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  1. Hi, we're dealing with the paypal issue, it'll fixed soon. Sorry about that.
  2. IMO, there are focus on different market. S18 is focus on off-road rider or who can affordable a extra wheel for fun, its range is defect comparing with V11. According it's off-road wheel, nimbleness is the most important, the larger batteries would affect the performance.
  3. KS has the top speed limit, but you can unlock after specific miles ridden.
  4. MSX is the best choice, but I don't recommend you buy that used one for $2000. I sent a message to you, please have a look.
  5. Or maybe have a look V5F? It's esay for beginner and in your budget range.
  6. If you're not sure you need the suspension, Ks-18XL would be better, and it is one of the best wheel. V11 still take time to prove.
  7. Oh, I see. You can looking for the used V8 or Mten3 around $500, or maybe consider the brand new V5F $520.
  8. Inmotion V5F is beginner wheel, the brand new is $520usd. Or maybe the used Mten3 and V8.
  9. MSX is definitely great first euc for you. But the new one MSX 1600Wh just $1450usd, and you said that the used MSX 1300Wh cost $1200usd, is it too high?
  10. The used MSX may be suitable for you. If your budget can up to $1450usd for a new one.
  11. LOL! I'll take it all! S18 for off-road and V11 for urban commute. If you can affordable.
  12. Actually just the other distributor offer a higher price for new S18. They're some price in Chicway website.
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