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  1. I don't see too many people reporting their experiences with their tire so for the sake of another data point here's mine. TL;DR I have no issues with my knobby tire after 3k+ miles Received mid October Odometer 3217 miles Knobby tire PSI between 15-25 Mainly high speed street riding with plenty of carving, Atlanta potholes and steel plates Occasional offroad, gravel including an old olympic mtb trail and an mtb training course Max spd 52mph regularly above 45 mph avg cruising 25-35 No issues with the tire, has handled huge divots and potholes I
  2. Thanks! The feedback has been really encouraging so I planning on creating more content.
  3. I have not seen this done anywhere. Do me a favor and give it a like if you like it and subscribe if you would like to see more content. Thanks!
  4. I started learning last october and despite a few weeks without the Sherman to get a new control board progress has been steady. Hit 52mph on a focused speed run today and this video shows me learning to do some off road riding during the holiday break. The Sherman will scrape pedals but don't let that stop you from trying it off road, it is a blast.
  5. @SebaHi, just wondering if you had some tips to get this tour uploaded off my phones. Thanks.
  6. No, originally an issue during a fast charge the gyros would not kick in. I replaced the controller. After 28 miles of riding, one of the phase wires cooked as I was slowing down to a stop. There was a pop and smoke and that's all she wrote. Sending the unit back to get overhauled, so will be a while... Yeah the 1700 mark crept up on me. But I was dropping regular 30-60 mile rides each night so I guess it added up quickly. This was my first real EUC and man the honeymoon was great while it lasted.
  7. full gear all the time. Used to wear a bicycle helmet but switched to full face after I was comfortable going >30mph
  8. this is a Bond villain pic form the 70's , pretty sure
  9. This brought back memories. I used to work in Paris and lived in Choisy le Roi. Way back in 2000 before EUC's were even a thing. I would love to still be able to step out my door and get to the center of Paris on my Sherman. But I think the french speed rules would kill me. I love bombing around Atlanta doing 45. Good times.
  10. Unfortunately my Sherman is down for the count waiting on a motor replacement. But for the 6 weeks I had it I got over 1700 fun blasting miles on it. seriously looking at a backup ride at this point. already going into ride withdrawal.
  11. Hi, Can anyone help get my last tour that was recorded in euc world uploaded to the site. My wheel died last night and I need to find out if there were voltage issues during the ride or if it just suddenly happened. The tour is showing in Euc world now but it has stopped so I can't see any data. The tour is not showing on the web site. I have started and exited the app a few times but it still does not upload. Any help appreciated.
  12. unfortunately their issue is not resolved either. Waiting to hear back hear back from eWheels after an initial test was unsuccessful.
  13. Getting E Char error in screen system will not balance no clue whats wrong Almost full charge Cant turn off either
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