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  1. Following the instructions on Harishmirrors post, I just did the upgrade to MRN76 Lite firmware. I first downloaded the NinetoolBeta app for an Android phone, connected and it got the necessary info from my minipro. Then I sent the info to MRN76 by email and very soon after he sent details for a PayPal payment. After I reported to him that I made the payment, he unlocked the Lite firmware in my app. Update went smoothly, all in all took just two minutes. Now the minipro behaves like it always should have. I think it’s very much like how FreeRide described the swallowbot firmware. Top speed I got (according to the DarknessBot app) was a bit over 24 km/h and a subtle pushback and short beep comes up at around 22 to 24 km/h. So, with MRN76 the service was fast and good, and in my opinion the firmware gives a sense of freedom and fun with less beeping, while still feeling safe. I just can’t understand why Ninebot didn’t make the settings like this originally, but anyway it’s good that at least now it’s possible to enjoy the minipro through these firmware updates.
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