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  1. Yeah. Has Inmotion made any improvements to the cooling between the preproduction and the production versions?
  2. That sucks. It also brings to light just how ridiculous this whole geolocking of wheels is. It completely disrupts the used market. Maybe KingSong didn't care because they think that wouldn't affect their sales but many people factor in the resale value of a wheel before purchasing. Even if you personally are fine with geolocking (I am NOT) because you buy from local sellers, if people can't trust to buy a used wheel because they are scarred that it might get locked, they won't buy it. Less people buying used KingSong wheels means less people buying new KingSong wheels.
  3. Judging by how far the shock enters (or doesn't in this case) the wheel when you get off of it, I think that something is wrong with the suspension or maybe the metal sliders on the wheel. It looks like there is too much friction (I don't know why) and this is causing the suspension to seize. I could be wrong but I think something is faulty with your EUC. edit: What happens if you have little or no pressure in the negative chamber? Does the shock fully extend?
  4. Wait, so your wheel got locked and was refused to get unlocked? Can you give us more detail? Where did you buy the wheel, how long have you had it, how did it get locked, etc.?
  5. He posted the video earlier: It was kind of hard to tell from your video, when you unweight the wheel how far does the top of the shock go back inside the body? It doesn't look like it goes back to an extended position. Check out this video for comparison (especially the last few seconds) for how it should look when unweighted.
  6. It sounds to me like either the shock isn't setup properly (incorrect settings), or something is faulty with the wheel. If you have the time, could you take a video of the suspension? I think the best way to take the video would be to simply use something to lean on, like a wall or rail, and jump/compress the suspension while not rolling (with the wheel on though).
  7. Chooch takes the S18 for a city ride.
  8. Amazing looking trail and a tragic loss.
  9. I should've read the description. Apparently he was going around 25-30mph. I wonder why he cutout?
  10. It doesn't look that fast but the wheel cuts out so I assume it was going at least around 45mph?
  11. That sounds pretty cool! Be sure to share pictures if you do.
  12. Thanks so much for looking into this. I have the feeling that eliminating, or at least reducing, the chance of a wheel cutoff due to too much lean angle would make riding an electric unicycle off-road much safer as well as opening up the riding possibilities for experienced riders.
  13. Yeah, but is that on flat ground? I would like for the wheel to be able to ride berms where the wheel might be tilted even further than what is possible on flat ground.
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