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  1. Does that really work without any warnings @e_kjellgren ? I use 0-0-25-25 meant to tiltback at 25 km/h but it still beeps when tiltback starts. It would be nice to have the tiltback only.
  2. I like "completely blank". I'm very happy that I can switch off the green battery status on the sides. I would even like a "stealth" option, disabling all lights, even head and tail and break lights.
  3. Same legislation in Belgium: "door bouw en motorvermogen, op een horizontale weg, niet sneller kan rijden dan 25 km per uur" = "by build and motor power cannot drive faster than 25 km/h on an horizontal road". Kingsong Europe states on their website that the ks-16s is limited to 25 km/h. https://www.kingsong-europe.com/en/unicycles/28-ks-16s.html https://www.kingsong-europe.com/en/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=3 I have downloaded both documents to my smartphone in case the police stops me.
  4. Suzuki V-Strom DL1000. Ridden all over Europe. Lately only for commute Leuven-Brussel. Big and high bike. I expect to keep riding it until it falls apart. The next motorcycle, in a few years from now, will probably be an electrical one. I believe that riding a motorcycle has helped me for learning how to ride a unicycle.
  5. This is new to me, and it is what I was looking for, thanks! Short-pressing the power button seems to do the same as that tiny ("auxiliary") button. I wish Kingsong would document all this in detail,, for each firmware version.
  6. How can I set the lights of my ks-16s to "auto mode" using the buttons on the wheel only? I would like to have the lights always in "auto mode". I know how to select that with the app. However, when I want to power on/off the wheel, and accidentally press the power button too shortly, the light setting is changed. I have so far not yet found a way to change the lights back to "auto mode" using the buttons on the wheel only. My ks-16s is built in 2020 and has firmware 2.02. The version of the app on my Android phone is 3.4.5.
  7. 1. For improving my commute bicycle-train-foot I was looking for a foldable bicycle, until I discovered electric unicycles on youtube. So much more efficient! 2. No.
  8. @1wheel1 the answer from Rywokast fully solved it for me. Before riding 5 km I could change the speed settings in the app to values up to 23 km/h. After riding 5 km I could change the speed settings to values up to 35 km/h.
  9. How can I change the max speed of my KS-16S from 20 km/h to 35 km/h? I have a brand new KS-16S, built in 2020. It came with firmware V2.02. And I use the official app version 3.4.5 on my Android phone. In the speed settings I can adjust the three alarms and tilt-back, but only with values up to 20 km/h, not above that. I find no "speed limit decoding" option in the app. And so far I have not found documentation on how to set the max speed to 35 m/h.
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