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  1. Hi, You have to dismantle the wheel completely, not just shels. Not so simple for newbies. I sent the wheel to local inmotion service and they fix it. (still under warranty) If the rubber is not damaged you don't need spare parts. Dont cut the rubber. As @Unventor said if rain happen could be a huge problem. You can use duck tape temporarily. But i recommend use your local inmotion service or find experienced v8 rider.
  2. thx i'll try pliers, i hope not to bend. And I have no idea too how that rod was bent.
  3. As a four-day v8f user, I cannot escape the misfortune, this time my tire has blown. I watched all v8f, v8 disassembly videos , I can't pull the two wires stuck. Any suggestion? https://imgur.com/a/r1luN7v I also had difficulty removing one of the pedal rods bent. https://imgur.com/a/1oribcs
  4. you right thx again, it was unlucky for fist exp : (
  5. Thx for advice. It is not tempting to send it to the service for this small-looking problem, i just bought it I wonder if I try to expand the gap a little bit, will I damage the case?
  6. Hi everybody It's been two days since I got my V8f. Its my first euc. I went to basketball field and tried my v8f. 2-3 times small soft drop. Then I noticed this strange rubber. I tried to push it a little bit but gave up when I saw that it was erosive to plastic. Any suggestion? Rubber
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