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  1. 우와... 이제 한국 브랜드도 있군요... 캐나다 밴쿠버인데 언제 기회가 되면 한번 타보고 싶네요... @.@ Translation via Google Translate: Wow... Now, there are Korean brands too... It's Vancouver, Canada, but when I get the chance, I want to try it... @.@ MOD NOTE: Please post in English.
  2. Hi fella euc'ers, I'm having a heck of time connecting my wheel to the app. Having tried the stock inmotion app, euc world and wheellog but none of the apps are able to maintain connection. They would all connect for a little while and the moment that I start to ride the connection drops and I'm not able to connect again before shutting the wheel off and restarting apps... Can any of you help with this? I've allowed all permissions, location settings are all on and everything.. TIA!
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