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  1. All ninebots shake a little, especially when ridden one-legged and slow. Depends on how old it is...
  2. Hey guys after 3000 km my ninebot started shaking stronger and more frequently... after it became almost unrideable, I opened it up to find this:
  3. Ninebot uses only 2 of the 4 pins... The other two are actually shorted/soldered together.. We had a similar problem (connector caught fire and melted)... We solved it by opening the ninebot, and cutting the cable from the charger socket. Then we connected the charger to the cable so the charger connected to the battery directly... only problem with this solution is that you need to remove the upper part of thr led-ring to get to the battery connector... And it is destructive, meaning you can not use a replacement charger when it arrives, as the cable from battery to the charging cable has been cut... but the "temporary" fix worked for my friend for 6 months and counting...
  4. Hello everybody Snow has started to fall in my country and yesterday i had my first fall caused by low friction... (nothing happened though, i jumped straight off) Now I am looking for winter tires with spikes for the ninebot one. I have checked all bike retailers and none of them could find a 16" tire with spikes. Now I have found one on the website of "Schwalbe" but they are only available in 16x1.2 (http://www.schwalbe.com/de/spike-reader/winter.html) But i think 1.2" is too narrow for the ninebot. On the other hand, i think 2.125" (like the original) with spikes will be too big. Does anyone know a supplier who can offer ninebot compatible tires for winter use? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I never had the 1.2.6, I'm still riding the 1.2.2. I am not really sure what broke the motherboard... I was riding on bike trails around Winterthur when i saw some pedestrians with dogs coming my way. I then went offroad onto the grass which was quite bumpy. After several meters on the grass, i just fell backwards and the motherboard was toast. It was my first ride with the new battery and i was using the E motherboard then. When i got the E+ motherboard as replacement everything worked fine again... But i don't get the *brrrrpip* sound anymore, it just stops working when I try to access full power...
  6. Yeah, that was me with my old motherboard... Unfortunately it burned through using the 388Wh battery from 1radwerkstatt... Now I am riding a new E+ motherboard and had to start over with 0km... ;-( In total riding distance i have just reached the 2500km mark. To get back to the subject of this thread: If anyone near Zurich or Winterthur is interested in riding together, i would be willing to offer my experience as a guide.
  7. May have been me... But i can not see your picture...
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