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  1. I'd love to try out a bigger wheel! And judging from your Youtube channel we live very close! I'm In Örby, only 1 km from the skate park in Hödgalen. Crazy...
  2. I've found that it helps to move the foot forward on the pedals. Then riding becomes very similar to just standing
  3. Hi Guys! I'm a NInbot S2 back and forth to work (7+7 km) every day the weather allow me to. I love it, and would't really be thinking about replacing it if it wasn't for the fact that the batteries are getting a bit tired and I now have to carry a charger every time. I'm preferably looking for a replacement that is equally small and light (preferably lighter), since I often bring it with me on the subway or the buss. Maybe also with a bit longer range and a slightly higher top speed, but that's not top priority. However, it seems to me like most brands are betting on bigger and faster units, rather than smaller and more portable. Do you have any suggestions? thank you! /Henrik (from Stockholm)
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