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  1. Very good points @Ubute without photos or videos, we tend to picture a story in places we are familiar with. His follow up post provided more details about the surrounding traffic that painted it to be more similar to some hectic locations I've been to like New Delhi or Mexico City, I can't imagine trying to ride a EUC there as a car was scary enough. I think the few people calling him a troll/liar should stop, just ignore the thread if you don't believe him. You're not winning any awards pretending to be Columbo and instead, just making yourselves look really bad imo.
  2. @Seba or anyone else that would know...maybe a dumb question but is there a way of reading the logs for King Song wheels that shows how close you come to the 100% power output during a ride? Similar to this helpful graph that inmotion added in this post below where they have a line with power that goes up to 100%. Are they going with an equation using voltage and amp draw to get that power line? <edit: Looking at the Anatomy of an Overlean post and the link to a 16X post there, it looks like the inverter load column is the one to go by maybe? I don't see that on the log but I do see sa
  3. Unless I missed something recent, 16X is not the wheel to buy if you want to ride in the rain. That was my understanding when I bought it at least...has anyone heard (or experienced) different?
  4. Have to admit that I do tend to want to go for very long rides after I've gone through the trouble of gearing up...then again, being new to riding, I might want to make an adventure of it everytime either way. I just try to remind myself that it's 5 minutes of extra "work" with the kneeguards, wristguards & body "armor" to save some possible road rash (or worse). I do feel a little conspicuous in my body armor so I like to wear an extra baggy hoodie over it in the cooler weather.
  5. I did find the post title very odd and waiting to mention the fatality until almost the end but I wrote that off as someone that doesn't speak english as their first language (?). I don't really know...no one can say anything for certain, except the OP.
  6. Very sad story, sorry. That's such a freak accident with a terrible outcome, especially since you were going slow. Same as George, I'm a new rider but I basically go walking speed as I approach anyone walking on a path. Cyclists and pedestrians have shared the same paths for many years before EUCs were ever around. I figure if I'm going much slower than a bike, that should be safe enough. Side benefit is after passing by, it gives me another reason to quickly accelerate from almost 0 which is one of my favorite parts of riding (vs riding at high speed). Even so, if someone just sidestepp
  7. This link work? That's the one I saved: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000139012385.html
  8. That video above and your & other forum users' input were a big reason I went with the 16X when I was trying to pick between 16X and Nik+ a couple mos ago. I picked the 16X because of my lower top speeds and haven't regretted my choice, it's been great for me but I'm awfully tempted to check out the Nik+ with the 2660Wh battery next spring (if I don't have my heart set on suspension with the V11), that range sounds amazing. I've been getting about 50-60km with the 16X with my 100kg riding weight which has been nice but would love just a bit more as I really like to explore. I think I know
  9. Ouch, that sucks...hope you have a quick recovery. Chores are evil, 600+ km on my 16X incident free since Sept and then I go and I tear my rhomboid trying to dump too many leaves off a tarp this past weekend, go figure something so boring does us in.
  10. That's brilliant...love it! Also, anyone know why the term "eWheel" wasn't used for these? Too...generic? Can't think of a more fitting name for an electric wheel.
  11. I've had a few seconds here and there where I completely forget I'm on the wheel and I just feel like I'm floating along when I'm on fresh pavement. Unfortunately I take myself out of that the second I realize I'm still on the wheel. Loving the journey though, this has done wonders for getting me outside before winter hits, so glad I didn't wait until next year to start riding.
  12. Playing around with some slow shutter & the 16X
  13. Ouch, sorry to hear about the last fall, glad you're ok though (for the most part). I've just been riding a little over a month but I don't remember any issues like you're describing with my 16X...fortunately I don't have the hills you probably do in SF, that's gotta be a little tricky for learning. Definitely check the Wheel Settings->Alarms/Tiltback page under Settings in the euc world app while your wheel is turned on but not moving. I do remember adjusting some stuff early on like the alarm which was at 18kph (and probably tiltback). Recommend double checking the settings after try
  14. Kuji Rolls and his Sherman video got me hooked thanks to the Youtube algorithm that had it on my main page. Before that, the closest I had seen to a EUC was the Segway Ninebot and Onewheels, I had no idea EUCs existed. I see his video is up to 2 million views now, wonder how many other new riders have that to credit for their first wheel. After that, an online friend told me they had been riding EUCs since 2015 so I started to actually consider it for myself. I kept watching videos and subscribed to as many riders as I could until putting my order in a few weeks later. EUC or electric un
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