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  1. I'm thinking the wet blanket technique? Cover it with fire blanket, then hose it down? Prevents spread and cools the pack down through waterboarding.
  2. A 61824 bearing is rated for like 6000 lbf of load and 130 mph continuously lol. It's specced more for size/fitment and well beyond the needs of the device, and a decent bearing should last well beyond the life of any EUC. Can anyone with a failed bearing take a pick and pop off one of the side seals and see how much grease is inside? I'm curious if they were just too lazy to pack enough grease in there from the get-go.
  3. I might have missed it, but any word on the size of the rim and the width of the tire on the Monster Pro?
  4. Patents are pretty specific, and there are many ways to develop an EUC without infringing on his. EUC manufacturers are so set on designing it virtually the same way with improvements on specs only. It's not like he's the first to patent an EUC concept. The Simeray patent dates back to 2005. Their patent requires pedal sensors like the Onewheel however, and it was easy to get around that one. The vast majority of engineering failures are not failures of calculation, but rather failures of imagination.
  5. The whole purpose of the patent system is to encourage the sharing of ideas, not to block other people from using your ideas. I for one am glad that the Chinese judge ruled in favor of allowing the Chinese factories to continue manufacturing the products, as long as there is a royalty / license in place. Unfortunately so many patent trolls demand the most absurd license fees to use the patent system to try block any competition from entering the market. They really should put a cap on the license fees.
  6. A lot of car manufacturers in Germany. Maybe if Big Auto moved to making more ebikes / PEVs, then the laws would change?
  7. That comment was directly in your assertion that products that were more cognitively tasking and require more alertness was a good thing. I did not actually refer to any specific use cases or models. It's one thing to say that trick EUCs don't require suspension. It's another thing entirely to say, and I quote, So let's not move the goalpost here.
  8. Lol, that is not even close to the same thing. In spirited driving, manual transmission can actually be preferred because it gives you more control. But in any kind of high speed racing, having no suspension = death. Sus/no sus cannot be compared to manual vs automatic, because (1) manually choosing gear requires a tiny amount of physical effort and (2) the results are the same if the automatic transmission happens to choose the same gear at the same time. At higher speeds, having your knees choose which "gear" to be in all the time creates considerably more effort, and you will still have les
  9. Wow, let's celebrate inferior products because they make us work harder. Who needs a computer? Let's just write everything out on pieces of paper. After all, it's more cognitively tasking. Who needs an excavator when we have shovels? Who needs sewing machines? We can sew everything by hand. And let's go ahead and ignore the fact that suspension fixes things that no amount of "cognitive tasking" can fix, like the road grip that is necessary for handling, braking and acceleration at higher speeds. Sarcasm aside, keep in mind that suspension is even more needed on EUCs than on bicycle
  10. You're probably not doing anything wrong. It's just bad design. I ended up shaving off some of that nub off with a belt sander.
  11. You'll want a CAD system that can do Finite Element Analysis (FEA). It's not enough to draw an assembly that works in theory. You need the CAD system to be able to calculate if the part is strong enough to handle the loads necessary for its function. People pay lots of money and go through years of school for engineering, but there are motivated people who are self-taught. Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, and Solidworks can do FEA. Free student licenses are available for them if you google how to acquire them.
  12. Day 7 (Mt Baldy) of Marty's SoCal EUC Tour. Watch the full video in 4K HDR: If that video looks washed out, try the 4K SDR version: https://youtu.be/fsJanRx1uzE
  13. Had some requests to post this setup. Pics: Links 7/8 aluminum round bar: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=7%2F8+aluminum+round+(rod%2Cbar)&_sacat=0&_sop=15 seat clamps: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XF334ZR/ seat spring: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HKC3BJ7/
  14. How about "uni" ? It's 2 syllables, super easy to spell & type out, and everyone knows what you're talking about. And it doesn't rhyme with puke.
  15. You are one articulate son of a gun. I would like to hire you in the future for public relations work
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