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  1. Another person has this problem with the Bell Super Air R? It's the same on the sides, if you have a side impact, the impact will be violent, because there is only a thin layer of hard foam.
  2. Thank you, I know a person who has the URGE DRIFT, and in the event of a frontal impact, the foam in front prevents the helmet from moving too far back and touching the chin.
  3. Hi I bought the Bell Super Air R. I have a question, when I push a little hard on the chin guard I get to touch my chin, you too ? In the event of a frontal impact, it may be dangerous for the chin. The sides are the same, because the foam which is hard, so if we fall on the sides it's the same. What do you think ? Thank you.
  4. Hi all, Do you think Cratoni C-Maniac MX is enough for KS16S speed ? It is ASTM certified. I asked the question in the comments on this youtube video, and they answered yes, but I'd like to have your opinion. I like it because it is quite compact, I hesitate a lot between this one and the Bell Super Air R, the Cratoni is a little more discreet. Thank you
  5. I saw here, at 1 minute, a test of the chin guard of a Bell helmet, is it normal that the chin guard deforms and gets very close to the jaw? (With a risk for the teeth and jaw). Does a helmet with a fixed chin guard behave the same way?
  6. @Rawnei Thank you for the answer. I asked the question because it is not ASTM certified, what scares me is losing teeth or damaging my jaw
  7. Hi all, Do you think Bell Super Air R is sufficient for face plan crash in EUC (20mph speed) ? I search compact look helmet. Thank you
  8. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a full-face helmet that is not too big and looks as much like a bicycle helmet as possible but with ASTM certification. I like the look of the Bell Super Air R but unfortunately it is not ASTM certified and I don't know if it would properly resist a frontal impact at the chin.
  9. Unfortunately I think my motherboard's is bricked. Changing the motherboard is too complicated for me, there are places where there is like glue on some connectors. I'm thinking of selling the wheel for a handyman, what a sadness.
  10. Unfortunately I have no more hope, I tried with euc world and the wheel setting parameter is not accessible
  11. Thank you so much for your help. Yes, I know my serial number. I just tried to plug in the charger and the app doesn't recognize the wheel, as I indicated above I have to press the button continuously for that.
  12. If I try to change the shutdown parameter it doesn't save the settings, no settings can be saved. I think it's serious and a change of motherboard is the only solution, it's completely crazy.
  13. Thank you for your answer. I tried to plug in the charger but it's the same, it's like there's no bootloader anymore. When I press the power button and release the button the wheel turn off immediately. If I press the button to turn on the light it's the same, the wheel turns on and off immediately. If I press continually the button the wheel says "bluetooth is off" but the connection with the application works, but if I release the button the wheel turns off immediately.
  14. Hello,Please help me I'm desperate!I tried to put my brand new KS16S v2 never used from version 1.09 to 2.02 firmware.I tried it with the iOS KingSong app and the app told me that my wheel was already up to date.Then I tried with the iOS SoftTuner application, I chose 2.02, the update started and the wheel went off.Now when I try to turn it on, it turns off immediately, I have to press continually the power button to activate the bluetooth, if i release power button the wheel turn off, I don't have any serial number in the applications and no firmware is visible, in the KingSong application it says "?" for the firmware version.Please help me I am so desperate !!Thank you,Daniel.
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