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  1. The new metal hex pedals also change the foot angle quite a bit, more to the inside (V shaped), so you can tuck the foot more in the side of the wheel; takes some getting used to but seems to help with low speed 180°s. Of course the extra size enables you to move the foot back and forth more easily to reduce fatigue. BTW: broke one of the crappy metal clips that hold the pedals when folded, Wheel Riders Store on Ali are sending me some free clips, nice of them. Still I had to buy steel bearings for the pedals (15USD) which should have been provided (they were with the Nylonove, although w
  2. Installed the pedals. Unfortunately they don't come with axles, which is a ...hassle! I used the Nylonove axles which are a bit too long (the OEM axles are too short) now I need to get the seller to do something about it. Edit: since the factory says the original axles are fine they won't do anything. I have bought steel rods that should fit...shame though! Anyway, great pedals, very well machined, they are wider (by maybe 1cm?) than OEMs and Nylonove, so more comfortable as you don't have your shoe hanging out slightly, with similar bolt grip to Nylonove (but way heavier of course, which
  3. I should receive the pedals in the link today, will report back. I have used the "Chaput" (great for the price, spiked) pedals as well as Nylonove (webbed, expensive, narrower, with bolts) but was really looking for wider pedals, hopefully those do the trick, they are 14cm from wheel to edge.
  4. Yes, it's actually level 1 only...but you gain on weight vs standard armour.
  5. Just to be clear: the Bumper is not for protection according to its manual, it is for shoulder support post injury. RXR-Bullet R-and Pro look great: pre pumped airvests, so they are lighter that regular vests and Level 2 protection as well...
  6. I was told delivery from jan 2022 by an EU seller...
  7. Got the Lazyrolling yellow hoodie with pockets for chest protection, from erides UK. Quality is vastly superior to the "gen" mc hoddie I had, in addition I like the vents under the armpits and under the reflective textile on the back, which I hadn't seen mentioned. Looks like a solid piece of equipment, worth its price. I had to cut my D3O L2 back protection to make it fit, the pocket could be a bit larger tbh...
  8. I have a "Course" low priced (90€) hoodie that seems OK for abrasion resistance (some kevlar) and has good protection pouches placement (I replaced the stock paddings with Sas-Tec slims L2 that fit fine), so pretty decent for the price but I soon had problems with the main zipper that died, now the replacement has also partly died so it's a slight hassle again...The textile shell doesn't look too fresh anymore and it wasn't used all that much but the black holds well. There are no garters (?) to attach to your pants which is useful to prevent rash (btw you can get bad "EUC rash" crashing at a
  9. I've bought an equestrian vest that looks like the Tipperary vest and has good reviews: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001429724734.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.77f34c4dTj9KJ7 I like the fact it is light and convenient and offers wrap around protection for the whole torso + back and ribs + collarbones and also for the upper hips / tailbone, although this must be far from level 2, and even below level 1 (but my goal is preventing injury from a branch sticking into my chest and sides in case of a fall on those gnarly forest trails I ride on most times.) The EVA pads are ca. 16mm thi
  10. My bolts were very tight, I stripped them when trying the washer removal (very soft metal), which succeeded on one side only. Doesn't seem to limit suspension though, so I won't try drilling them out (stainless steel replacement is also hard to find). In my (limited) understanding the washers "pull" the inside bolt from the fender, with washer removed this bolt seemed closer to the fender, so I put it back in. Perhaps if you remove the washer you need to put a flatter bolt on the inside.
  11. Deuter backpacks are great, especially those with a removable Sas-Tec back protector.
  12. Would be nice to have shorts with some sacral zone protection (for offroad esp.); Zandona used to make one but no more.
  13. Sorry, that wasn't clear...Too long for shoulder pads, at least on the two jackets I tried (a standard mc hoodie and the knox armoured shirt); those are the SC1-KB2 pads (it's written "S/E/K/H" on them so presumably they can work on shoulders), the SC1- SB2 pads fit shoulders fine (as wide but shorter than KB2). The KB2 do work well on elbows (and knees, but too long for hips), better than the EB2 (those will work for hips). Pic of EB2 over KB2:
  14. Nice find. I received the Sas-Tec slim level 2, very impressive flexibility and lightness (and price: about 15€ for one pair on ebay DE). I would recommend the Type B S/E/K for all parts except shoulders (too big, the S pads fit fine in my Knox shirt, which has pretty large pouches); the E pads for elbows are a little narrower so the S/E/K provide good additional wrap around protection. Can't wait to try them out (j/k)!
  15. The D3O Xergo can be bought separately? I am "upgrading" from D3O to the new SAS-TEC level 2 SC1 / *2 slim flex pads, hopefully they fit most pockets...they look really comfy compared to D3O which is bit bulky in level 2.
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