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  1. don't forget jumping. every new EUC rider should be jumping off ramps within the first three hours
  2. I'd also like to see your photos, I have Clark pads for the V11 but I'm still waiting on my wheel to ship. Would like to see your placement.
  3. The way I see it, a new thread can be made if someone has a V11 topic and they want focused, direct discussion about that subject. This thread serves well as a spot to talk about V11 things that don't need their own thread. For instance, DarknessBot is about to get V11 support! https://www.instagram.com/p/CG2af8KM-lQ/ EDIT: My mistake, this update is already live!
  4. Don't be afraid to reach out and contact them. I ordered from eWheels, but I've been asking for updates myself semi-frequently. I get mine next week, most likely. Ordered July 21st.
  5. Yes, it is. Totally forgot to list that, gonna add it to the OP
  6. My V11 will be here sometime next week, and something I hadn't seen yet was some kind of logging for everyone's preferred PSI for the suspension chambers on the V11. While Inmotion has their recommended values, I know a lot of folks have had to tinker with different pressures to find what offers the best ride for them. If you ride a V11, what's your positive/negative chamber PSI, your weight (w/ full gear), tire pressure, and what conditions are you riding in? On or off-road? I might make some kind of a spreadsheet to sort this info when I get the time, but I'd love to hear what you guys have found has made for the best experience on the V11.
  7. 3A. I got that info by asking them directly with a support ticket alongside another issue I was having, it wasn't a notice. Always feel like I'm nagging them but they're always cool about it I think they said another notice will go out this weekend?
  8. eWheels Batch 3 V11 owners rejoice. we're almost a week out!
  9. Ahaha, it’s all good. I appreciate all of the help. I’m gonna take it to a bike shop on Wednesday and hope I can convince them to help despite it being motorized.
  10. Welp... I tried it. The wire for this tire’s bead is right at the edge. I don’t think I can cut any further than this, and all I did was effectively bald it. Don’t know if this was the best idea. Hopefully this won’t cause any more problems... EDIT: yeah, that did pretty much nothing. The good news is is that it doesn’t feel LESS stable... Gonna take it apart sometime this week I guess. Back to square one. Fuck.
  11. I'll try it after I wake up then. Do you know where the bead core wire is located? Is it more towards the inside of the tire or the outside? And I guess my last question is... is the tire screwed if I slice it by accident? I'm guessing yes.
  12. Ooh, I thought of this! But I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not. You think it’s doable? Would it be safe? I’ve been enduring a bumpy ride after I hit a wall with making progress (without fully taking it apart again), but I might try this tomorrow... it’s just a more nuclear option. Could be bad if I fuck it up.
  13. Are there other brands for EUC tubes? I have only bought from eWheels and they only have the one kind of 16x3 tube. I have one other inner tube that I bought in case I popped this one. Maybe that one won't have this issue..? They're all the same type as the tube that was originally in the stock tire prior to the change. Thinking I might take it all over to a bike shop and see if they'll offer their service to help balance it, too.
  14. Did a little inspection of the valve stem area. Now I’m certain this is the core issue, but I have no idea what do about it... The valve stem & hole are positioned in such a way that it’s blocking the bead from going all the way in like it needs to. There is a little bit of space behind the valve stem that it could maybe occupy if I could manage to angle the stem into the valve hole differently, but I had a hard time getting the valve stem in as it is. I don’t know how much differently I could do it. Also, ALL of my air pumping instruments require the stem to be lifted a bit in order to pump as they’re too thick to fit in the valley of the rim (including my extenders!), so I wonder if the manipulation of the valve stem could be affecting the seating process. By lifting it I usually am pushing it a bit inwards, I think. After messing with the valve, I just attempted soapy reseat #2, and the bead line looks the best it has but it’s still not perfect. About to take it for a test run. EDIT: It looked good, it does NOT feel good. I’m getting so sick of this...
  15. Mostly, haha. I will try to mess with that a bit tomorrow, I've retired for the night. Oh, you KNOW I will be soaping that thing like my life depends on it. I don't know why I wasn't using any in the first place, frankly. Got the tip a few times and ignored it. And boy am I paying for it now hahaha Wish me luck tomorrow!
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