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  1. Good pointer to watch out for riding position. I bought a 400usd leather mc racing 'Xls' onesie on ebay, it's pretty good, looks cool and feels safe (as always I swap the crappy pads for d3o or equivalent) but it forces me to ride with a slight bend because of crotch tightness since they are meant for seated riding, obviously. It's quite ok while riding the v11, even improving my posture, but walking not so much...The Aerostitch doesn't have this issue? As I am in Europe I can't do fitting for the Aerostitch, so I am a little hesitant. They suggested a size based on my measurements, addin
  2. I was waiting for the nylonove for the v11 as I really like them for my mten3 (light and slightly bouncy, less hurt when they hit you) but they are still not available so went for the 'official' ones. Those look nicer and work great on the v11.
  3. I use good mc gloves (the Alpinestar SP 8 v2, tactile, super comfy, great finger and knuckle protection, can be had discounted at ca. 100usd) in which I insert d3o hip protection that's cut to fit on the inside of the wrist up to the palm. The cuffs of the glove keep the d3o in place when tightened, its taken out to remove the glove. Also some 3mm leather piece inserted top side to prevent backlash (stays in). Easy and comfy, with real (not just plastic) relatively affordable protection.
  4. I got tired of my flexmeters + gloves and annoyed by the early fraying on the flex. so I now use racing mc gloves such as the sp8 v2 from alpinestar with a cut out hip d3o protection inserted in the sleeve that reaches below the palm + piece of thickish leather inserted in the top part to prevent overextension. Works great.
  5. Weight reduction of a couple hundred grams is always a plus but not much relative to total riding weight, true. But it makes hauling the wheel just a bit easier (more so for the mten3 relatively speaking) and also nylon pedals hurt less than metal when they hit you or someone else... They do feel 'flex' and all but abolish foot tiredness when I ride the mten3 but that remains to be seen with a heavy wheel like the v11.
  6. Interesting feedback on the hex pedals, I think I will wait for those from hulaj market (the nylonove ones, which I have for my mten3) because they are much lighter, being made of ...nylon!
  7. I have the first ones, they are very comfy (good sizing) and feel safe enough. I had a pretty bad fall (riding my mten3 too fast, not sure what happened), and stepped up my gear as a consequence, getting this amongst other things. Not sure this short would really have helped the bad rash I got at the top of my hip, but it protects the lower part of the hip bone quite well. Also not sure about the usefulness of the d3o on the thigh, but I can't hurt.
  8. I bought and received those black aramid jeans, at a good price: https://www.ebay.fr/itm/184418113858 They are actually 'slim' which I don't mind because the knee protections don't move much at all and they stretch nicely (still requires quite a bit of wriggling to get them off.) Too bad the knee protections can't be removed from outside. Also the protections in place are far from d3o comfort...
  9. They have new black jeans on preorder at Lazyrolling, looks good...
  10. Thanks for the replies. I have taken my jeans to the clothes repair shop, also to get the waist size down, doesn't help that they tend to drop while riding 🙂. I will also try to make the knee protections stay in place with double sided tape on the thick high vis mc pants. Considering the non slim Lazyrolling pants but they look a little pricey (189usd without protections, presumably I could reuse the standard d3o ones I have.)
  11. I am having trouble with my armoured pants (Icon corduroy jeans and winter high visibility pants form AliExpress) : the knee fittings are usually much too low because they are made for motorcycle riding, as was mentioned in this thread. Has anyone found jeans or pants that fit EUC riding out of the box? The lazyrolling ones perhaps?
  12. True, I fell at 38kmh for no obvious reason except from excess speed, and even with CE mc hi tops with hard ankle protections I managed to break an ankle: however it's a minor fracture, just a shard of bone split off, would have been much worse w/o the shoes for sure. Hurt like hell for 3 weeks though, slowly subsiding pain... The d3o shoulder and elbow pads prevented much worse damage (had a huge "blueprint" of the d3o pad on my elbow with zero pain). Also got a nice patch of road rash on my hip (not yet healed after 3 weeks), not wearing any hip protection, and when you slide your
  13. Very true. 👍. Still I will improve my gear and also ride slower. I think I deactivated the speed alarm by mistake, which I had gotten used to...
  14. Maybe it's also ok to take a break after a bad fall, obv. if injured, but also to clear the mind from the trauma, and reflect on what happened (why ride so fast 😉?) I don't have a choice bc my ankle is broken but it's minor so I expect and look forward to ride again soon enough. Can ride my 1000w ebike some (no pedaling), that helps...
  15. I don't know about this. I have an Urge Drift and there is indeed some thin foam on the sides of the jaws that I can make touch my jaw by pressing hard enough. Other helmets just have the plastic/shell?
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