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  1. This is good news for me as I run a Lemfo. Maybe someone can help with my current problem. I have a hard time getting the app to upload finished tours. It was working and the last few days it stopped. My setup is a Lemfo no SIM. I auto start touring then manually stop the tour. (I used to just exit the app to force the sync to the website) The tour just sits on the watch and never uploads anymore. I have tried signing out and back on the app. Opening and closing the app multiple times. The phone is connected on my home wifi to the internet and other internet functions work fine. The last tour showing is the one I want to sync. Any help appreciated.
  2. Been learning and having a blast on this fantastic machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WADXXdMawVU
  3. FWIW, they have newer electric versions of these. https://www.gauswheel.com/ I like the mechanical brake foot pedal they show in some of their videos. I am wondering how well that would work on a regular EUC. I would think you would want to adjust so it couldn't fully lock the wheel The more I look at this the more interesting a mashup it is of a giant inline skate, power pad, foot actuated bicycle mechanical brake, and a remote bluetooth speed controller like an esk8. Not sure this a real product, the whole site seems more like a mock up though as none of the products are in stock.
  4. Noob question: EUC world...having issues getting it to log a trip. my setup is a lemfo android watch with NO SIM. Connects my sherman just fine and works great as a dashboard. I have it data logging. When I get home how do you indicate that the trip is done? It then uploads 4 or 5 empty csv files. GPS says it is working...Any help appreciated. ps. Is there someplace else to load this app rather than the Play Store...is there an alternate more up to date apk available?
  5. Violinfun


    This is great. Thanks Mike I knew you would have some good advice, much appreciated.
  6. Looks they are still selling them
  7. Nice, I wonder if there is a splitter to create two 3.5mm ports so you don't have to give up the headlight or brake light?
  8. thanks for posting this...new rider here having issues with foot pain and this really helped a lot. As you stated the wheel feels much more planted and less squirrly. Airwheel x8 so already kind of twitchy. Still experimenting with this a bit but when my feet are in the sweet spot it is much less painful. the only thing I noticed it is a little more difficult to carve than before because my legs don't have as much contact on the body because of being more forward. I did notice on steep downhills I need to shift my feet back to get better braking. Hope this helps others that may be trying this.
  9. I will give this a shot. I am learning on an Airwheel and getting a fair amount of pain and learning to shift my feet around and was learning a little duckfoot riding. I hope this style helps with the pain.
  10. Astroturf sucks. I started on it and just chalked it up to me being a noob. Once I learned to ride ok on a hard surface I thought I'll go back and do the astroturf. It feels like all the support on the side of the tire is gone so the tire gets very squiggly. I will return one day when I can grab the stone from the master's hand.
  11. I have been learning on an Airwheel X8 and getting pretty comfortable getting some distances in. At least as much as the small battery allows. I have enjoyed your training videos as I find them clear and concise. I hope you keep making more. Thanks.
  12. Has anyone else tried doing their own 3d printed EUC? It almost seems worth the cost of getting a printer just for this.
  13. I thought there was supposed to be a fuse for the batteries or is that only for systems from eWheels?
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