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  1. Hey guys, I'm hoping I could get some clarity in consulting some more knowledgeable, passionate EUC riders. After the whole 16x locking debacle happened I returned it and started researching what else to get. I consulted many great people with lots of experience but I'm still indecisive. Option 1. Inmotion V10f - to own at least for a year and a half for around 1100 EU. The primary use case is commuting around town so I doubt I'll regret it. I can also sell it for at least half the money in 1.5yrs so In my mind it seems like the cheapest, most versatile option except the obvious if pushed ~30km range. After selling it my thinking is V11 if it's polished by then. ( EDIT: It also has a new motherboard, tire, firmware and new pedals with the latest batch.) Option 2. Nikola+. Obviously if going this route I'm not planning on changing it at all for the foreseeable future. But the motor is older and overall albeit a proven wheel at this point I'm more inclined to get a V11 when polished. Option 3.??? I'll be happy if anyone else can either confirm my thinking about the v10f or perhaps even give me a better idea.
  2. I'm happy we got somewhere by voicing this at least. I was refunded in full by @Antec and now hopefully he'll get it unlocked since he bought his 16x in May. Not sure how to feel about the announcement though, seems like it was purely due to pressure and it changes little to nothing for the actual issue at hand. Unfortunate...
  3. Thank you for the info! My wheel was bought from a private entity who bought it from Aliexpress. I'm in the process of returning the wheel as I was lucky enough that the person that I bought it from happened to be an incredibly decent human being. It takes one look at the Facebook groups to see that people complain about locked wheels and it seems to be just beginning. Unfortunate for Kingsong, as this will only hurt them IMO. I'm going to order a V11.
  4. I'm not sure if you are misunderstanding something here. Did you read this? : I researched the heck out of the Kingsong 16x before making a purchase. Never, not even once did I come across someone saying that you will not be able to use a wheel bought from anywhere else other than your region. There were posts about locked wheels but the general consensus IN ALL of them was that there is a solution and that was EUC World or the iOS darknessbot app. In my case, EUC World did not work but another app did. As long as I don't connect it to the internet and/or my GPS signal it does not keep on locking the wheel. In the end, I made the post before I managed to unlock it. The reason for the posts is to bring awareness because this is a niche market. Many newcomers come in and no one is obliged to read every post on everything EUC related before making their decision. In the EU the prices are way higher than in the US. Many people might feel like buying through sites such as AliExpress. In my case, I saw a good opportunity in a UK seller that had this wheel still in the box because he bought another one while waiting for this one. Now please go to my original post and read it again. Where is the warning " extraordinarily broad" except for the title? Go back and read my post. The simpler it is the better chance people will see it and think twice before buying their products from you know where at this point. Lastly address me personally and try to be respectful even in writing. It is the grown-up thing to do is it not? You seem kind of ticked off? Maybe try some yoga or meditation it helps.
  5. That's all fine and well everyone is free to make their judgement and purchase from wherever they want. In this case (my 16x was bought from a UK guy) the person that bought the wheel from AliExpress bought it from a very very reputable AliExpress store and the wheel is absolutely the same as a new wheel sold in EU or US. For KingSong to completely disable a wheel just because it was sold by an "unauthorized" source is complete crazy town territory. The only thing that can happen is them losing more customers than their margins taking a hit just because some people decided to take a risk with an aliexpress listing and wait a whole month or two for the thing to arrive if it even arrives in the first place. Instead of punishing potentially unsuspecting end consumers like me, they should sort their contracts with the aliexpress store owners IMO. Obviously, I have no idea how that works or if it even can work but ethically locking a perfectly functional product does not stand right with me.
  6. 16x, I didn't try registering but the Tuner app worked when offline. If I keep it online however it locks it until I delete all the data and cache of the app in about 10 min. Forgive me if I seem incompetent but what difference does it make if I use data as opposed to wifi?
  7. I set it up again with no internet connection and it worked again which means they didn't necessarily target me at all. It was automatic. I even managed to upgrade the firmware to 2.02. It sounds like their servers are incredibly slow to respond ~10mins. Hopefully this gives me a usable wheel.
  8. The Kingsong app is uninstalled long ago. Softtuner got nuked. It worked, activated the wheel and then 10 min later they made it lock again and SoftTuner gives me a message "This wheel has been locked please contact etc". EUC World does not support this motherboard or something... It doesn't work. I'm lost for words. I feel like this is targetted harassment at this point since they saw I activated it and remotely terminated it all over again due to my posts probably..
  9. Update* I managed to unlock it with an app called SoftTuner Kingsong, I finally saw it come alive. I wrote the serial number as a password and it worked. 10 min later they nuked it directly from China...... I'm sick. It is completely locked and unusable again.
  10. Yea, well he said he will refund me when he receives it back so there's that. He is willing to help out since he had no idea about it in the first place. He just unboxed it to take pictures and see if it turns on but did not try to unlock it with any app. The money lost is for attention really so people are attracted and see this problem so we increase the chances for new people to see this before getting a go at it. I really read a lot about the wheel believe it or not before I decided on it. Definitely did not reach their official facebook statements or anything but I did research quite a bit about it albeit mainly on youtube. General consensus on 16x is that it's pretty good and pretty solid overall so I was stocked to try it out and I bought it. After realising this might be a big issue I researched and I saw several posts saying that NO WORRIES GUYS YOU CAN JUST UNLOCK WITH THIS OTHER APP. Well that didn't work for me so even if I did see a post saying that they lock wheels bought in China I would have thought I can unlock it with EUC world instead. As you can tell from the conversation I had with Kingsong International it is not their servers. I tried the newest apk. EUC World does not support the newest motherboard from what I read. And yes it doesn't work too. I am yet to try that as a last resort. Thank you for the suggestion!
  11. Hey mate, it was brand new. He was waiting for it for months before he got impatient and got another wheel and this one was surplus to him. I bought it since he also had a body armour included and it was a full package for 400 euro less than buying from a EU retailer. It was to save money but at the same time I had no idea that the wheel can be perma-locked just because it was purchased from aliexpress.
  12. According to my discusions with the official KS profile in Facebook they say they will not help me out because it was bought from Aliexpress apparently. The problem I have with that is that for new people getting into it just like me it is extremely hard to anticipate something like this if you don't get lucky and see a post like mine before going for it. That's why I'm spreading awareness as much as possible. Do I want to hurt their sales? Maybe because I'm pissed but mostly I just want for people to dodge a bullet unlike me.
  13. Thank you! I bought it from someone in the UK who bought it from Wheels Riders store in Aliexpress. He is currently in talks with them to see what we can do. Hopefully they can sort him for his money and he can refund me too.
  14. Hey guys, I was supposed to be enjoying my time learning how to ride but unfortunately Kingsong has prevented me from doing so. I have tried EUC World but it just says it's unsupported after connecting and prompts me for a password. Tried the serial and variations of it as a password but it never worked. The only thing I haven't tried is a VPN but my bluetooth address is already attached to the serial of the wheel so I'm not sure if that's gonna work out. Consider yourselves warned. Do not buy KINGSONG products from China resellers like AliExpress or similar or you will not get them unlocked. I never found out about this until I installed their app and it said it's perma-locked.
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