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  1. That's brilliant...love it! Also, anyone know why the term "eWheel" wasn't used for these? Too...generic? Can't think of a more fitting name for an electric wheel.
  2. I've had a few seconds here and there where I completely forget I'm on the wheel and I just feel like I'm floating along when I'm on fresh pavement. Unfortunately I take myself out of that the second I realize I'm still on the wheel. Loving the journey though, this has done wonders for getting me outside before winter hits, so glad I didn't wait until next year to start riding.
  3. Playing around with some slow shutter & the 16X
  4. Ouch, sorry to hear about the last fall, glad you're ok though (for the most part). I've just been riding a little over a month but I don't remember any issues like you're describing with my 16X...fortunately I don't have the hills you probably do in SF, that's gotta be a little tricky for learning. Definitely check the Wheel Settings->Alarms/Tiltback page under Settings in the euc world app while your wheel is turned on but not moving. I do remember adjusting some stuff early on like the alarm which was at 18kph (and probably tiltback). Recommend double checking the settings after trying to save them, I seem to have to change my alarms one by one and sometimes it takes a few tries to actually register...not sure why that is. FWIW, I ride under Medium mode (vs Soft or Hard) and kept the first warning beeps at 28kph for the first few hundred km. I finally moved them up to 30kph on my last ride...trying my best not to speed on this thing but the pull to speed up is strong especially on smooth roads.
  5. Kuji Rolls and his Sherman video got me hooked thanks to the Youtube algorithm that had it on my main page. Before that, the closest I had seen to a EUC was the Segway Ninebot and Onewheels, I had no idea EUCs existed. I see his video is up to 2 million views now, wonder how many other new riders have that to credit for their first wheel. After that, an online friend told me they had been riding EUCs since 2015 so I started to actually consider it for myself. I kept watching videos and subscribed to as many riders as I could until putting my order in a few weeks later. EUC or electric unicycle is not the greatest name for these but seems too late now. Something like "eWheel" would be better for branding imo. Anyway, names aside, they are a blast to ride either way and searching EUC videos by most views on YT, guess I'm thankful I found Kuji's video and this wasn't my first introduction to them:
  6. That's a beauty! I could see having a lot of fun around here with that thing on the gravel roads where cars rarely travel. Those same roads have been really nice for the Ranger X2 but if you are travelling more on asphalt then your board looks like the winner with higher speed and range. Have fun
  7. Nice, I've been eyeing that sur ron bike from lunacycle for awhile now but the 16X and a Backfire Ranger X2 all terrain longboard got my money this summer. Maybe someday! Let us know what you think.
  8. Thanks a lot. I've read so many tire posts about the 16X but was still confused seeing as mine said 45-55 PSI on the H666, I thought it made a difference vs the other two tires commonly mentioned. Think I've been running 45-50...I'm going to try 37 PSI to start just to be safe on the rim even though I don't see any high (intentional) drops in my near future . ...and sorry to sidetrack, Wilson-YT!
  9. Wow....just curious, are you guys riding at that PSI for the tire that recommends 45-55 PSI on the sidewall or do you have a different tire on yours than mine? If it's the same, I knew people had their tires lower than the minimum but didn't realize that much lower. Should mention I'm probably closer to 215-220 lbs with gear.
  10. Thanks...wow, just found it...that's messed up!
  11. Ha, sounds like there's a story there....did that happen before? Ouch, really sorry to hear that...best of luck with the recovery
  12. Hahaha, that's great. Do the reactions ever get old? I swear, that's at least a quarter of the fun in riding, just watching people's double takes/stares as you ride by. Two drivers today followed me to ask what it was. One asked to take video because her son would want one and another rode up next to me and asked to video as I rode. She said I looked like a superhero on it..I proceeded to warn her I'm still new so don't be surprised if I mess up the mount with my legs being tired...luckily I pulled it off!
  13. I'm with you, would love the option to pay more now vs potentially paying much more later with medical bills & lost wages...unfortunately, probably needs to go more mainstream before a company can try that strategy out.
  14. I was just looking at that (or something similar) a couple days ago but it was supposed to go with a moto suit...didn't seem like anyone had used it before. Looks cool but I wasn't thrilled with the idea of sending it back for a $300 refill if/when it deployed. Let us know what you think though! Might be a cheap price to pay vs what it saves you from. Nice, thanks...I have some alpinestars shorts but ordered them in my pre-quarantine size so a cheap pair to fill in until I get back in shape is helpful. You put your Leatt right over the armored hoodie? I've got the long sleeve Fox pads, guess that wouldn't work.
  15. Maybe just me, but seems like even just for the peace of mind alone as a new rider you'd want to get a brand new one for £1660 on speedyfeet https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/products/kingsong-ks18xl-electric-unicycle
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