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  1. Nice. Thank you! Was trying keywords like 'Tesla' and 'electric vehicle' in my searches but that post didn't have those. Maybe this thread will help someone else in the future.
  2. Hello there I was just looking for an app to find publicly exposed outlets to charge my EUC if I'm ever out and about and desperately in need of power. I don't intend on ever needing them, but in my search I came across an app for finding those electric vehicle charging stations. Is there a way to connect an adapter of some sort and charge our electric unicycles?
  3. I could totally get into 3D printing, but it's just such an expensive hobby and unfortunately I don't have any idea how to make or tweak models that would lead to printing. If you have any recommendations on tutorials to create models though I would certainly explore that stuff!
  4. I emailed them back in January and they responded that they have two MakerGear M3 printers in the MakerSapce and 'several other printers' for their 3D printing service. They have (probably had now since COVID) a Maker Monday demo on Mondays and then people can just use the printers whenever they are free. Guy said no registration is needed. Anyways, this is in Cleveland if my Location hasn't already indicated that to those that are curious. I've been trying to decide on some stuff I'd like printed, because I haven't used the service at all. I really want to try it out but when it comes do
  5. For anyone that doesn't know this - check your local library to see if they have a 3D printer and will print things for you for the cost of the plastic. I'm lucky enough to have one just down the street. It prevented me from impulsively buying a 3D printer..... for now at least.
  6. @Steef Klonoa Hey man, any update on your state? I see your still on the forums and that's good to hear. Just wanted to see if you made a full recovery.
  7. Bummer. I'm seeing this issue now too. Did you happen to figure it out?
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