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  1. Just got my V11 today and the new pump is worse than the one I've been seeing in all of the YouTube videos (the silver one). This one bleeds off too much as you unscrew it from the valve. And...the black end unscrews from itself and not just the valve. Yep, not real happy at all with this pump. It's a piece of crap. I will have to get something that really works. I hope everything else is better than this pump.
  2. Very nice! Do they feel pretty solid on the V11 or do you think you will have to get some better adhesive?
  3. Thank you for your review on those two items - I'm sold! Going to eWheels to buy the pedals and pads.
  4. Oops, sorry about that. Will do! They just created a FedEx label for my V11! Can't wait! It has been almost 4 months.
  5. How do you like those Inmotion honeycomb pedals over the stock pedals? Are they worth spending the money?
  6. What hex pedals are you referring to? Is that the honeycomb pedals that eWheels is offering? If so, I was wondering about how well those work too. I agree on not being too locked into the wheel, that's for sure, especially if you need to get off of it quick for some reason. I'm just glad the FlyPads weren't that expensive. Thanks for your input and feedback on all of this, it is much appreciated!
  7. Excellent! Jason told me they are about 3 weeks out on a slow boat from China. More waiting... I would definitely like to know your thoughts when you finally get them in. I want to know if the Hulaj V11 FlyPads or the Inmotion Pads will end up working better, if my V11 ever gets here. In the end, I guess I will have to get both and try both to truly know.
  8. I'm still waiting on my V11 from eWheels. I'm hoping it will ship this week. It has been a long wait..... eWheels now has those pads for the V11. I'm wondering which would work best, the Hulaj V11 FlyPads (but they're not actually pads) or the V11 pads.
  9. Oh cool! I guess the US dollar is worth more in Poland. It's nice to not have to spend a bundle on these accessories. I went back again to find some other items that weren't there when ordered what you saw in this post. I now have those lower bumpers on order as well. Heck! I should've bought a back up pair.
  10. Just got my Hulaj FlyPads, front headlight guard, air intake for my upcoming V11!!! I first saw these on these on Wrong Way's, Adam's YoutTube channel. I ordered them afterward. It took about 3 weeks for my order to get to me here in Montana. Hulaj!!!
  11. Oh wow. That's great! Thanks for the information. Happy gliding! Can't wait until my V11 gets here!
  12. Thanks for your post. I just turned 50 and ride a KS 16X, and I'm waiting on my V11 to get to and leave ewheels (it's in port, at least). I was curious about how much battery you have left at the end of your 16 mile commute? How are you riding it (fast/slow/med)? What do you weigh? Thanks!
  13. Hello EUC brothers and sisters! I have a slightly used King Song 16X with only 275+ miles on it. What a joy it has been to ride! I have all of the pictures (without armor padding and with) posted here. Just too many to post here. I started on an MTen3 and moved to my KS 16X after a couple of weeks. Both were purchased from eWheels.com. I did have some low speed falls when I first began on the 16X (it happens), and it did cause some scratches. Later, I used my high-density EVA foam (from cosplay) to armor the 16X body, just in case of a fall. I also made templates for each section, wh
  14. Here is what I did for my 16X, and it works great! It's high density EVA foam cut out to match the panels with some 3M double-sided tape. It looks way better than a lot of the things I've seen others use and it's way tougher!
  15. Thank so much for your help with that meepmeepmayer! It all makes sense now. Glad to be here and a part of this community. Lots a great folks, to be sure! ; )
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