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  1. Rider weight : 63 kg (wihtout equipment)Describe riding performance before cut off: fineTo check if the unicycle can be turn on after cut off, and check if the wheel can be still move smoothly: no and no Description of what happened to me: Went down a curb, cut off, wheel dead. Hopefully I was going slow and managed to land on my feet. Motherboard was defective and has been replaced under warranty. That was back in october (wheel is batch 2 V11). No issue since then. Another very similar case (cut off when going down a curb) was reported recently on the french forums.
  2. Just for my understanding: how have you been able to continue to accelerate with the pedals already tilted back?
  3. Damn, that's scary, hope you'll recover quickly. Definitely those kind of things should not happen. I thank god that my V11 cutout occurred at very slow speed...
  4. I'd say no. Not sure he knows about it.
  5. Same case for me, I will cancel my pre-order if this is not adressed.
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