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  1. ya, this post is a bit stupid but i did end up buying a new pump Fox racing at my local bike shop. Problem solved. Thanks for the replies though
  2. I was using the provided giyo pump on my s18 shock and now air is leaking from the shrader adapter base on the pump. (now unable to pump the shock) Seems like something came loose and it is extra loose now. How do i fix it?
  3. Yes , very much to the point my legs shaked because i was uneasy. The more I rode, the more confidence i got and felt more relaxed. I still get kind of nervous on main roads during the afternoon hours when a lot of cars are going past me, so i just go slower if i feel nervous and breath . yes all those things can happen. Also inexperience can effect your riding. You need more practice, by doing more drills , more riding preferably in quieter areas until the wobbles are gone at a certain speed. (practice acceleration, braking drills, and no sudden movements. Keep those legs bent!)
  4. Im in the same boat, out of ideas for EUC content. (Unless i ride in a different location or ride with people who have a PEV).
  5. pedal dip doing a tight turn, feels like balls of foot is angling down on pedal when you want it to stay flat. I only get the dip on tight turn (soft mode), not much in hard mode
  6. I started last year around July with KS16S . Glad that method worked for you for learning. Keep it up! I agree, I am also a shop-aholic. Shopping and filming things purchased of interest has been my downfall for a few years now. I too lusted for a 2nd wheel which was the 16X. 16S can only go so far. However, i would suggest , if i told my younger Euc training self of last year, it would be to wait and learn the ways of the road first. Learn the ways of commuting, agility, all the technical stuff till it becomes second nature and there is no doubt to your riding skill. That exp
  7. I agree, good sidepads is a must have (in my opinion). Strong leg muscles, yes because if you carry it up and down stairs you will get bonus workout!
  8. Marty is good, it is this old house of EUC's lol
  9. If it aint broke dont fix it, i get it. I was the one requesting because i needed it lol But my tire was making my ride very uncomfortable after 20mph and visually i can see the tire swaying left and right, even my buddy behind me with his scooter said my tire was flopping over the place. Not safe imo. But i did get some kind of fix by deflating, using soap around the tire/rim and the tire , massaged it and lined it all up. i think i got her running good now after this lift test. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMvGnJ0jvCU/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link , rode around and it feels great now.
  10. Ive watched a couple videos on how to reseat sherman offroad tire, but they are edited or too short. im requesting an extensive video on this topic that works if possible. I dont wobble while riding, but i can tell my tire has a little play (side to side movements). I tried reseating it myself lowering the psi to 5-10 and try to massage , pull , push but nothing is working. The riding it at low psi (3-10 psi)fix did not work and reluctant to do that again in fear i might screw up the entire reseating process.
  11. Yes consistency is also key. Yes editing is skill. Skill in learning the software, learning your filming equipment . Although for me, a challenge that requires some forethought is what kind of message in my videos am i planning to edit later? Im not one that is super talkative or great with narration so it requires a lot of thought to think it out. So some videos may need careful planning before even pressing recording. Again im going to reference isthereanyfood. He always has a message in his videos, and for me, his videos are addicting because he shares a message or two in his vide
  12. Indeed, i just let the camera roll in a certain spot and practiced away, cut and edit later. It is more freeing to just put a camera on a tripod and let if film while being hands free and let the point(s) across. The down to earth aspect is good for certain situations. If anyone is learning how to ride, i highly recommend this method if they are wanting to share their learning. I took inspiration from Ustrides learning how to ride video, where he basically did the same thing, put a camera in a spot and taught us how to ride. Some people will pick up learning how to ride faster and may not r
  13. The Issues ive had is that filming solo kind of gets boring after a while, unless i have a new wheel or a new accessory. Learning to ride videos have been the most successful for me , especially in the beginning of my EUC journey. Editing content that feature other riders is the most enjoyable for me (but i dont have many friends or know many people in my state that ride, so this is a rare occurrence) . Windnoise is a killer for my own editing preferences. It is hard to work around with and all that data is burned into the track that it is hard to remove with software tweaks. Gopro c
  14. This is a poll to engage with the community what kind of videos they like to see (from the EUC community). Hopefully people can use this poll at a tool to inspire making content and/or if they are having a lack of inspiration with their own videos. If i did not include something, feel free to leave a comment below, and also we can discuss what its like creating/editing videos, issues we faced , and the successes making content.
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