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  1. Good job with the seat! Do you mind sharing the dimensions of your seat? Also what is the length from rail to rail? I have a Sherman coming, but I am really want to have a seat before it comes since I have time right now. I think I have enough scraps to make a seat
  2. The common misconception that a more powerful wheel is going to throw you off faster is not really true. The balancing mechanism will only go as fast as you lean. Even if you are on a smaller wheel, if you lean too much, it's going to go as fast as it could before cutoff.
  3. Definitely join Houston E-wheelers group on facebook. They have rides every Friday plus other rides with the Houston OneWheel Crew. It's the only group I know of right now. There are no exclusive Houston EUC group yet. If we get enough people, maybe we should start one. Right now there are still only a hand full of usm. There are a ton of OneWheels.
  4. Houston E-wheelers on facebook group has a few EUC riders along with all kinds of devices.
  5. Although I never rode the MTen3, if you don't need the extreme end of portability, you should not get it. You are better off getting a Tesla. Also, smaller wheel doesn't mean ease of learning IMO. The advantage is strictly portability.
  6. I had to switch back to OEM tire. The turning is just not good enough for the street. It requires way too much leaning for my taste.
  7. I still wonder about the MSP torque edition. The Sherman can go much faster than the MSP but still a 2500W motor. Although it has more battery in parallel, which means higher current. I wonder if speed limitation is something Gotway has done in the firmware on purpose to give the 2000W motor some market share. My gut feeling tells me the MSP torque can go faster, but limited by firmware/control board at the moment. It wouldn't supprise me if one day a new control board and/or firmware can give the 2500W motor a little more speed. Just throwing my 2 cents out.
  8. I wonder if those tire has larger outter diameter. But yes, the thread looks disappointing. At least the tire I am using have decent threads. Only downside again is the smaller outter diameter.
  9. Did some more riding on pavement and it is obviously not as good as the original tire. But it is good enough for this wheel. The turning require more lean to it. Again it was expected. Overall I am satisfied with the change as it gives me alot more confident for offroad.
  10. It works pretty good. I went out to the trails for a few miles and it gave me alot more confident offroad. The tire is a bit smaller so is still feel very nimble. https://i.imgur.com/3uRzuHH_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  11. Unfortunately the tire is alittle smaller. It has shorter side walls. So I am expecting less cushioning. https://i.imgur.com/yQt6PHG_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  12. I still haven't had a chance to install it yet. But the tire that StuartL linked looks identical to mine in the picture. Except mine says is branded as "Qind" instead. Still update soon.
  13. Tire came in. It looks smaller since it's 2.4" instead of 2.5".
  14. Anyone tried knobby tire for the V10? Kuji's test of street vs knobby tire on the Sherman and he stated that the knobby tire has more stability. I am curious if this would apply to the V10 with the below knobby tire. https://www.monsterscooterparts.com/16ramxtionfr.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwgo_5BRDuARIsADDEntQ4aVuz7xPueyirAzRaWfW-mM3t0EwrvRP3ChZtyHcVHAUwREzZ0sgaAi8vEALw_wcB
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