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  1. A few months ago, I was shown something in the EUC discord server. A full-face motorcycle helmet with a striking futuristic design and a rear-view camera & heads-up display. As someone who loves unique gadgets, I was super interested, but put off by the price point: it's around $1900 USD after tax. It's almost impossible to find proper reviews of this thing, it's almost like... no one has bought one? Lately I've been in need of a new helmet, and after finding a storefront that would allow me to return it if I wasn't happy with it, I decided, what the hell, I'll take the plunge. O
  2. I wish that was true. Fresh out of the box, my wheel had a slight hop to it. Ignored it. 200+ miles later, it got worse. Today, I did the classic deflate -> massage -> ride at low psi for a bit -> inflate and it worked wonders. For most wheels with this issue, you can't just ignore it.
  3. What methods did you use to acheive this? Just deflating, massaging, and riding on low PSI before a full fill? This is kind of a dramatic improvement!
  4. Ough, this is kinda scary. Wonder if we should take some precautions to really lock the plugs in place?
  5. I've been lucky, I'm in the same batch as Fiori (with a Kenda knobby tire) and I haven't had any issues. I will be intensively checking my tire for signs of any issues, though
  6. Oh yeah, Kuji did have that happen to him, huh. I totally forgot. Wonder if it's specifically an issue with the street tire then? Incredibly off-topic but thank you @Fiori for posting that video in slow-mo, the sound of a Sherman no-loading in slow motion is something I genuinely want to incorporate into an ambient horror track now, hahaha
  7. God damn, what an amazing wheel. Blazing through some windy secluded backroads at 38mph was the first experience where I couldn't stop myself from shouting out loud like I was on a rollercoaster. Never have I felt so in control at a speed like that, the Sherman eats up road imperfections so easily. One of my biggest stresses on my Nikola is the wheel slipping out from under me when I lean to the side, I NEVER feel that on the Sherman. Love, love, love this wheel. @Fiori that's pretty crazy. Haven't heard of anything like that happening on any wheel for that matter. Maybe something
  8. the Big Boy is here. Got the velcro in place for the Clark Pads and went for a 12 mile ride today. Didn't manage to push the wheel past 34mph, but man, this thing is a beast. Barely put a dent in the battery with those 12 miles, came back home and was still above 85%. Another thing I was kind of taken aback by: this wheel is LOUD. The kenda tire SCREAMS when you get going. It's kinda sick, honestly. Very excited to ride more, wanna take it on a multi-town trip. My other wheels can't handle that distance roundtrip, this one definitely can!
  9. I get mine tomorrow. Was originally slated for Friday, but got bumped up 3 days! Hella excited. The low pedal clearance is my only concern with the wheel, mainly over turn radius/pedal scraping. I'm gonna try and get some Nylonove XL Sherman pedals w/ the adjustable angles to help counteract it. That plus the supposed extra 1cm should be a big help.
  10. How big was the rut? I've never had that happen before driving over really crummy pavement.
  11. I never followed up with how I fixed this for those who have a similar issue: the inner tube was the problem. Something about it was slightly too bulky near the valve stem. The bike/motorbike shops I took it to would not even touch the thing. I replaced the tube, completely re-did the tire change process, and it fixed everything. Nikola's perfect these days.
  12. I use Murland's studded plates exclusively. I've never had an issue stepping off or even adjusting my foot placement, and his plates have even more studs than the Nylonove/Hextech pedals. It might be dependent on your footwear? I ride with Vans Sk8-Hi shoes, which have the waffle style sole, so maybe that form limits how much I can actually be locked onto the wheels. I've crashed a few times with them and I never felt stuck to the wheel, per say. What happened to Rehab, exactly?
  13. Dang, this is almost exactly what happened to me! These faulty boards are way too common...
  14. Has Gotway mentioned any intent to improve their bearings so that this stops happening, or is their a higher quality aftermarket bearing you can buy for it? Also, is the wheel under warranty with eWheels or another retailer? Might make me more likely to buy so I could avoid doing the repair myself, it looks fairly cumbersome from the video I just found
  15. If you saw my other thread, I had a cut-out on my V11 from a 1 inch jump at around 10mph or less. I have the right to be distrusting of this wheel, haha. And 80km/h on an RS (recommended top speed is around 64km/h according to eWheels) is much different compared to a cut-out around 54km/h on the V11. I don't plan to push any wheel over the recommended top speed, but I'd like to get close to it without the fear of something like this happening. That's why I want another 100v wheel like my Nikola, not because I want to go 80km/h...
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