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  1. Most likely need a replacement battery
  2. No worries @chirull, I appreciate the help you did offer. I found a post on another forum about an es3 battery with a red blinking light and was led to believe that the bcm in the battery may have been damaged during a fall. I ordered a replacement battery from eBay for $40 that will be here later in the week. Will keep you posted!
  3. Not quite sure about the protection circuitry being tried and what not but the light on the charger box does stay a solid green and from my understanding, that does mean that it is working correctly however the battery is not actually taking a charge. When I rode it out of the store to my car the display registered the battery at 100% charge. This is the exact multimeter I bought for this project. https://www.harborfreight.com/7-function-digital-multimeter-63759.html Can you provide more exact instructions for me?
  4. Any mechanics available to help with power issue? I just bought one of these from a liquidation depot for $150. I was told that there was a power issue but was able to successfully ride it at 8 mph with no issue before purchase. I loaded it into my car and drove 5 miles to my house. Once I opened the trunk I noticed that it was still on. After pulling it out there was 2 low beeps and it powered off. No problems, it happened once when I first tried to ride it but was able to get it working after wiggling the handle post a little. The problem is that it hasn't turned back on since then. Help please? Update: So i didn't give up and this morning it was calling my name while the girls were asleep. So long story short I was able to get the controller board and battery out of the post. The battery came out first completely sepated from the controller board. Ok this connects to that and I connected the two connections. When I pressed the power button I had a short moment of happiness as the display lit up and then quickly went out again. I've secured all of the connections and double checked them but I can not for the life of me get this thing to fire up again. I have a multimeter, although I don't really know how to use it. Is there anyone still active on these boards that can help me get this awesome scooter back to life or to determine if I need a new circuit board? My dog Jazz and I thank you in advance!
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