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  1. Anyone having anymore issues with tours not reporting correctly? My last tour was cut in half for some reason and my ride before that just never showed up on euc.world at all even though the log data is there. I'm a premium member also.
  2. Love my 16X. I should hit 1000 miles on it pretty soon here, all since late last summer. I think it's a great wheel and far enough in it's lifecycle that they've ironed out any early issues. I haven't had any problems with it at all. I'm 6'2 and 215-220lbs geared up and keep it under 42km/h (25-26mph max).
  3. Yeah, I'm more than happy to invest in my safety so I'm not worried about the $700+refills, I would just love to know how I would react if it gave me a false deployment while riding. I keep my min safety margin on the 16x at least at 20% and I've ridden 1000+km incident free now (but I know the clock is ticking for all of us in this hobby). I really would like to find an answer for these severe shoulder injuries our wheels can cause, this vest could be it. This guy has a pretty strong reaction to his false deployment though, lol...imagine that while you're riding an euc on a curve
  4. Yeah, I took the visor off my Super DH as well since I don't ride offroad much. This impact video shows how the Bell extended chin bar is designed to flex and absorb a lot of force while still keeping it away from your mouth/teeth, assuming direct impact:
  5. I see the max temp was 147F, any chance that had an effect? My 16X has hit 140F/60C a couple of times recently when I've been riding it aggressively for too long of a stretch on somewhat hot days. Surprised it cut out on you, doesn't look like you did anything wrong there. I weigh around 215lb/98kg and keep it under 40km/h with a min safety margin of 20% usually on my rides per euc.world
  6. This is true. Didn't realize you had one too. How's your experience been with it?
  7. I would love to get this but I can't go by one anecdotal EUC review when I see something like this: https://advrider.com/f/threads/alpinestars-airbag-false-deployment-warning.1477444/ Below is Alpinestars response to a false deployment where they themselves state it's not for non-motorcycling use: All that being said, I'm more than happy to look into this again if and when we have more EUC data. Hopefully @shellac can be another data point before long.
  8. That's a concerning review on revzilla "It works...... Love having this vest, if you question if it will deploy I've got a story for you. A friend ( didn't know I was wearing the vest) gave me a bro hug accompanied with a back slap. Guess what, the vest deployed; at least I know it works and at a high level at that. Confused, happy and pissed all within 5 minutes." Reading another review from November about a false deployment, that's not good. I really wonder if this might not cause me to get into an accident if it can go off at the wrong time over some bumps.
  9. I thought about something like this when I first started riding but it was a full suit. Just saw that Black Cobra has 5-6 months of rehab on his shoulder, $700 seems like a small price to pay for insurance if it can help avoid something catastrophic like that. Will look more into them, thanks.
  10. Yup, point taken and Uni's post was informative as well. Guess I'm just gonna just have to see how the V12 feels to me. For science, of course.
  11. Since this is the 16X motor but wound for speed, think there's a noticeable difference in acceleration vs the 16X? That's one of my favorite things about my wheel...then again, it's bittersweet to hit 40km/h so fast (where I have the beeps set at for my size).
  12. Welcome to the forum! I had this exact question when first starting: ...and as these guys said, just takes a little time to feel out what works best for you. Being relaxed and trusting the wheel makes all the difference. I had some foot cramps until I found a pair of shoes that helped too. One of the videos that really helped me after I had been riding for a few weeks was this one from U-Stride. I like to keep my right leg/foot close to the wheel (almost leaning into the top of the wheel) while my left foot is further out on the pedal. And they are offset as well...all of that see
  13. Yup, this design has already grown on me quite a bit in just a couple weeks and to everyone else that sees you riding, most of these wheels all look the same (good or bad).
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