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  1. Scope these for a starting point perhaps...
  2. I like the way you're thinking amigo. I already have.
  3. You have a point. Unfortunately I didn't realize this until after I purchased it, but good point and looking out for the EUC community. Perhaps I should just toss a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a small power supply hidden tucked away that is always calling out on the nearest open WiFi for me to connect to remotely. I can always just remotely open Google Maps in a browser to see where Nyx is.
  4. Most vehicles (boats, planes, cars, motorcycles, etc.), firearms, and other dangerously exhilarating items tend to have female names. Not a tradition I started, just observed and can relate too. Example: "I wanna name her Dottie, after my wife. She's a vicious lifesuckin' b*tch from which there's no escape." Now, I didn't write that script... but I get it.
  5. If only looking for the casual Jeans look, perhaps these may work. If interested in D3O material, my wife and I are currently scoping this type of gear as well.
  6. Sorry I didn't provide you you with ample specificity. Gracias for the recommendations.
  7. Everything that I'm acquiring at this point is intended for potential use away from civilization. If that's what the kids are calling this heap.
  8. Point taken. Did anyone else wax philosophic on the video is discussing a means of discovering new materials, and the one being discussed as a superconductor at room temperature is just an example of this discovery of a new means of material production. Obvious implications are obvious.
  9. My bad. You're right. I shouldn't have assumed "New material science fabrication process" was descriptive in what data I was implying may be imparted upon the viewer. Is someone missing a support dolphin up in here? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot folks.
  10. I was contemplating getting this battery for my backpack, with this solar charger array.
  11. So, no one is familiar with 21700s, 26650s, etc? As for the solid state batteries you are eluding too, you are correct in that perhaps consumers are going to just hold off on their false sense of entitlement to the next thing swinging, unless they choose to become electrical engineers themselves. I couldn't agree more with the desire for modularity, etc. in this new platform. Capitalists call that an "Opportunity".
  12. The number of uses for superconductors is varied, well established, and lengthy. Now superconductivity at room temperature... that is a completely different story. It will only extend upon the existing base of viability for consumer utilization of the benefits of this technology.
  13. I didn't assert Graphene was mentioned in the video. I asserted "Graphene in mass production could absolve this issue just as readily." as a means of equivalence to another material suffering from the same technological gap currently. If this was off topic, or posted in the wrong portion of the forum, my apologies. I just kind of assumed the "Electric" portion of EUC made this relevant. Perhaps I have an abridged Dictionary.
  14. Graphene in mass production could absolve this issue just as readily. Same problem, correct? The ability to mass fabricate the substrate. The difference being, liquid nitrogen is a no go for consumers (as it should be). It is relatively simplistic to scale up and out on this type of innovation. Due too the one off in production, as opposed to the ongoing need to replenish a resource one shouldn't have access too in the first place, I would assert in this regard we're comparing apples and oranges. Re: the interviewer: I know, right?
  15. Scope this, as it is a game changer in various verticals. They aren't discussing Graphene (of which I'm a fan).
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