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  1. Hello! Naturally I make a video to explain new things in my riding journey. But this time around, I will talk and discuss to you the 5 fundamentals to riding seated. I write this to you fresh from the experience riding seated for the first time today! 1.)Obtain a Seat for your wheel. Test by holding on to something, get on your wheel standing up, then sit down. If your wheel has power pads on them and you are not restricted by them while sitting, you are good to go! 2.)Practice first in an open area, on grass. Gain speed, at least 6-10mph. Hunch forward be mindful of your bala
  2. I received my Clark Pads after ordering from Chris Clark on facebook. (You can find him on the electric unicycle club facebook page, and euc stunt group. https://www.facebook.com/christopher.m.clark.96 Mister Clark has something interesting going on, and provides a great service. However, when ordering, you will need to pay him through paypal and set up your order via messaging him on facebook or by emailing him. The cost of the pads, I will not say it here, but they are competitively priced compared to other pads. (its worth it!) After what seemed like 5 days, i received my pa
  3. Not sure what limited mode is all about. When i enable it, my rs19 beeps like crazy and i have to turn it off and back on. Any other features coming out for the RS19 HS?
  4. Power pads are on. I had to cover up the adhesive that came with the pads with the hard side of the Velcro and placed Soft sidee Velcro on the euc. The pads do add friction they feel pretty good I will know more when I ride it more seriously tomorrow.
  5. Ive been riding on mode 2, it feels like im sailing! (the icon for the setting is a sailboat, and rightfully so) . It takes a little bit of time to stop. I will test the other modes out in the future. I dont have android to use EUC world b ut i hear that is top notch app to have.
  6. I too thought the shell and included gotway branded pads were slippery . The pads help a little but not for going over bumps.
  7. Hopefully soon, i noticed ewheels.com listed RS19 HS as it being available to ship , instead of preorder. Im hope they release your new beast out of the gate soon!
  8. recieved your requests on fb. Thank you! Joined your telegram group but it wont let me type in it
  9. I have not seen any setting to turn that off. Ya i phone doesnt have eucworld, and for now darknessbot doesnt have any tilt back settings or even a pedal tilt (if it is a thing for gotways) yet. To those waiting on their wheels from ewheels.com, im curious to hear what your experience is with your new wheel.
  10. this is what i have for you folks for the RS19 HS. Just a casual preview/impressions
  11. Thanks Giffy! Ya we should meet up sometime, that sounds like a great idea! Did you go to blackcobras event in Mass saturday? I wanted to go but i had to work I dont use telegram often but heard of it. I will join it for sure .
  12. Yes you can do this with the RS19 , cycle lights with the button on the EUC but the headlights and leds are set like a combo. For example, If i wanted a white led in the front, i would have to press a button which would cycle with each button press to LED COLOR, flashing strobe light, bright headlight, no light, then next LED color , strobe, bright headlight, no light ect...rinse and repeat With darknessbot, you can not control the LED color, but you can enable the headlight. Keybe gotway app you can choose led's and headlights of you choosing . (imo best method choosing your lights
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