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  1. eve

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Can you point where is my self-centric approach? I was suggesting it and was being nice. Marty didnt get offended so stop stating your "truth". I dont need to hear it. Have a nice day. This is why custom padding is pretty much a necessity on V11.
  2. To be honest Chickway feels like the closest to official distributors inbetween all the chinese and ali sellers.
  3. I asked Chickway support and the sales manager. Both of them said they dont sell any wheels with chinese serial. Hopefully my S18 wont be chinese. Its on the way.
  4. When does it throttle and what FW are you on?
  5. Chicway told me they are sending out international versions only. Ill let you guys know when my S18 arrives.
  6. eve

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    Try chilling down Mr. Know-it-all.
  7. So basically everything functional on the wheel got fried. Marty that was the best overheat hil test ever. 100% success!
  8. eve

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    @Marty Backe Marty what is your time when it premieres? For your europe watchers its 00:00. I have to go to work. Would really appreciate if you released 1 hour earlier next time, unless it mess up your US premiere time.
  9. @Eric plam Just take the wheel to your nearest moutain bike shop. They will tell you if the shock is bad or not in a few seconds.
  10. Dear @Jack King Song i know this wasnt your decision but i would like to relay message to your upper managment: "Dear Kingsong you do not know what youre playing with. Losing customers which you will is the least of your worries. Until now, EUC hacking hasnt been deemed necessary since apps like Darknessbot and EUC World provide a lot of options. But you just issued a challenge here to every hacker/programmer on the planet. I sincerely hope it will be the EUCW or Darknessbot getting hacked for your sake! Because the other option is Custom Firmware on any Kingsong EUC. If you continue this practice it will happen eventually! And in 2 years your brand might become synonymous with custom firmware and im not talking about unlocking. Im talking about people getting remove speed limits, tilt cut-out angle completly and other potentionally dangerous stuff. It might happen that what ever control you have over safety and limitation of your products will be gone completly. You playing with fire here and you should stop while you can, if its not too late already!"
  11. This is nice i was worried that the unit would be 165x35. At that size there is not a lot to choose from. But at 200mm i can buy some very good shocks. Dont understand why is eWheels stating that is the 165 one.
  12. can you measure the stroke? Well thats very positive info. Seems like well be albe to put some good shocks on it.
  13. @Feynman 250 positive 80 negative. But you dont need to pump it that much since you wont be standing on it. Just pump it like you would normally 100kg person. Or just measure it with your settings i doubt that the EUC itself is creating a lot of sag on that stroke.
  14. Just dont overpump it lol. Even though that shock cost like 60 bucks.
  15. @Rywokast Seems like ill be riding my S18 on stock fw. If something like this happened with Inmotion. The wheel would be unlocked immediately within minutes. No questions asked. The fact KIngsong does this is pure bs. And lets be honest here. We knew from the start V11 will outsell S18. Its a cruiser a common wheel with great technology, motor, headlight, etc. But Kingsong are i think trying to bury themselves. If they intend on continuing these practicese S18 will be my first and last Kingsong wheel.
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