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  1. Yes, everything I've read/heard says to remove the visor for that reason. They are for DH/trail riding to keep branches away from your face.
  2. This is super helpful, thank you!
  3. I'm envisioning a future opportunity for at least one person in each country to make some side money by being a V11 tire change specialist...maybe? Ship your V11 in, swap out tires, ship back out.
  4. Yikes! What a shot....glad you're ok, head looked like it bounced off the sidewalk, hat must have cushioned it just enough.
  5. Funny, I just did this exact order combo yesterday, figure I can play with the mten3 while I wait on the V11. Drooping pedals doesn't sound good. Can I ask your apprx weight? I'm about 200 lbs but no plans on taking the mten to a skate park, I'll be happy just to learn how to ride by the time the V11 shows up.
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