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    Kick stand?

    The solution was from Explodemilk : Get these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000004045485.html?mb=odPMGvk2DO1WRlj&srcSns=Copy&tid=white_backgroup_101&tt=sns_Copy&image=Hc7267688a3fa4046801acd3482042ec5N.jpg&fbclid=IwAR2koIujP9KQZsULZ8z6OwoElLo52Ue8l6P9EFcaf0FWqhYOTMGRrMZ1Kc0&aff_platform=default&templateId=white_backgroup_101&title=US+%246.89++30%25OFF+%7C+Jadkinsta+Fit+9-22mm+Round+Rod+Clamp+Motorcycle+Handlebar+Rail+1+inch+Ball+Mount+Car+Headrest+Rai+Holder+with+for+Gopro&platform=AE&aff_request_id=4f9d817140894aaba4332914cd786c63-1594952368429-07927-_dZ5c8bv&spreadType=socialShare&sk=_dZ5c8bv&aff_trace_key=4f9d817140894aaba4332914cd786c63-1594952368429-07927-_dZ5c8bv&businessType=ProductDetail&terminal_id=e3ba609911ae48f893c8981a1427300a credit: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10220002464124549&set=g.565673140760848
  2. This one is not expensive but not to the point it seems where it would necessarily be bad quality. The nice thing about this charger is it has partial charge function (stops at various points on the charging curve if desired, say 90% for example). I was just asking about the pin swap because Mr Robot mentioning previously that pin 3 was supposed to be negative. Will probably ask when I come around to ordering the Veteran. Have to say the Gotway RS looks kind of tempting right now
  3. @MrRobot would the following charger work for the veteran with the GX-16 5pin Plug: 1+ 2+ and 4- 5- option ? https://www.pmbatterychargers.com/900w-1008v-5a-7a-9a-current-adjustable-digital-display-partial-charge-lithium-li-ion-battery-charger-for-100v-gotway-free-shipping-p2579895.html Would one have to switch pin 3 and 5? Thanks for your input.
  4. Let me thank you here for your excellent review of the Knobby CST C-186 Tire which I have purchased thanks to your advice and which I still have to mount on my MSX.
  5. Thank you for all these videos you just just made about the Sherman. Overdue thanks as well for all the other ones that I've been following over the years ever since the days of ACM washing (we've come a long way). Regarding off trail, in the french video, at 1:58 it says the Sherman is precise for spots requiring technique. Starting at 6:07 he shares his feelings about the Sherman. The lights are very powerful , with a much wider coverage than than any lights mounted on other wheels right now. Great for off roading with the only downside that you can blind incoming people though the vertical angle can be adjusted. Around 7:15 he says that for those who have an 'extreme' riding style the tire is awesome with an excellent grip and great for street riding as well as off road. He does mention that the tubular frame has to be kept in mind when off roading because while taking an obstacle facing head on is fine, hitting an obstacle with the side bars will make you fall. When it comes to jumping, don't expect MSX level agility especially if you pull the wheel while jumping because the Sherman is heavy, but you can jump using the speed and power of the wheel and pull it to a certain extent. For climbing steps, he says that it's doable, even without making too much noise (see demonstration). With some practice, you can lift the wheel and have the tire hit the edges of the steps and thus climb without too much trouble. Veteran is fairly tall so very stable but not as tall as the Monster so much more maneuverable : a good compromise. On the tire again : very good on all type of terrains. The knobs are very comfy and since tightly spaced don't make too much noise. For off road riding, much better than an MSX with a regular tire. Safer and more comfortable. Last detail : the trolley handle recedes inside the body of the wheel so in the case of a fall, it won't be so prone to breaking as is the case for the MSX handle .
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