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  1. There is a thing. Called Google Spreadsheet and Google Translate.
  2. can you tell me if your frontlight has a cover underneath it?
  3. For anyone interested. This is the replacement parts list sent to me from my chinese dealer. https://mega.nz/file/OxQG0DQC#e_LIzFeQcudalXuYv2SsrRYw2z2RrsNCxYESRl-W-Lk Interestingly i noticed one part that wasnt in first two batches which looks like the frontlight undercover. Its the 16th part.
  4. You can. There are around 3 point where the S18 can get damaged by water. Frontlight if you manage to spray water under it. Connection of the Motor and Sensor cable. Its covered in silicon glue so you shouldnt worry but its better to just not spray too much water at that part. And the Motherboard which is covered by the top cover. As long as the water current is not to high and you only spray the water from the top not sideways or upside down. You should be good. But it all depends. There might be some issues with first or two batches and i wouldnt be suprised i
  5. They wont, EX is a torque wheel. Not a speed wheel. There might be a future Speed version though.
  6. Its not in the Kingsong App. Search for Kingsong Tuner or Soft Tuner. Its another app.
  7. f**k. So a i should check the top of the sliders and the black "seats"?
  8. Does anyone know the reason why some wheels axles come misaligned. Cant put my head around it. Its either a low precision mold on the golden parts of the suspension or the sliders. One other reason might be some low intelligence individual putting one more washer on one side. My S18 is still sitting at home. @Jack King Song Yes i tried putting 25 sheets of beer cans and i needed to drink another one to continue! It helped somewhat when the wheel was on its head but as soon as i screwed the axles on it become even worse then before. I might be doing something wrong.
  9. Its funna but both Gotway and Veteran have pretty good prices in EU. EX is for 2900€. Monster Pro for 2800€. Sherman can be bought inbetween 2700-3000€. Unlike Inmotion which was 2200€ at preorder and 2000USD at eWheels and S18 which was the same price but 1900USD. 2800€ is 3400UD. But we usually wont even get the same price as US.
  10. Item: 6.99USD Shipping: 22.99USD ....
  11. Yes but noone has been screaming about S18 cutting every 15 seconds. Seems like they going with the "Trends."
  12. No offense. But making a 30s snippet about a wheel cutting out at 5% battery is not really convincing.
  13. @Rehab1 Your linkage no longer seems misaligned where the shock connects on the outside part? Was it a problem with the spring washers or was the mold of the alumminium bad?
  14. Did you cover something on the top to prevent water dmg or something? Like for example the frontlight?
  15. @RockyTop What about Veteran? @Rodo There is no Tesla. Lol. Thats a Gotway Tesla.
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