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  1. NUMBER 1 CHOICE for Me: Russian Leather Torque Pads. (Got mine from NYCERIDER) The Russian Leather Torque Pads pair perfectly with the Sherman. Like with any other power pad, they require trial and error to set correctly according to your stance, foot positioning. Here are the Pros and Cons of this specific pad: PROS: *Cushiony!! *Durable stitching *Minimal friction while pivoting front and back when wearing pants . *Easy to sit and stand with them on. *Allows your leg to be hugged by the cushion allowing greater contact with the wheel when pressin
  2. I just did a tire reseating recently (after trying it 5 times, each time failed), what I did recently that worked well is the following: Deflate tire to 0 Pulled the tire around the circumference Pushed the tire into the rim (ensuring all lines around the tire were somewhat even around the rim. Inflate to 10 psi (Rode it in place pivoting back and forth ensuring the full range of teh wheel touched the ground) Deflate to 0 again Ensure follow all steps above, but dont inflate to 10. Put the EUC upside down (tire up) Rolled the tire around to see what are
  3. Do you live in Maine? Do you ride an Electric Unicycle? Onewheel? Electric Scooter, Ebike, Eskateboard? We are looking to ride with you! Come and join our FB group here: We have telegram chat as well . https://www.facebook.com/groups/mainepev
  4. Nice dude, that is awesome! Congratulations setting up a product!
  5. Instead of pointing fingers,instead realize that one mans video does not speak for the entire community . evx is not the jesus of EUC's, and does not lead the EUC community. The community is not ruined by him, and it does not create an incredibly bad look for this community. Watch your own self on the road. Move on. its getting old
  6. This I can agree with. Lately my riding has been trying to gain speed but always have to stop due to shitty roads in my area forcing me slow down a bit. It does take some effort and more pressing down on the wheel to get it to giddy up. In comparison, the RS19 HS was great for the purpose of effortless speed gains. I find it works well for me to be completely straight and leaned forward on flat roads. On bumpy roads i crouch down and lean over the front of the wheel a bit putting all my weight on the balls of my feet.
  7. Here are my observations with the Sherman: I have owned this since January 21st, clocked in only 295 Miles. First off, the Sherman is stable but i feel it could be more stable if the offroad tire was seated and positioned true. Ive attempted reseating the tire 3-4 times and it always looks off center and not truly seated within the middle of the shell/motor. When riding, there is sway to the tire. Now i can ride this out fine but still I dont like riding something that does not run true and it bothers me. As other have pointed out, it is not super agile, but you can get use to how ni
  8. ya, this post is a bit stupid but i did end up buying a new pump Fox racing at my local bike shop. Problem solved. Thanks for the replies though
  9. I was using the provided giyo pump on my s18 shock and now air is leaking from the shrader adapter base on the pump. (now unable to pump the shock) Seems like something came loose and it is extra loose now. How do i fix it?
  10. Yes , very much to the point my legs shaked because i was uneasy. The more I rode, the more confidence i got and felt more relaxed. I still get kind of nervous on main roads during the afternoon hours when a lot of cars are going past me, so i just go slower if i feel nervous and breath . yes all those things can happen. Also inexperience can effect your riding. You need more practice, by doing more drills , more riding preferably in quieter areas until the wobbles are gone at a certain speed. (practice acceleration, braking drills, and no sudden movements. Keep those legs bent!)
  11. Im in the same boat, out of ideas for EUC content. (Unless i ride in a different location or ride with people who have a PEV).
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