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  1. Im already doing:) im looking to turn off the leds on the gotway nikola and on euc world i couldnt only change the colors (unless i missed). So i thought of checking the gotway app.
  2. Auto quoting myself. It doesnt make the startup sound anymore. Just (loud) beeps. Still annoying but better than what it used to be.
  3. Settled for the Gotway Nikola+ 100v bought locally at euc.nyc. Great honest guys in NYC with top notch customer support for the newbie that i am!!!
  4. where is the Gotway app for android in 2020? i cant find a working version anywhere... Thanks
  5. Is the issue still happening with the Nikola+? How to confirm a Nikola+ 21700 1800wh isnt from this problematic batch?
  6. I was debating nikola+ vs msp and went for the nikola+ just because of the fragile "paper mache" shell of the msp...Granted both look great.
  7. You forgot the dangerous spandex biking guys on the bike lanes who never want to stop no matter what 😅. Best is to get over it and ignore. Else you will get mad everyday....
  8. How about that annoying startup noise? Is it still doing it?
  9. yep, ive noticed the used market is not very worth it outside of some exceptions in this forum and i'm better off going for a new one directly (sketchy practices, used wheels prices barely below new ones)...
  10. i was going back and forth with multiple models that were all "a week use" old . Started to get skeptical when it was a Gotway nikola 84v....
  11. Just fyi i was about to do business with freemotion by buying them a used first wheel but apparently i asked too many questions (basics ones when u buy a used wheel) and the tone of the freemotion person started to look a lot like the angry one on your mail exchange . No need to say that i decided to do business elsewhere. Thanks for escalating this and allowing me to dodge a bullet!!
  12. funny, i was considering the Tesla V2 but the battery issue you mentioned kind of turned me off now
  13. The demon flex force x2 looks great but it doesn't seem to hold abrasion well no? One slide and its gone. Or is it OK?
  14. Thank you guys for your answers. I guess i will go and learn directly on a top end wheel unless i find a cheap used one before.
  15. Hello, Im new to EUC, coming from electric scooter scene. Looking to have your advices on getting a new EUC. I'm 6'1 220lbs. Wondering if i should just get a low level used wheel (with low performance) and learn on it or go straight to a high level one without knowing if this is for me or not. Im also not looking to get a cut off ( and being turned off) due to weight issues and wheel not being able to manage this. Really looking for your input. The used wheels are also actually not that cheap so im wondering if thats really worth it to go that route. Any models recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
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