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  1. How is your skills now? I'm a bigger man than you - 6.3ft and 264.5lbs. I've bought 1.5 week ago first EUC - V10F, so we made similar decision. Don't give up man! I have big problems with my riding but I'm fighting. I know that you wrote this post at March, so probably you're riding very well now. I've just started. Couple years before I was very active person and had about 44lbs less then now. In last years my physical activity was piece of nothing. Now I know that I must make my legs stronger and work about balancing. I have similar problem - too low speed. I put 40 PSI to my tire and I'm just thinking which pad sensitivity choose, default was 100%, now I'm trying to 0 and default angle of pads +3 degree. Someone needs really 30minutes and other people weeks of hard works - it's nothing bad. I think the demons that I'm fighting with are smaller everyday. Of course - I have some "bad days" (like today) where I feel like "I can't", but the rest between trainings is very important too. This evening I go to train very frustrated and this wasn't a good idea. I don't myself hurt because I try to protect myself but this could be issue too - Too many jump out from a wheel, probably if I longer stay on the EUC - the learning will be shorter. I don't give a F about scratches but a little to much give a F about my health. Best regards!
  2. I'm still learning. Bought V10F one week ago, I had some time with expirienced friend. I understand how it works, still have some problems with driving, but no problem to jump on or getting right/left. I'm very tall and heavy - 192cm and about 120kg. I'm very motivated to learn it. I saw there are some people that have learned for months and some after 30minutes or 1hour. So as I see - there is no rule. About two days ago some friend od facebook local EUC group puts video with girl that was dancing Macarena on EUC after 30minutes of riding. I had just 3 tranings, weekend was on wedding etc. so I'm just back to life.
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