the watch to connect directly to the wheel? I know this would involve some more work on your end (converting Java to C), but if you could make that happen that would be stellar!
  9. I do full-stack Web application development.
  10. This was the primary reason I chose a V8F over a V10F. I knew when I bought my first wheel that I would likely buy another one in the future with more speed and range. The V8F and V10F both looked to be great models get started riding on--with some room to grow. Now I plan to buy the V11 next, and it just makes more sense to me to have a V8F + a V11 rather than a V10F + V11. As already mentioned, the V8F is compact, light, nimble, and has great acceleration. It's a fun wheel and great for executing tricky maneuvers if you're into that. It's easy to throw in the back of the car for those "just in case" moments. You probably can't go wrong with either, but those are my thoughts on the subject. Oh and the handle on the V8F is much slicker than the V10F's, which looks more like an afterthought.
  11. I picked up a used Galaxy 46mm for less than $150. I can't imagine the InMotion watch being much cheaper. Maybe a bit. I never felt the desire for a smartwatch either, but once you actually get one you might change your mind. I did. It's just so convenient. The ability to interact directly without needing to interface with the phone would be a plus, but I think most people are going to carry their phone with them anyway. You can have the phone screen turned off and still get all the updates on the watch with EUC World. Just some food for thought.
  12. I would suggest getting a Samsung Galaxy or a Pebble. The Galaxy works great with EUC World and because it's a Galaxy, it offers so much more. It sounds like Inmotion is using their own watch OS so I don't imagine there will be much going for it other than it being able to run their app.
  13. There's More range and perhaps a higher top speed. There are two wheels coming out. An enhanced V11 (V11F) and another unnamed wheel that's 100V & no suspension.
  14. So is no one going to mention that the V11F was brought up in TheBlackCobra's live interview with Liam? It sounds like it will be their next release, out early next year.
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